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Post your unpopular fangame opinions here.
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TLG was their first attempt at making a fangame I can find on ubuu (at least they first showed up on ubuu with it) so being so harsh might not be warranted. I agree that a lot of things in there are poor in every category, but I think that's to be expected. Tons of fangames began as shoddy messes like that too, but if we have people like you going around saying new games shouldn't be made unless the creators are both artistic and musical geniuses, then we wouldn't have any fangames at all.

These people are making and handing out their games for free, too, so I don't get why some people on ubuu get so anal about them.


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Because they are entitled elitists.


i lose sleep over .flow

just because you're too "Hardened." to be scared anymore doesn't mean no one is.


File: 1364989059153.gif (399.78 KB, 1024x576, 1359397419422.gif)

>i lose sleep over .flow
That's because you're a babby from Tumblr and/or a complete pussy.


File: 1364995053997.gif (881.52 KB, 245x175, sinjifucker.gif)

hardeneed what? dude is not real, it's a game



tfw schizoaffective disorder and hear the kaibutsu giggle when you think about .flow for a while and can't stop looking over your shoulder when you see a reflection from your monitor until you turn around and swear you see something horrific (usually gore related, nothing obscure) before your vision fades and you wake up on your floor with a bloody nose screaming wondering where you are until you remember and you cry alone in your room like you usually do because your friends find it too tiresome to be friends with you and your family has their own lives to deal with.

but that's kind of different than the average .flow player so I can see why you two are confused.


sorry for posting without explaining my condition, i thought it would be obvious


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>your face when
I didn't like Lucid Dream.
And it hurts, because it's lovely; but it simply didn't 'attached me'…


File: 1365186145777.png (1.11 MB, 950x713, oberstein.png)

Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with you?

This board should be restricted to 18+ just like many other boards. Not like that would stop you little babbies from coming here anyway.

I guess you also shit your pants at hard 'n' edgy anime like Death Note too right?




> 1. You must be 18 years of age or older to view this site.


I get it. I felt the same way at first.

LcdDem really was lovely, absolutely, but when I first played it I felt that many of the areas were "half-assed" or weren't very.. hm.. how should I say.. they weren't very dream-like and they didn't have a unifying theme.

I thought so many places in YN and Y2 had said unifying themes, such as

>Teleport Maze

>The Docks
>Lake in the Dense Woods
>Number World
>Monochrome Feudal Japan
>Farm World
>1,000,000 of the other fucking beautiful YN worlds

however, in LcdDem, so many of the areas were a little lacking, like that world with the pink boxes or whatever, that purple world with the sponge shit, etc.

However. HOWEVER. The music in LcdDem fucking blew my mind (Sewers, Sewers Room, Hexagon World, Helmet Effect World, Mining Complex, Sandy Swamp World, Rainbow Tiles World) and some of the worlds were BEAUTIFUL and I felt that they were the ones missing from YN, such as the Rice Field, the Stained Glass World, Garden World, and many others.


Should've checked the rules before posting, I knew it. However, there's an age thread floating around somewhere here and most of everyone there were little babbies, one girl said she was 12.

Also, the excessive use of le maymays and xDDDDDD and "this game mindfucked me omg can't sleep xD" here is yet more proof that this place is bloated with Hot Topic-frequenting preteens.


File: 1365187815498.jpg (266.35 KB, 600x600, 1365105956991.jpg)

I agree with that about the music and the worlds; but playing it through was like a 'heavy reading', if you understand the concept. I felt it was somehow vague and lonely; cute, with a huge ton of effort that can be seen really easily. But somehow made me feel there was something that was missing.

Beware, I appreciate the game; but, I don't know. Something was missing, making my game experience a bit…flawed.


File: 1365188212341.jpg (108.98 KB, 532x748, 1362448326823.jpg)


>inb4 shitstorm


Did you miss >>7565?
lrn2read, friend


File: 1365215732105.png (884.56 KB, 640x480, 探求書&#….png)

Ok, let's bring this topic back on to the rails.
I am refrained to play Yume Nisshi ever since the creator's (zenmaigahara) drama.
It really made me and I bet a bunch of people lose respect for him.
And looking in retrospect, I didn't find Yume Nisshi that entretaining. Sure, it had some high points and the music wasn't total crap, considering it usually used Midis. But it could be a bit better, I suppose.
Other thing: I wish I could play those Chinese YNFGs (Anamorphosis, Hide and Seek, Dream Genie and such) without every text on the game turning into question marks.
Also I wish that some other fangames got some more love.


That screenshot looks very sexy <3 Where is it from?
Also you'll need Applocale for Chinese fangames, but it's still in Chinese… I wish Shirleycrow would translate them to English…


File: 1365356814091.png (4.21 KB, 181x200, &#12475;&#12523;&#12523;&#….png)

Kataribesou. It is a fangame (Well almost as much as Divinity Fatum, N'oubliez Jamais and etc.) that contains RPG elements.


File: 1365390061049.gif (1.12 MB, 330x248, Popcorn-Stephen-Colbert.gif)

This thread greatly amuses me.

Also the creator of Yume Nisshi needs to stop being so xenophobic realize that not every 'murican is out to steal tiles and such from their fangame.


It doesn't look like it's from 2k3, but maybe I should check it out…


File: 1365426335200.png (3.69 KB, 128x192, &#34903;&#23569;&#22899;&#….png)

It is not.
It is on the RPG Maker XP.


So that's why people seem to have held a grudge on Yume Nisshi for all this time…


yes the author is a faggod


Zenmaigahara's map designs are absolute shit, in both Yume Nisshi and Yume 2kki.


File: 1366303354669.gif (370.57 KB, 308x180, tumblr_magw7gUCHD1qk8kgko1….gif)

That's a shame.
I was rather fond of Yume Nisshi…


I find fan games in general to be redundant. Don't get me wrong, i loved my first playthrough of yume nikki. It's just that aimlessly wandering around is only fun for so long.



i agreed with you until the last two points, then you suddenly went full retard, you are criticizing a game that is intended to be dark and visceral for being so, you are completely missing the point of the game, and i don't mean it in a "2deep4u" way, its like if you were criticizing a children's cartoon for "trying too hard" to be cute


In retrospect, .flow isn't actually very good. It's not even scary, really.


.flow was okay, but I liked "Me" much more as a dark and edgy fangame. :P


Isn't 'Me' just a shitty rip-off with actually plagiarized material? .flow is so much more well-made it's ridiculous.


The only good point in that mess of a post was the one about the rainbow maze backgrounds. Everything else was this /v/-reject spouting their opinions as fact.


While I don't agree with any of the dumb whining about .flow in this thread, I do feel it isn't better than Yume Nikki and I hate when people say hat. In fact, .flow would actually be a looooooooooot better if it wasn't a fangame at all, but had a more concrete, obvious storyline. The format is holding it back.

Another opinion I hold is that I really hate when fangames copy locations from YN. I know that .flow does this a lot. I was especially bothered when I saw that Dream Graffiti had a White Desert, region for no good reason at all, particularity since much of that fangame is original and unique. Of course, there's nothing wrong with homage, you just need to find a good balance. There were way too many 'homages' in .flow (I rolled my eyes at the teleport maze copy)


File: 1383044022137.png (170.23 KB, 540x413, m47.PNG)

Not anymore.
Also I feel a bit dissapointed whenever someone doesn't do well enough on a fangame. Like, when they actually just think that it is a fangame, and it doesn't really matter. Though it is closer to spin-off/different game in a genre than an actual fangame.


Well, I suppose I could give 'Me' another chance then.



I don't really know about the remake, since I only played the old version… But I really loved Me.
It did a better job than .flow in being creepy and dark, and some locations and effects were really memorable. People will go on about the shitty audio quality and the not-so-stellar art, but I really enjoyed playing it. And I guess the remake fixed this.

Damn, I'm trying to decide if it's worth downloading even though it's almost the same!


I looked up some screenshots of Me and by god it's fucking hideous.


File: 1383053769943.png (54.23 KB, 542x414, M60.PNG)


Yeah, can't disagree. If you want graphics like .flow or 2kki, you'll regret even downloading it.
Still, the remake seems a lot better. Pic related.


Look I don't want to be mean to M-256, but man graphics are pretty much the whole point of these games. She really needs to learn some color theory and use more muted colors and shading in her work, everything clashes so horribly and looks like some pastel-goth crap from tumblr.

If you need an example of pastel colors that look good, try Gingiva.


That would be me, I guess.
If it's any consolation I started on Miserere instead, which I finished.


File: 1383076435624.png (233.7 KB, 539x412, m36.PNG)

Please bring the Me discussion to its own thread over here.


Music is more important IMO. It creates atmosphere.


File: 1383445851313.png (972.53 KB, 818x655, sickbeats.png)

so then is liking .flow an unpopular opinion yet then because i honestly love the game itself.

it's just that there's a "fandom" now. and they suck eggs and tend to ruin things for everyone as fandoms do. however, re >>7508 (and their posts following) i DO have yet to see any of them start spouting off scene-slang-circa-2007. so at least they have that under control.


I thought Gnosis was alright.



What do you say? Gnosis is pretty cool, and the guy's art is nice. Moreover, he's not an attention whore whining for attention and posting his game around all the web while sucking another devs cock for reviews or posting here on uboachan, contrary to most of people.



So, it IS an enjoyed game?
Well, I guess I should just quit Ubuu then for such a marginal error.



I don't even know why you considered it as if ubuu hated that game, because here no one even talks about it. I personally like it, and there will be different opinions, but seriously, I can't see why you came up to that conclusion.


I knew Gnosis because I have the guy as a friend on deviantart, and I gave y support, and told him that it's pretty well done.


File: 1675431693263.jpg (220.06 KB, 500x500, 99597703_p0_master1200.jpg)

Yume Nishhi is the most underrated fg.

Worlds are beautyfull and really diverse, egyptian mythology elements are really fun and are good counterparts to Nikki parakka's shit, the effects are really fucking cool, well thougth out, and again theres a lot of variety(quoting that anon who said doll effect was badass cuz he is fucking rigth)

Theres a lot of really cool references here and there that I really like like the rule of rose sack.

Events are also pretty original and fun in their own rigth, getting chased by whatever his name(Ophelus?) was room to room was cool af.

Idk I just feel people either ignore this fangame because is not as edgy as .flow or as big as 2kki or hate this fg cuz her creator did a really dick move in the past and cant get over it.

Seriously out of all the fangames ive played this is one the only ones that has the most dreamlike atmosphere alongside lcd dem.

Urotsuki is also best girl.


I like big pointless mazes in fangames


i wonder how >>7565 is doing. i've been through that kind of shit as well

.flow helped me feel a little more normal while i was going through the worst of it, so even it it's kinda shit it holds a special place for me..

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