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We are about to have an influx of refugees from the shuttered 8chan, and this is probably inevitable.
However, this is not 8chan, and it's definitely not 4chon.
Participation is welcome, but a sudden sharp increase of alt-right material and garbage posts will not be tolerated.
Please leave your hitlers, seisatsu.pngs, burning crosses, and shitpost floods at the door.
Even on /ot/, we expect some level of quality in our posts. Please familiarize yourselves with our rules and guidelines, and make sure to lurk before posting.
Also, apologies for deleting the /4chon/ refugee thread outright, I overreacted. There's nothing wrong with such a thread as long as it doesn't cause me too much of a headache.
Enjoy your stay and don't be a dick.

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How old are you?

ADMIN NOTE: This discussion is OK again since the change to Rule #1.
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File: 1528916980350.jpg (1.9 KB, 100x100, IMG_20180609_134526.jpg)

Thanks, mate. Its been about 1.5 months now for me. I have no idea if I'll be able to reach your record. Especially cuz I know two of my fave colleagues will be leaving sooner or later.

I'm lucky the mobages I wanna play aren't available in Euroland, otherwise Id be in the same boat. Now I just spend it on Manga, doujin and clothes mostly lol


But I don't really care about PC or console games anymore aside from a solid few titles. I got used to being left out of the gaming scene since all I had was a potato PC and no consoles outside of a psp back when I didn't have any money.


File: 1529165417529.png (3.67 KB, 256x224, megaman2-5.png)

>gaming scene
Fuck the gaming scene. Download an emulator and play some castlevania or megaman or rocket knight or something more obscure, or a visual novel. There's literally thousands of great titles from multiple decades. Stop wasting your money on bottom of the barrel, money-sucking shit.


i want to go back 6 years and change everything


i want to go back 23 years and change everything


28, started having trouble fitting in when I was only 8


Trouble began 10 years. Holy fuck, nobody can choose their family and what people you get exposed to, when you're still young. And mine got fucked up suddenly back then.


PFFT, I'm 27 and started having troubles at 4.




2 8


Jesus Christ, I thought I had it bad.


turning 15 in a few days
I’ve already been a complete hikki for 2 years (no homeschooling at all) out of depression and have recently started going to a school in south east London for kids with mental health issues. However, i’ve recently only went 2-3 days a week and get scared to go home out of fear of being kidnapped/raped. I want to be an engineer when i’m older….



Fucking wow


File: 1543522877890.gif (988.33 KB, 500x333, flower.gif)

How long do these age bans last for? Not three years I hope, it's not like we all waited to become adults before using imageboards. Can't really blame antisocial children for being retarded.


Rules are rules, if it's less than three years, the staff would be admitting they let little kids browse the site.


File: 1543529587533.jpg (115.4 KB, 332x416, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)

It expires in like a month.
Usually these bans do last multiple years, but I guess that mod felt like being lenient. Also, yes, you can blame them for being retarded. It's less about their age and more to do with whether they're too dumb to hide it. I never revealed my age during that time of my life.


20 but I feel 60.


I wonder if this poster is legal now…


File: 1549032555504.jpg (262.87 KB, 600x600, 0e604e3731c710ee5939906144….jpg)

Wow, i think i spottet my post. Almost 4 years have passed and I don't feel like 17 anymore, more like 14 now.


Absolutely based child-mind poster.


File: 1549966276341.png (772.3 KB, 1030x793, 1532556551177.png)

dodged /neet/ by volunteering weekly, but stopped going so here I am. Spent so much time doing nothing when I could be doing so much, want to get a job so I can get more of a grip on my life. At the very least I'll have money.
Must have been around 2010, so 10 or 11.


19, 20 in September.

10, but I never played it until I was 12.


File: 1550912483388.jpg (262.5 KB, 1920x1080, 1518495628481.jpg)

30 year old whose mentally 8 reporting in.


File: 1551078322896.jpg (14.25 KB, 599x337, CQHuufzUkAEcymY.jpg)

29 but I feel older and have for years been told that I look and act older and not in a flattering way either.


File: 1553207496701.jpg (118.56 KB, 973x709, 1499470743157.jpg)

Turning 21 next month. I've been hikkineet for almost two and a half years, I think I need to get a job soon but my social anxiety is debilitating.


25 now, I've been bordering hikki for a while but have been in education most of the time to some degree. Weirdly finding these hikki threads recently has helped my mindset towards it all, instead of having this terrible guilt and shame all the time I can now put a name on it and have been dealing with it a little better for now at least


I turned 18 this February


currently 19, turning 20 this October


The jobs I've had that weren't too bad for that were doing warehouse work (heads up though this is fucking miserable) and medical transportation. Most of your time in medical transportation is spent on the road and roughly half of that is by yourself (or with a partner or two if you're an EMT/Paramedic) and when you're just a basic wheelchair van driver the other half is mostly just driving little old folks home or to rehab. It's kind of a comfy job and I've been enjoying it. Definitely worth looking into.


25, will be 26 this year in October.


I'll be 24 in July


File: 1558607547658.jpg (29.58 KB, 696x720, 1548465939650.jpg)

Just turned 29 this month. It's been a good two years since I've been here. Glad to see this place still holding up.


27 …
I am Back after a few years of absence.
Went to study and threw away everything.

Now back to being a NEET I guess.
Glad this site is still running.
Really enjoyed the time back then.


I'm 21. I've been a NEET since I left high school when I was 17.


File: 1559442498455.png (2.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

2 decades since may
I've never worked a day of my life except helping family with construction and landscaping odd jobs


lol didnt meant to post oekaki orz


31 recently.
My life is really weird.

On the one hand, I have a decent programmer job, and I there's a couple thas good friends of mine, and allowed me to contact some high up people such as euro-parliamentarians and other influencial people. We are shaking up some things.

Besides those, I spend all my time alone. I had an exgf a few years ago but it went to shit after college. For some reason I don't manage to make any new friends and I don't really care about gfs anymore, so I just kind of live in a void.

I also know way more than I should about meditation, the occult, and other things…

I've had some ridiculous experiences, like chasing a suicidal schizo around a town, along with the police and the taxi company.

All those things may look like my life is fun, but it's actually being alone, browsing niche stuff, meditating and nothing happening until one of these crazy events happen, I'm a magnet for them.

If life were a script, I'd really want to meet the writer, and ask him wtf did he smoke when he wrote mine! Not that I'd complain though, it's not bad, just bizarre. I'm not a NEET, yet normal people feel like aliens to me. The feeling is probably mutual.


File: 1560093087881.jpg (82.4 KB, 1058x625, daigo.jpg)



File: 1561055574638.jpg (394.61 KB, 1280x720, [Horse] Aggressive Retsuko….jpg)

22, 23 next month.


File: 1561268891683.jpg (733.62 KB, 850x850, sample_df269469eae4030c3b7….jpg)

Just thought I would update my old post. 21 now and still lurking around still not done anything still neet as well. Anyone else still around from years ago?


Me here >>261
22 now.


File: 1561369287417.jpg (53.6 KB, 490x550, 8fd188778b923f00bca68f20e6….jpg)

I'm 21 currently, I guess I somehow was able to accomplish a few milestones in life.
But I am far from being independent and still feel extremely behind everyone else my age.
Still haven't managed to get a single job and I punish myself every day for it.
Hopefully next time I reply things will have changed for the better.


29, I've gotten so used to feeling sad and angry all the time I don't even wanna change anymore.


>>673 was mine. And I know I posted my age prior to that, but I can't remember exactly which post it was
If it counts for anything, I'm still trapped in NEET hell and I will be 25 in three months.


21 in 4 months, dangerously close on becoming a NEET due to being rejected from the school I wanted to enroll in


How come you only applied to one?


I'm 26.




I realized I haven't posted my age in this thread yet. I'm currently 28.


Have you been a neet since then? I'm proud of you.

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