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saya no uta
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1352816950155.jpg (102.32 KB, 647x481, capture342.jpg)

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I created this, it's called CCLE, now a 0.00 beta, I need some opinions
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why thank you very much, I'll tell Naz and Rin, I'm glad you liked it, yes I know the ending it's kinda… very open but well, it will take some time until the next release


File: 1361159057088.png (17.82 KB, 593x459, lel.png)

It's a pleasure working with you, Bal
I'll get to finishing up more talksprites soon c:


Thank you very much Rin, there's no hurry we have like 7 years until the next release, I'll be very old…
Well, you're great :j


File: 1361197123305.jpg (525.75 KB, 800x1333, 1292908088249.jpg)

Ok, sorry about the novel, but I want to help, lets see

First, you're a horrible programmer, the source is a complete disaster and I can see there's a lot of improvisation and you've probably never read a tutorial, wich makes me wonder a lot of things in the good sense, because the game it's actually enjoyable, the story is wonderful, you can feel things with this, the characters are loveable, and the new music it's pretty good but it needs more quality, somehow you managed to make a good game, I am so impressed because I've played your 0.00, and it's probably the WORST 0.00 I've ever played(I even insulted you yeah), and now I look at this and wow, it can only be explained with your huge effort, it's not only improved, it's in a completely different level. You have some glitches with Sabrina's ability in the last part of PoE, also it would be good to see the new Raid sprite I've found in the Charsets folder, it looks way better, Seki's sprite in the Extra Story makes the sprite in the main story look like shit… Honestly, all the sprites you used for the Extra Story look a lot better than the old ones! seriously do something about that! The extra story's events were very unexpected to me, again, the story is great.
Your artists have made a wonderful work too. Good to see Rindre around here, such a nostalgic face.
Well, congratulations, just wonderful, I'll follow your progress, greetings.

Pic unrelated


File: 1361205692880.jpg (81.45 KB, 574x438, capture805.jpg)

You're right I've never read a tutorial, well I couldn't include some of the new charsets yeah

>The worst 0.00

okay okay, let's forget that, I'm glad you liked the current version, I'll check the bugs you mentioned, thanks anon, and yes, it's great to have such a good team with me.
I'll make new sprites for the main story, as I said, the 0.05 will take some time… Thank you for playing


File: 1361378012781.png (229.69 KB, 880x1117, CCLE_AZUL_05.png)

I want to know something, what's your opinion on this?
Well, I think I understand a little more what people expect from a first project, The version with more downloads was without doubt 0.03 but it had a lot of problems, 0.04 was a total desert and the revised version had the best resultsin critics and acceptance.

What do you guys think I should do next? I have reached a point where I think I could screw everything in a second, in the first place, should I continue?
If you're a developer… Wich do you think my errors are?


File: 1361455759914.jpg (51.4 KB, 500x214, dollars.jpg)

pls respond


This is a problem… why is it even there?
Well,what's your goal for the next release?


Whatever your game is beautiful, I've seen the new charset in your website, the next version seems really promising, I'm Patcy :]


I loved this game, waiting for updates


File: 1363198401559.jpg (17.4 KB, 399x276, 1362800181763.jpg)

Bumping for interest. I played this last night, and I really liked it.
Even though we can see you're a bit amateurish, the story of this game is beautiful and kept me attached to the screen until I finished it.

When do you think you will have the next version?


File: 1363199247675.bmp (73.05 KB, 288x256, 05_AZUL.bmp)

I contacted them already, I'll remove the references to YN to avoid those situations
Thank you Patchy, see you at the IRC
Thank you very much, I'll update soon
I'm glad you liked it, I know about the amateurish stuff, I'll take my time and try to make something different this time in terms of quality, a complete rebuild, I'll change ALL the charsets (see pic) for all the characters, I'll try to extend the talksprites to the whole game, improve the menu system, make the boss more serious, and more music, I thought this would take longer, but now I think maybe just a month more or less, I'm having a lot of help too.

Thanks everyone for your support and sorry for the late answer I was not looking here… I promise a very improved material for the next version


File: 1363199377589.bmp (73.05 KB, 288x256, 05_SABRINA.bmp)

Another charset


I love it


It looks way better than before!


File: 1365022627064.png (554.13 KB, 986x1302, azulF1.png)

RELEASE! Here is it, changes in this version are (almost everything)

>New sprites for all the characters

>Talksprites extended to the whole game
>The story moves significantly faster, lots of changes.
>More music
>Path of the Elite and the extra story extended
>Boss in all the paths changed
>Sabrina's new ability: Psychoquinesis
>New icon
>Readme and Walkthrough included

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?r3z03jfgv28yjj0

Thanks everyone for all the support, hope you like it.


File: 1365025171742.jpg (81.79 KB, 636x475, capture3.jpg)

I loved it Bal! Specially this part, your game is completely different now and it has a shiny future, cheers!!


File: 1365040582071.jpg (140.26 KB, 400x400, 1361568992463.jpg)

Man, the end! THE END DUDE! This game is so fucking beautiful and lovely; That's why I fucking love it!


File: 1365041904963.jpg (35.24 KB, 720x540, saga.jpg)

This release is a different stuff, I loved it, congratulations.

>dat ending

Be honest this was in your mind!


File: 1365181187547.gif (865.9 KB, 245x181, tumblr_mgcnmczZOR1ql4a37o3….gif)

this is porn…

Congratulations balthasar


Thank you Patchy see you at the IRC
Thanks Chusor
You got me, well actually no but I recognize the scene is similar, I wanted to create a super-bad character
Hey JCM2 thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it, it means a lot coming from you.


File: 1365341833557.jpg (48.88 KB, 610x474, capture875.jpg)

Awesome changes congratulations, this part could be a lot better.


So, she was dead from the beggining, does this mean we're using a fake-Azul? I mean, the original Azul and the protagonist are the same person or not?


Yes no, maybe…


…I don't know… Can you repeat the question?


File: 1367420484206.jpg (40.85 KB, 500x500, 1348250107622.jpg)


you're not the boss of me now


File: 1367499753525.jpg (10.4 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

You're not the boss of me now
And you're not so big!


File: 1367501695148.jpg (77.96 KB, 639x595, the forever sad.jpg)

Life is unfair


Does anyone have a working download link? The old site is down and the mediafire link is password protected.


Weird that the link in >>2155 now asks for a password.

I don’t know of any working link, but I kept the 0.05 version in a hard drive and if you want I’ll upload it for you and anyone else that wants to play it.


I would like to see it reuploaded too.


File: 1522526635233.jpg (78.95 KB, 640x499, azul_by_jcm2-d5r9iuj.jpg)

Here you have it. Tried to find a working download in Balthasar’s tumblr but didn’t find anything. If he does provide a download for ccle and this is unnecessary, then I’ll take it down.



File: 1522528841485.png (197.47 KB, 544x410, whythefuckispeopleinterest….png)

Why would you people want to necro a 6 years old thread about someone's baby's first RPG Maker Game is beyond me, I think the thread was cool as an old piece of history for me.

I took it down for a reason, basically, I don't want people to play it, of course I am aware this is the internet and I can't stop that.


Why don't you play War of Existence instead? It's literally the newer, better version of this, and the download was not taken down by the developer. You should respect the devs wishes and not reupload his first game


Do you fags really need to do this?


File: 1522538692892.png (11.07 KB, 339x283, uboachan.png)


It's really not up to you who gets to play your game or not. Unless you have control over something's copyright, it's just ones and zeros that anybody can make an infinite number of copies of. If this really counts as driving devs away, I don't even know.


Yeah he can't control it, doesn't mean it's not dumb though. Also, why wouldn't the want to play the superior version instead?


But, if I remember correctly, he does actually have copyright


>Literally repeating what the developer just said only to repeat that he has no power over it.
>Not taking it down lel
>Does it count as chasing devs away?

You're pretending innocence and being cancer, I understand that we as a community don't respect the wishes of developers that act like assholes like the couple japanese racist devs we all know about, but here, we got an oldfag from our own community, asking, not demanding, and stating he understand it is out of his control, that users respect his choice.

It's not about rights, but about simple human decency.

And then we scratch our heads an wonder why cosplayers and developers leave when we know why it is.

See this shit? >>5103



I get everything about being decent, but there's certain lines that must not be crossed. One of those lines is free access to certain kinds of information. Information is sacred, it is eternal. You can't try and suppress information once it's out there. It can't be compromised.


No one is trying to do that, we, even him, agree with you, he just stated politely what his wishes are, he didn't demand the removal, he has been here for long he knows he can't sin against your freedoms.

I am just saying that we, if we have some decency, should respect the guy for a good bunch of reasons.

Have you tried the game? It's shit, just like everyone's first RPG Maker game, and I think his work is outstanding now, if you think about it, he is probably very ashamed to have people playing this.


Don’t know why they want it. I think it may be because, as you said, “the thread was cool” and they wanted to know the game that made so many people excited, or maybe just out of nostalgia and they are one of the people that played the game back then.
Not wanting people to know about it because it’s old is a silly reason, but understandable. If it makes you so uncomfortable, then I’ll take the file down.

And for anyone else that wants to play this game, the thread for this author’s more recent game is here >>77 , and the game has similarities to this one.

The author already spoke for himself before your post, and there wasn’t anywhere in this thread a single thing expressing his desire to not share the game. I checked before uploading.


Damn it, got the link to the newer thread wrong twice. Here it is, this time correct I hope >>>/ig/77
I caught some triples, cool


File: 1522544761284.png (241.01 KB, 470x426, Saya.png)

Oh, please, this was a nice thread, please don't start this shitstorm here.

Don't be such an extremist, he's not forbidding anyone of playing his game, he just doesn't want people to play an unfinished, outdated game when there's a remake around. I understand why people would be interested in playing older versions of a game they like, but that doesn't mean balthasar wants them to try CCLE when there's WoE in the first place (that being the reason he took that version off), and that's all. Bringing this "information is sacred" argument is out of place because that is not the problem. He can't forbid anyone of posting it, neither can I, nor anyone else, and everybody acknowledges this. There's a difference between "please don't play the outdated version" vs "I FORBID YOU OF PUBLISHING THIS VERSION OR ELSE I'LL LEAVE THE VOMITIVE SHITHOLE!". And bal has already stated this.

I find you using that image ironic since I made it to joke with him about the current state of ubuu and its developers.

Have a nice day.


File: 1522544856038.jpg (69.6 KB, 547x310, 8c69226ebd0f6ba81a9ebdc322….jpg)

You're not the boss of me now


File: 1522586094857.png (40.99 KB, 453x235, presu.png)

You're not the boss of me now
And you're not so big!


I am here to remind you of your sins.

Could you reupload it? I didn't think the link would be taken down so fast. Or maybe you could email it to me instead?



Thank you.

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