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What are your MBTI types, /hikki/ ?

I recommend taking a few different tests and understanding what each letter means. I'm also guessing that most people here are INxx

Some people discredit MBTI, but I think if you treat it a a rough guideline, it can offer some good insights to yourself and others.

INTP wasted-potential masterrace reporting in
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With my current situation, I seem to be the idealist INFP.

Maybe I should do these tests again in a few months.


I took some of these tests about 10 years ago, and I used to be INTJ, but I guess I've changed. I got ISTJ now. It's not a huge change, I guess, but it really goes to show that it's possible to change yourself. Personally, I think it's a good change. I still loathe parties and shit, but I can at least function normally without spaghetti all over the place.
That S really made all the difference, I think.


>Are you INTJ?
I flip-flop from INTJ to INTP depending on what test I take. Sometime I even get ISTJ or INFP depending on my mood. I think that I think like an INTJ in that I like things to be organized and that's the way I like things to be done by other people and would like for myself to do, but i'm far too lazy to actually go through with with being organized and maintaining that or any other rigid schedule. I wish I could be more structured and am always getting angry at myself for not following through with plans and procrastinating. It's like there's many facets to my personality. Sometimes i'm judgmental and opinionated and other times I try to be as open minded and optimistic as possible. The only really consistent traits seem to be I and T. That's my main problem with these tests. A lot of the questions also ask about what you actually do, not what you actually want to do.


File: 1507848689847-0.png (931.02 KB, 1412x2048, 1490974736865.png)

File: 1507848689847-1.png (160.59 KB, 1017x721, tumblr_nk91rtpjwQ1u3sjumo1….png)

Laziness can be caused by many factors unrelated to MBTI type. A lot of people say things like, "my room is always clean, so I must be a J!" But perceivers are perfectly able to be organized, sensors can think abstractly, intuitives can be good at sports, and introverts can have many friends (in fact, ISFJ is the most common type). For this reason you should type yourself by functions, not just descriptions or tests.


Ya, but I fall in the middle or pretty close to it on a lot of things. I like to look at things in the here and now and to understand things based on facts, but I also like to theorize about stuff and think about the future a lot. I just can't decide if i'm sensing or intuitive. I like to plan out projects and stick to a schedule, but I always procrastinate the work I do and have trouble working for a long amount of time. P or J? I'm just not that consistent. I shift based on my mood. How could I like planning stuff out so much while having a hard time keeping up with my workload?
Neither just, "comes naturally to me".


I definitely think you're INTJ.

>theorize about stuff and think about the future a lot

>understand things based on facts
>I like to plan out projects and stick to a schedule
>hates fake people
>I like to look at things in the here and now
>I always procrastinate the work I do and have trouble working for a long amount of time
This is because Se is the inferior function, which means you have trouble consistently using your willpower.


I always get INFP, which seems to be accurate. But for some reason, despite being very moody and emotional, I honestly can't remember the last time I cried, which is funny considering INFPs are often portrayed as crybabies. Even though there have been times where I wanted and forced myself to cry, I was not able to.

Sign is Virgo by the way, which again feels kind of accurate I suppose


I know it's horoscope tier, but I'm interested nonetheless.
So how does one type himself "properly", again?


just start with the free test, like the first search result on any engine


I've taken MBTI all through my life, got INTJ almost every time, except when I tried it at the request of a friend while on DXM and got INTP.

By now I probably know too much about the questions to answer honestly and without bias.
I'm also Scorpio, which tends to fit my personality very well and even my daily horoscope sometimes.
I think horoscopes correlating with behaviour has more to do with where your birthday is placed on a calendar and cultural conditioning since birth to fit the outcomes of horoscopes.
But I'm also open to some spiritual interpretations, since personal experiences.

I wish I was born with a personality type that isn't violently opposed to getting a job.


Astrology has been proven to have literally zero merit to it due to the changing landscape of the night sky and old timings being obsolete. Also, as a fellow, " intj", our personality type is not fundementally opposed to getting a job. Intj is just stubborn about their beliefs and judgmental in general.


I am writing a novel with 20 main characters and took the test as each one in order to understand them better.

I am going to laugh at the hours I wasted when I give up on this project just like all the others.


Have you tried this new thing, "agile development"? Maybe if you write a short story first and gauge its popularity you can make a good decision.


It seems to be at cross purposes with the goal of my project. A large and complicated narrative with a disregard for the audience's sentiments, as well as a subtle drive to antagonize the reader whenever possible. I want them to fear for the characters they like, and brood over the ones I killed before they had a chance to like them.
The end user should not have any influence on the product. I can make it readable, I can even make it enjoyable and exciting, but I will make it a miserable read in other ways.


This project is going to fail unless a miracle occurs


>A large and complicated narrative with a disregard for the audience's sentiments, as well as a subtle drive to antagonize the reader whenever possible.
That sounds really obnoxious and unreadable. It takes a highly skilled writer to both completely neglect giving readers what they want while still keeping their interest and attention. If you're trying to go for the Tokyo Ghoul or Game of Thrones effect, maybe try something more simple first?


See, nothing in that whole "grimdark" family group ever really got to where I wanted it to go. Even GRRM disappointed me at times. I'm really struggling to mix aggression with appeal and a sense of rationality, I want to capture a GG Allin concert in prose fiction.
You're right about the skill level something like this will require. My voice as a writer has served me well so far, but worldbuilding and narrative structure, they have always fought with me. I've got the general storyline marked out start to finish, but the meat between the setpiece moments is going to be tricky.
Whatever happens, I'm not afraid of rewriting. I could keep this on the desk for ten years if need be.


File: 1517458692871.jpg (35.56 KB, 449x500, CMubfjYWUAEbwUm.jpg)

>GG Allin concert in prose fiction.
I've got some pretty good ideas. Give all of the characters sick, full body, Asian style tats. Make everybody have long, philosophical monologues about anarchism every three pages. Throw in gratuitous, yet still inhibited depictions of violence. Like, you have dead hobos and guys whose heads have been shot, but you can't have stripped naked little girls who have been sawed in half because that's too fucked up. Maybe throw in lots of drugs. The characters should definitely live in a really dirty, ugly city. Bonus points for making it a dystopia novel. Sorry if I came off as disparaging your concept, but those are the sorts of vibes you're giving me. Some more specific details would be nice.


"It must have been a lonely place he lived in, because for every indulgence there was something else he denied himself as a means to the end. He accomplished what he did right here in our faces, in real time, with little help from any tool outside his own mind. These things cannot be denied. Could we have learned more from him if he was still around? Did we learn anything at all? Hope we meet again."
- Joe Coughlin, GG Allin biographer

I look at his concerts as more than a shocking punk show. The uncertainty, the fear, the schafenfreude, the sense of true freedom that permeated the hall for the duration of his performances. The audience and the bystanders were brought to the pinnacle of punk stage invasion. Who's going to run away? Who's going to be his victim? Who's going to riot? And why? It's a very metamodernist before metamodernism existed kind of experience.
Maybe I should try again. To see all the different kinds of rational people that enter an extreme situation, their reasons, and then watch how they behave once they're in the thick of it, this is what excites me. The danger and the negative thrill shape and flavor the experience, with the root of everything not being a catalyst or a demiurge, but still in the fight and making the waves that will drown it out.
The medium of live music has failed to capture the human experience this well, before and after GG's time. I see the same problem with prose fiction. Proust, GRRM, Trumbo, Mailer, Hill, Fitzgerald, Mann, they have had their successes, but they never even came close to what this medium can acheive. I'm done looking for someone to have done it right. Now I'm going to do it myself.


File: 1565115803743.png (17.2 KB, 480x400, chart.png)

Leo gang rise up against virg(o)ins


File: 1565241737485-0.gif (640.78 KB, 250x199, d62NIEP.gif)

Russians improved upon MBTI theory greatly and called it Socionics. I particularly like the changes one group in particular is pushing forward, stripping the theory of stereotypes and common misconceptions associated with each type, building on the basics that functions are about perception and processing of various types of information and casting off things that were proposed earlier but had no proof within the theory of Socionics. Too bad there's little information in English available.


>stripping the theory of stereotypes and common misconceptions associated with each type
What revolutionary improvements! And all this time everyone thought that adding more stereotypes and common misconceptions would make things better. Them ruskies really are smart, what will they invent next? Not banging head against the wall?


File: 1565269132143.jpg (607.92 KB, 1000x1000, 1550577140-2.jpg)

I like that first infographic. Online mbti tests tend to portray positive aspects of each type, but in reality geniuses are rare and most people are insufferable.


File: 1565334900709.jpg (1.22 MB, 1200x1200, cover.jpg)

>they never even came close to what this medium can acheive
Your entire post reeks off weird misconceptions and filling in misunderstandings with an expectation of violence and intuitiveness, which is a very abstract term for what you find vital in the concerts. You may call it situationist if you prefer the anarchist term.
You would be better off reading late Joyce if you wish for what the medium has to offer, or look at Bataille and his terrible stories.Even better: De Sade and Burroughs. I love Uncle Bill

Still, even if you did reading on them, even if you found benefit in studying them, you're still trying to turn stone into Coca Cola.
Literature, like architecture, is firm. It stays in its place and is dead and unchanging. Build to last. It's impossible to capture "The Human Experience" on paper out of the simple fact that we decay and prose doesn't. It's static. Unchanging unless you change it

Unlike music and your praised live performances. They are inherently unself aware since awareness would only lead to the recognition that they've passed and are closer to the end. Living is like listening to music in this sense and more appropiate for whatever message you care to pass along.

Best regards,
INTJ on cough syrup. I've been sick for three weeks


ISTP/taurine for your data mining. Any good literature on edge cases wrt how the function stack works for them? I've been reading many blogs but nobody talks about where nuance creps in and it's driving me crazy how people seem to tend to making themselves into extremes in mbti forums and blogs.


infp-t, infps should just get aborted, its not worth the mental health strain, fuck existence, fuck emotions


File: 1565792916614.jpg (163.98 KB, 657x952, 1550577140-3.jpg)


mbti is not real





back to reddit


>no friends
Born to suffer.


File: 1583973502907.jpg (116.63 KB, 458x458, 1464936554286.jpg)

As primitive as Myers Briggs alone is to judge someone, and as fickle as judging by spectrums can be, if you're not INTP or ISTP or similar wreck'd tier personality you don't belong on an imageboard and are a normalfaggot invader.

>oooh a zodiac faggy thread
>>I'm cancer

It's hilariously awful stuff it is and also data mining.

>>these bum zoomers and gen y's and x's, the ones with INTP and ISTP can't get jobs! Lets train our teachers and police to target them to see if abuse can force them to act differently! Also, market nothing they like!


INTJ every time. I'm not really the evil mastermind type. I think the INTJ descriptor fits me in terms of how I love to make mental models of the world, I love to (try to) understand things as deeply as possible, and to climb to greater heights of understanding. I don't think I'm that highly intelligent, but I certainly love thinking and being in my mind. This is a pretty terrible thing, though, for someone without much money who can't survive in society, because everyone and every thing around me is constantly working to crush my free time and ability to think and consider the world in equanimity and peace.


Pisces here (I see myself as 'high functioning' most of the time). I love dreams and fantasy, and I have huge problems with addiction to movies. I do think I am defined by 'empathy'. Most of the Cancer people I've met have been lovely. Their softness is the nicest aspect to them, but usually really bright and thoughtful, so they're not all mush. For some reason (despite what most pages\videos on compatibility say) the girls I like most are Geminis.


doomer Capricorn?


Mbti only have sense if you research about the functions of each type, focusing just in the four letters is stupid


File: 1584866987178.png (1.2 MB, 825x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

INTP-T, Cancer.
Sometimes i just think that i'd better didn't born in this world. Too hard for me.


I am surprised to see so many more Ps than Js.


For the longest time, via the infinite knowledge of online self-tests, I was convinced that I was INTJ.

After taking a formal MBTI battery under the behest of my parents, I tested as being ISTJ. Having investigated the matter a bit further, with the most substantial being a thorough thumbing-through of Gifts Differing, I frankly agree with the prescription of Sensing over Intuititive cognitive preference. Also a Taurus for what it's worth.


I get ENTJ a lot and occasionally INTJ


I used to get INTP/INTJ when I used to do those tests.


I can never be honest with these tests because I know the actions and the feelings I have right now are temporary. This is just a form of mine that can be better. It's not like DID its more like this form of me isn't a person I would want to present to other people because I'm not really being myself.


I fear taking these kinds of tests because I'm afraid if I get a 'bad' result I'll obsess over it and limit my thinking because of some stupid test.


makes sense. Ps are more likely to live in their own heads. Js like to influence the world.


INFP. I used to be super into MBTI, but now it's kinda meh.

I do think it can provide insight though, and is probably one of the better pseudosciences.






File: 1618701177991.png (51.87 KB, 667x934, wee woo wee woo.png)

Forgot to attach a file, Jesus fucking kill me please. Anyways, just finished the test.



File: 1618702628555.png (38.91 KB, 385x787, ClipboardImage.png)

I decided to make Le Funni edit like OP did.




INTP-t , Sagittarius
It does provide an interesting system to see how people think, especially myself.

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