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【lcd dem】
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Am I the only one whose game freezes when I try to climb down the ladder in maze room A?


this problem gave me in the newest version, but in the english translation doesn´t appear that problem…strange (the link appear on the wiki)


For me it goes black for a few seconds and takes me back outside the ladder.


>>6677 Oh, it did take me to a new area but I didn't notice. I'm an idiot.


Is there an english translation of v0.030?



File: 1379352086114.jpg (5.72 KB, 301x167, images (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

I can never get this god forsaken thing to work for me


This is the only fangame I've played that's legitimately made me tear up.
We need more people like Koronba in this world.


What if Chie actually committed suicide. and reverted to a younger form of herself having to constantly become aware that she is dead. maybe that is why the music is so ambient. or explain the scene where you see her kill a clone of herself with the axe.



every bgm is 3-4 minutes long, or less than a second. masterwork.


What a weird game. Most of the music is all eerily peaceful and ambient, you have the suicide ending, and then the creator goes out and tells everyone to just stop talking about the game and forget it completely. I wonder what happened?….


File: 1415735435513.jpg (712.09 KB, 1047x1417, chie ending.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Maybe Koronba felt so ashamed at how little it diverted from the YN formula with the general areas and collectibles. Maybe.

Nevertheless, the music really is great.


Somehow I doubt that was what happened. The Japanese seem to take pride in making exact clones of YN with the only thing being new is a couple of areas.


What suicide ending?


Did Koronba explicitly told only the english community not to talk about his work or does it include japs? I really don't know.


He just stated it on his website (in Japanese) that nobody should talk about LcdDem. It's taken off http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E3%82%86%E3%82%81%E3%81%AB%E3%81%A3%E3%81%8D%E6%B4%BE%E7%94%9F in any case.


He asked his entire fanbase to forgot about the game and don't talk about it anymore.
Koronba also deleted his niconico account, all the music he created and uploaded to several sites, along with most posts in his Twitter.


Koronba is kill
Mado is RIP


Don't you mean Chie?


I'm still goddamn mad about the game being killed


Shhh. We're not allowed to talk about it.



is this the LcdDem theories thread?

what if Chie was raped by her mom




File: 1416961606224.png (913.48 KB, 1536x826, Untitled.png) ImgOps Google

Here's a theory for you. This is my first time playing through the game, I'm going through mostly blind. I stumble across this place through the Tile Maze, and find this little spot. What does this look like to you? Could lead to some interesting theories.


Hint: It's not a swastika.


A Manji?


Its a propeller. What do I win?


It's a face right?


File: 1417152348365.png (162.45 KB, 1194x480, 1416961606224.png) ImgOps Google


Obviously. I don't think it means anything though, personally. The entire map is just filled with interesting shapes is all. Plus I don't recall any other similar references in the game that it would connect with in any meaningful way.


I can never get in to lcd dem. Sure the music sounds great and some places are pretty atmospheric but I honestly feel like there's nothing more to it.

I mean, .flow has this grim edgy background story forming. 2kki has, well random incoherent shit that makes exploration a bummer and a treat. lcd dem, well it only has music going for it. Feels too much like it didn't try branching out from the YN formula.



>Sure the music sounds great and some places are pretty atmospheric but I honestly feel like there's nothing more to it

Isn't that really all there is to any of the games..? We can glorify certain games in the genre as art and whatnot but when it call comes down to it the "game" part is always just walking around and looking at shit.

Fan games are just a personal opinion though really. I think .flow is kind of boring myself for example and the trying to be so edgy you can cut yourself on it doesn't do anything for me. That's what is great about having so many fan games to choose from, there's concepts for everybody even if you don't love them all.


It's reassuring to see that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. It's not a bad game - it just doesn't have any appeal.


The game's actually sort of an opposite to .flow. .flow has recurring characters making characters more important than YN, LCD DEM has very few dream inhabitants and those that do exist can be permanently killed, making characters less important than YN.

.flow has a more pervasive dark atmosphere while LCD DEM has a more pervasive light atmosphere.

Other ways LCD DEM stands out is having orbs reach the ending instead of effects - I also feel like the ending provides a conclusion to the game that's open for interpretation without being overly confusing, unlike, say, YN's ending which was very clear and definite, and .flow's endings which are complete messes (maybe in a good way but still)

Gameplay still is very basic but yeah


File: 1417432064703.png (346.97 KB, 800x563, lcddem___ruins_by_nighting….png) ImgOps Google

This. I like both games a lot, specially the different ambience they both have. Contrast is good.

When I play .flow I almost feel sick myself, even so, I keep being drawn to it (even me usually laughing at edgy games). It amazes me. Also the characters are great, and it does the "show, don't tell" story in a perfect way. Each part of the game gives you a bit of insight into what's going on, while still remaining open enough to be interpretative.

LCD DEM…yes, it doesn't have much shit going on, but as it's been said, the music and the ambience are really amazing.
The cathedral stained glass looking world is my favorite in ANY fangame/YN itself.

Also the greenish abandoned building areas remind me A LOT of Tarkovsky movies such as Stalker.

If only LCD DEM was being still developed, maybe we would have got a little bit more of life into it.


File: 1420839969309.png (51.69 KB, 577x539, koronba_tweet_15'.png) ImgOps Google

This isn't really related to LcdDem in of itself, but Koronba made some tweets not too long ago that contain some interesting info.

He released some files that contained an assortment of .WAVs, .PNGs and .USTs and, from what I can understand, is saying that people can use them for free.

There's an odd catch though: he doesn't want credit. That's right, he does NOT want to even be associated with his own work.

You can read a bit more about it here: http://psiwolf.tumblr.com/post/107586468536/nightmargin-psiwolf-an-anon-asked-me-to



Here's a .rar archive with all of the songs that were in the files Koronba released. I also converted the original wav files to mp3s for your convenience. The filenames are unaltered from those of the originals.


thanks psi, looks like a lot of vocaloid/UTAU tracks, googling Yatsume found http://www.vocaloidbrasil.com/weekly-vocaloid-and-utau-ranking-286-228/ (ctrl-f yatsume)
Koronba's listed on there:

08(!!) – Yatsume Ana (Guy’s Hole) – Koronba (com Koronba Nº 4 e Defoko).
Que título é esse véi xD! Eletrônica chiptune comportada, com vozes bem robóticas, característico desse produtor.




5738163←this dead account has many deleted videos
please generate again
deleted videos' list↓


those videos are probably koro
n ba's.


>deleted videos' list↓ 935358234226
If you want to see the original titles he used while uploading those videos, go here num.to 425259544769


please restore these files
also songs




Found this on a random tumblr, supposedly titled "0041". Hope this isn't old news


how wonderful!

Couldn't you tell me just where you
get it?



I found a game used his song.

One of his last tweets says:

I composed music for a certain free game.
Please search it if you're free.

Its game music may be this,I think.




I recently found out that the account that posted the LCD DEM ost is run by NightMargin, the developer of OneShot. Great game if you haven't tried it out. (no i'm not her lol)


The guy is a nazi


The tumblr post was removed.

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