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Seisatsu's Lost Cities Minecraft Server is up to current again (1.17.1) if you'd like to take another look!
We have a pretty unique gimmick if you haven't seen it yet. :)

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been rereading old .flow theories and getting a hankering for more, so here's the newest version of the .flow theory thread

old threads (recommended reading first):


File: 1468281128496.png (16.3 KB, 640x480, gapingred.png)

The footprint path and the dumpsters filled with tentacles make me think Sabitsuki had a pet cat when she was younger. It got lost outside and never came back and she became convinced that there was some sort of monster living in her trash that ate it. Hence the paw prints leading into the monster's maw. Following them takes you to the rave wilderness where you can get the cat effect, either Sabi accepting that her cat had simply ran away, or that it's her idea of what the afterlife is like.

It could be either. The hallway between them would either represent "heading towards the light" or possibly maturity. Though the rave world does give way to the neon city, which is full of things which may represent jadedness (love hotel district, dead maids, sugar hole, drugs, possible prostitution, etc.). The rest of the time however, it is likely one of the least disturbing aspects of her mind. She does use neon colors to disguise more morbid aspects. It could still be some heaven however. The aliens are warped ideas of angels, and of course the dead girl(s) Sabi seemed close too. Even if she can't forget how they died, they do seem somewhat "content" with everything.

Dumpsters figure into Sabi's life a lot. Trash is associated with corpses and murder. Her belief of a monster living there was probably influenced by the hospital, and perhaps it's way of "disposing" of patients. When bodies begin turning up in dumpsters, Sabi began to suspect something in there was killing them. Corpses in the garbage could also be a reason she started getting sick in the first place.


File: 1468283072194.jpg (85.66 KB, 1729x1082, Sabitsuki.full.933683.jpg)

Also, another theory, sorta. Water plays a very large part in Sabitsuki's dreams. The Docks, Sewers, Garden world, Flower world, Monochrome Beach, The Footprint Path, The Sea, among other minor areas. It wouldn't be much of stretch to assume she lives (or lived) by the ocean. Most likely in a swampy area, though there was likely an actual beach nearby. The dock areas and sewers being a sort of drainage reservoir where she lived near. Though much of it was industrialized, there were likely some natural areas as well, though she didn't see them until she somehow became acquainted with the Farmer character.

The snowy area is strange, as typically oceanside areas see very little snow. Perhaps she vacationed there or something. She does see the snowy factory area get covered in plants and vines as the pollution stops and medical aspects begin to overtake it. She probably moved to "cleaner" areas after she started getting sick. However it didn't fully clear her condition. In her childhood, she likely lived by the beach because of the child Oreko and Monomech seen in the Hospital, both associated with the ocean. Afterwards she moved to the marshlands to get away from disease. Then as an adult, she moved back to the ocean. Back to some sort of civilization that wasn't just a place for her illness to fester. Likely breaking things off with her Farmer friend who may have convinced her to go there. I imagine she held some resentment after being forced to leave to live in a hospitalized environment away from the modern world which ultimately did nothing for her. Her current location is back by the ocean though. It seems rather humid there.


File: 1468609225898.jpg (20.85 KB, 640x480, Oreko.jpg)

Was pic related ever discussed because I couldn't find any theories related to it?


I don't think so. It's pretty obviously Oreko-related, but it doesn't seem to be a corpse. It looks more like an empty diving suit.

It could mean she died. Or Oreko was digging through the Dead Hole for bodies.


Does anyone else think that the black-haired girl(s) and the gas-mask maid(s) are connected in some way? There's a lot of similarities between them (black hair, blue dresses, faces you never see, important connection to Sabi of some sort, relevance to the hospital area…), but I've no idea of what the potential connection between them might be, especially since the black-haired girl(s) seem presently dead while the maid(s) are presently alive.

(Sorry if this has already been mentioned and discusses in one of the threads somewhere.)


It's been pointed out before, but never discussed in depth I don't think.

It might be that the maids are "manufactured" from the black haired girls given the tech-y cyborganic themes. They might be clones or something. Both might be symbolic of the tall lady seen in the Sugar Girls area and the cafe. If so, rape and dismemberment is likely involved.


I noticed something about the song lainbow2 (that plays, although slowed down, during the flight event).

The beeping noise that starts at 00:08 and remains till the end of the song appears to be Morse code, which spells "A5ASH" ( .- ….. .- … …. ).

Do you think it's supposed to mean anything?


File: 1525027564493.jpg (6.96 MB, 4608x3456, Tupolev_Tu-128_at_Central_….JPG)

Probably not. Coincidentally though 'AA-5 Ash' was the NATO reporting name for a type of Russian air to air missile known as the R4. Used by the Tupolev Tu-28 (NATO: Fiddler) interceptor aircraft in the 1960s.

I highly doubt that it means anything though. It's probably just a catchy chiptune ditty beat lol came up with that sounded like a heart monitor. Still a neat observation.

I guess it could give credence to the theory that Sabi is a slav/Russophile and/or lived during wartime or the cold war.

Alternatively, the missile is a penis. Everything is a penis.



File: 1525047817579.jpg (14.86 KB, 500x375, No return.jpg)

I was inspired to write a film script adaption for .flow (for fun), and I find myself in a rut trying to make sense of every single detail in this huge game. I must have missed a good third of the content in my first playthrough alone. Keep in mind I am by no means some kind of expert, in fact I've only discovered Yume Nikki and the assorted fangames late last year, but I'm wondering if this interpretation of the larger story holds any water.

Sabitsuki is an orphan who's mother and father are out of the picture for some possible reason, perhaps her mother died in childbirth and her father left her for adoption shortly thereafter. Whatever context, she has lived on her own almost her entire life. She has no friends or family to rely on and is largely ostracized at school, but she eventually develops a desperate, one-sided relationship with a boy in her class; Smile.

Constantly fighting to stay afloat on her own, Sabitsuki turns to prostitution to make ends meet, and it is possible it is from a client she contracts the rust disease.

Some time passes and the rust disease has reached pandemic levels across Japan (or wherever you want to assume this game takes place), death tolls in younger children is incredibly high and word gets out that Sabitsuki has been working the streets. Smile, willing to do anything to protect his sister, threatens to kill Sabi if he comes close to either of them.

Now even more secluded, Sabitsuki drops out of school and shuts herself in her room where she uses the internet to vicariously live through fragmented representations of her memories as her symptoms begin to develop. Her mental state quickly deteriorates into insanity, ultimately leading to Rust.

I see Rust as, metaphorically, Sabitsuki's repressed fears of her inner darkness and violent tenancies. She'd love nothing more than to watch her classmates all die to the disease and to cave in Smile's head with a pipe. Secluded in her room, Sabitsuki spirals into depression and isn't able to control her obsession.

Truth be told, that was my initial interpretation the first time I played the game, so it's mostly what I have to work on. There's so much stuff that's left out so take it with a grain of salt, but if I got anything wrong then feel free to correct me.


That's funny, according to your logic Rust is essentially a psycholgical disorder or an allegory for how disgusted and upset Sabi is with her life, but you still say that she "contracted the rust disease".

Goddamnit, why do people have to be so literal-minded all the time?

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