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How old are you?

ADMIN NOTE: This discussion is OK again since the change to Rule #1.
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"semi-gay" -> bisexual
"semi-NEET" -> impossible, you either are or you aren't
"semi-hikki" -> that's called "introversion" kid


File: 1506533844511.png (86.96 KB, 950x339, why you arent a neet.png)

>"semi-hikki" -> that's called "introversion" kid
I'm afraid to inform you that the definition of hikikomori (according to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) is:
>「仕事や学校に行かず、かつ家族以外の人との交流をほとんどせずに、6か月以上続けて自宅にひきこもっている状態」 時々は買い物などで外出することもあるという場合も「ひきこもり」に含める
"Somebody who doesn't go to school nor work, doesn't interact with people outside the family circle, and hasn't left their home for at least 6 months. Cases such as people under this condition who still leave their home to buy groceries from time to time are also considered 'Hikikomori'".
(Source: www8.cao.go.jp/youth/suisin/pdf/hikikomori/s1-2.pdf )

Meaning that you can't be a "semi-hiki" -> that's called "bullshit".


>"semi-gay" -> bisexual
>"semi-hikki" -> that's called "introversion" kid
Correct, no one says "semi-gay", because it's ridiculous, they'd also be "semi-straight", they call themselves "bisexual", for the same reason "semi-hikki" does not exist, you're just introverted.
Uboachan is a fountain of self discovery isn't it?


Read the FAQ already m8


I'm pretty sure we took the word hikki in ww2 and it is our right to do whatever we want to to it colloquially


>I'm pretty sure we took the word hikki in ww2
I'm going to pretend you actually didn't say that.

>it is our right to do whatever we want to to it colloquially

Maybe you mean "my"? For example, N.E.E.T. is a definition coined by UK's and ever since then everyone has agreed on its meaning and used it the same way UK has been doing since the very start. Because otherwise you'd get things like "semi-neet" being valid because "guess what, I have my right to do whatever i want to it colloquially".
Hikikomori is just a translation of "Social Withdrawal"; you can't be "semi-withdrawal" because that simply doesn't make sense. Why just don't say "asocial" or "introvert" instead of using flashy words?


In hindsight I'm ashamed of my aggressive shitposting.
I personally don't like dealing with the semantics of labels in situations like this because it drives people away from the actual context of the original statement. I just try to take someone saying they are a "semi-hikki" as someone trying to relate their feelings to another persons experience. To me this brings up the question, do people here want to be related to?
I spent over 90% of my year alone in my room so far and even I have difficulty calling myself a hikki but no difficulty calling myself a semi-hikki.


File: 1507470531632.jpg (141.44 KB, 600x755, the_reluctant_mistress-lar….jpg)

The reason why you do that is because your head has been fucked by the internet. The internet plunged it's genitals straight through your skull and into your brain. It's the same reason why a lot of people on the internet substitute sad for, "feels". Emotional immaturity and stunted development. Maybe you're just too insecure to call yourself a full-blown hikkimori. Not wanting to dip every person on the planet in acid and craving some kind of socializing does not mean that you aren't a hikki. If you really aren't one, then stop being such a weeb and call yourself what you are, a shut-in. Be honest with yourself and stop being so lukewarm.


>he internet plunged it's genitals straight through your skull and into your brain
This is a real problem for many issues in my life I'm sure, I've seen it in others.

I guess I don't want to call myself a hikki because I wish I had way more of a life than I do.


File: 1507590255051.jpg (47.43 KB, 450x366, 89602069.jpg)

>The internet plunged it's genitals straight through your skull and into your brain.

Be right back, Anon, I'm going to draw some shitty rule 34 of the Internet itself violently skullfucking aspie chan memesters. Get your lube ready, you're gonna need it!!

Yea, the Internet has fucked up a lot of people. Or rather, the combination of digital isolation and fucked up people with a greater reach did.



I used to come here when the big Jay was having problems with funposting back in '13. Been feelin it lately.


File: 1524886985970.png (3.83 KB, 600x350, ChartGo.png)


Created a chart. It's not really reliable. I didn't do the math how old they might be now, since they might have leaved the board since then.


I'm almost 36, been fighting a delaying action against society rushing in but I'm not sure how long I'll last. I've been staring into the abyss for the long haul. Can't work under these conditions psychologically; I see everyone turning against me, stealing sleep from me, creating noise.


File: 1527484017986.png (11.4 KB, 524x444, kyukyu.png)

also couldn't find a blogpost thread so let me vent for a bit

was in love last year, started a band, everything was going way too smoothly for my standards

now I'm about drop out of uni 2nd year simply because I am too lazy and unmotivated to deal with studying/attending not to say the field is also out of my range of interests

currently the band is the only thing I have going for me until I run out of money next month

only human communication outside band practice I have is talking on Skype with the only guy I would consider a real friend

mental state has been getting progressively worse throughout the past two months, just feel this huge wall in front of me

honestly think I'm just gonna become homeless while playing guitar before offing myself in a few years

bassist is a bragging retard

she doesn't care about me anymore

the only 2 things that actually annoy me, pretty apathetic towards the downward way my life is going otherwise

like I know I can act just fine and have fun with people but uh oh, feel like I've missed opportunity and I'll just close myself from people more, it's extremely difficult to have a meaningful relationship with someone

yea just end me, also sorry if you read this pile of shit, feel free to delete mods


You clearly have some sort of mental affliction. Get help while you still can and candidly talk about it with your parents and anybody who cares. Don't drop out of uni. Switch majors if you have to, but don't let your emotional state get the better of you. What's distracting you most right now? What's preventing you from having enough energy? If it's your laptop, throw it away and use the computer lab/ library as needed.


There is clearly something fishy. Let yourself checkout, since your condition changed suspiciously far too quick.


26 and still kicking.
Just got out from a really bad period of life which lasted for a year. Move out from parents and got a job. A simple one though, a stock associate. Long hours, gruelling work, meagre pay, but honestly, after bumming around for a year, wallowing in my own despair and depression, this job maybe for the best - at least i dont have that much time for a "depressive self-reflection spiral" thing.
Its not a good life, but much better than i had.


File: 1528747504891.jpg (30.53 KB, 500x375, IMG_20180609_134518.jpg)

28 and got my first real job after being a hikki and/or NEET for various periods of time. I have the night shift in a restaurant, some days are rough and make me wish I was dead, the pay sucks, but at least it gets me out of the house and some of my collagues are fun enough to make even busy days bearable. I'll keep wage slaving and saving money for as long as I can hold out I guess….


nice job, anon
i hope you can at least beat my high score of working for only 5 months at a time


File: 1528888572957.jpg (206.35 KB, 1920x1080, 1526269933701.jpg)

26 turning 27 this year. Jumped from work to work but I can't find that right spot where I feel like I should continue working. I spend my bux on shitty mobages. Surprised me since I've hated mobages with passion before.

I miss being a NEET but I don't wanna be poor.


>spending money on mobages
Holy shit, stop. You can play actually good games right now without spending a dime.


File: 1528916980350.jpg (1.9 KB, 100x100, IMG_20180609_134526.jpg)

Thanks, mate. Its been about 1.5 months now for me. I have no idea if I'll be able to reach your record. Especially cuz I know two of my fave colleagues will be leaving sooner or later.

I'm lucky the mobages I wanna play aren't available in Euroland, otherwise Id be in the same boat. Now I just spend it on Manga, doujin and clothes mostly lol


But I don't really care about PC or console games anymore aside from a solid few titles. I got used to being left out of the gaming scene since all I had was a potato PC and no consoles outside of a psp back when I didn't have any money.


File: 1529165417529.png (3.67 KB, 256x224, megaman2-5.png)

>gaming scene
Fuck the gaming scene. Download an emulator and play some castlevania or megaman or rocket knight or something more obscure, or a visual novel. There's literally thousands of great titles from multiple decades. Stop wasting your money on bottom of the barrel, money-sucking shit.


i want to go back 6 years and change everything


i want to go back 23 years and change everything


28, started having trouble fitting in when I was only 8


Trouble began 10 years. Holy fuck, nobody can choose their family and what people you get exposed to, when you're still young. And mine got fucked up suddenly back then.


PFFT, I'm 27 and started having troubles at 4.




2 8


Jesus Christ, I thought I had it bad.


turning 15 in a few days
I’ve already been a complete hikki for 2 years (no homeschooling at all) out of depression and have recently started going to a school in south east London for kids with mental health issues. However, i’ve recently only went 2-3 days a week and get scared to go home out of fear of being kidnapped/raped. I want to be an engineer when i’m older….



Fucking wow


File: 1543522877890.gif (988.33 KB, 500x333, flower.gif)

How long do these age bans last for? Not three years I hope, it's not like we all waited to become adults before using imageboards. Can't really blame antisocial children for being retarded.


Rules are rules, if it's less than three years, the staff would be admitting they let little kids browse the site.


File: 1543529587533.jpg (115.4 KB, 332x416, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)

It expires in like a month.
Usually these bans do last multiple years, but I guess that mod felt like being lenient. Also, yes, you can blame them for being retarded. It's less about their age and more to do with whether they're too dumb to hide it. I never revealed my age during that time of my life.


20 but I feel 60.


I wonder if this poster is legal now…


File: 1549032555504.jpg (262.87 KB, 600x600, 0e604e3731c710ee5939906144….jpg)

Wow, i think i spottet my post. Almost 4 years have passed and I don't feel like 17 anymore, more like 14 now.


Absolutely based child-mind poster.


File: 1549966276341.png (772.3 KB, 1030x793, 1532556551177.png)

dodged /neet/ by volunteering weekly, but stopped going so here I am. Spent so much time doing nothing when I could be doing so much, want to get a job so I can get more of a grip on my life. At the very least I'll have money.
Must have been around 2010, so 10 or 11.


19, 20 in September.

10, but I never played it until I was 12.


File: 1550912483388.jpg (262.5 KB, 1920x1080, 1518495628481.jpg)

30 year old whose mentally 8 reporting in.


File: 1551078322896.jpg (14.25 KB, 599x337, CQHuufzUkAEcymY.jpg)

29 but I feel older and have for years been told that I look and act older and not in a flattering way either.


File: 1553207496701.jpg (118.56 KB, 973x709, 1499470743157.jpg)

Turning 21 next month. I've been hikkineet for almost two and a half years, I think I need to get a job soon but my social anxiety is debilitating.


25 now, I've been bordering hikki for a while but have been in education most of the time to some degree. Weirdly finding these hikki threads recently has helped my mindset towards it all, instead of having this terrible guilt and shame all the time I can now put a name on it and have been dealing with it a little better for now at least


I turned 18 this February


currently 19, turning 20 this October


The jobs I've had that weren't too bad for that were doing warehouse work (heads up though this is fucking miserable) and medical transportation. Most of your time in medical transportation is spent on the road and roughly half of that is by yourself (or with a partner or two if you're an EMT/Paramedic) and when you're just a basic wheelchair van driver the other half is mostly just driving little old folks home or to rehab. It's kind of a comfy job and I've been enjoying it. Definitely worth looking into.

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