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OLD THREAD: http://uboachan.net/archive/flow/res/1097.xhtml

it is recommended that you skim prior discussion before posting

but don't let that stop you
theories gogo


Love the picture!

I support the theory that Smile is Sabi's brother.

I'll post my stuffs on it later-ish.


(Double post ftw)

Using the Tattoo effect, I found out that Sabi has a mark of some kind on one of her shoulders (left, I think). Some kind of tattoo, or scar, maybe?


one can assume it's another of smile's tattoos usually hidden under his sleeve

apparently sabitsuki saw him shirtless at some point


I guess that's a possibility. Though I think it might be a scar of some kind.

Anyway, looking in the CharSet folder, apparently there's an unused effect where Sabi wears an orange scarf (there's also an unused Santa hat effect).

Just wanted to point that out.


File: 1316823727631.jpg (3.02 KB, 385x282, flowending.jpg)


The orange-scarved one's in the ending, and looks a bit smaller/younger than Sabi herself. Maybe it's a flashback or something obvious guess.


File: 1316825796510.png (7.83 KB, 288x256, sabituki6.png)

No, I mean this…


oooooh. unimplemented effect maybe involving a nostalgia factor or something



It's a possibility :O

Any theories for the Monochrome world?


It *is* in the game. Blow a whistle in the snow area and Sabi's ghost with the scarf appears.


File: 1316962532759.png (25.63 KB, 640x480, littlesabitsukiinsnowworld.png)

yes but they are saying we never see PRESENT sabitsuki wearing a scarf

or a santa hat


Oh, I see now. Silly me.


I have a dumb lil question: are the dying girls, or at least the girls with the black hair, Sister?



I doubt it, seeing as Sister is just a little girl and the black-haired girl is usually potrayed as a mother.


I thought Sister was the little one hiding behind Smile.


>usually portrayed as a mother



I pretty much thought that most players rejected the idea that large girl in the dieing girls event was Sabitsuki's mother, and no one has been able to find any proof that that large girl was once labeled "mother" in the game's files.



Maybe someone should ask */That Guy!/* if he's ever seen anything like that, or anyone else who can surf the coding.


After searching through the archive I've found this http://uboachan.net/archive/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1559

"It was just something that got under my skin, mainly because many people who are new to the game and read the event page will think "oh, so that was Sabitsuki's mother", and form their theories with that in mind"

Guess he predicted what happened to >>68, lol. Whatever happened to him anyway?


I think Sabi was preggo and got an abortion
that's why the flesh walls world has all the vag stuff, and with the exploding girl event it's like the child dying.
Also how she has the viscera effect shows she was cut open, something possibly removed. Maybe because she didn't want it, or she just wasn't healthy enough to have the baby so she had to get rid of it.
I think Smile was the dad and ditched her after he found out what happened to her. She got targeted at school for it and later became a shut-in cause of it.



i like that theory :(
mostly because it was mine but it makes some sense if you make up a nice story to go with it idk


File: 1317178721232.png (6.61 KB, 144x144, watcat.png)

i'm not sure how to respond because most of these theories have already been suggested and/or discussed in the old thread

perhaps when post editing is enabled i can put a helpful list of popular theories in the op
as if anyone would read it



dunno. been waiting for him to post the rest of his theory, the bits he posted made a lot of sense to me. then again he was in college I think so he might be busy with classes.

so there really isn't anything at all naming the big dying girl Mother? could be that it was a bad fan-name in the end.


>>black-haired girl is sabitsuki's mother
i posted a great deal in support of this theory from http://uboachan.net/archive/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1585 onward (ignore the little fight that guy and i had)

opposition to this theory declined in the face of sufficient evidence so there's no reason to discount it


I don't think anyone's discounting its value as a theory. It is however FAR from generally accepted that this girl is Sabi's mother from what I'm seeing, which is what was being discussed.

Case in point, I've reread those posts and can't find any real evidence that she might be Sabi's mother, either. I'd sooner believe Smile's related to her in some way or another since he actually shares physical characteristics with Sabi.



>>I don't think anyone's discounting its value as a theory. It is however FAR from generally accepted that this girl is Sabi's mother from what I'm seeing, which is what was being discussed.

77 here, and, yes, this what I was trying to get across. Thanks for clarifying what I had said.

>>Case in point, I've reread those posts and can't find any real evidence that she might be Sabi's mother, either. I'd sooner believe Smile's related to her in some way or another since he actually shares physical characteristics with Sabi.

Also, I agree with you on both counts. I, too, reread the posts, and still wasn't convinced. Just because some of us aren't convinced that the large girl represent Sabitsuki's mother doesn't mean that any theories that suggest that she is null and void and haven't been well-argued.


i remain convinced but since you guys disagree, what are your theories on the black-haired girl


File: 1317287439660.jpg (7.63 KB, 350x329, nope.jpg)

I had always thought she was the 'original victim'. She is seen in a hospital bed, and also surrounded by sick children is her body. In Sabitsuki's mind it could be seen as she /was/ the disease that infected everyone else.

My question is what people thought of the candle world kaibutsu.

The pic is my raction when I saw it.



I for one believe those black-haired girls to be Sister, like >>66 questioned us about.


I thought it was a homage to its YN counterpart, quite frankly.



Why do you think the black-haired girls are Sister? Sister is only a young girl who hides behind Smile, and the black-haired girl seems to be old enough to be pregnant.

Again, does anyone have anything on the Monochrome world?


Maybe the Monochrome world represents a part of Sabitsuki that is monotonous or robotic in some form or another.

Sorry if that's been said already; I haven't actually read the entire old theory thread…yet.


File: 1317508211660.png (1.53 KB, 101x113, maid.png)

Urotsuki can wear a maid outfit that looks like sugar maid's.

Urotsuki wields a chainsaw just like the sugar maid.

In yume 2kki and .flow there is a balcony area in the dream world that are the same. Except that in 2kki its sunset and there's a giant girl's silhouette looking into the distance, and in .flow its morning and its a man looking into the distance, both these areas look like the ending area where Sabitsuki gets killed by the maid. (no picture for those tough, sorry, but I've seen it around)


File: 1317508334440.jpg (52.33 KB, 450x283, yes-word.jpg)


File: 1317509331184.png (67.73 KB, 1280x480, 1304803751601.png)


sorry, but I don't have the 2kki one


File: 1317510390457.jpg (39.02 KB, 704x396, hayate11_02.jpg)

lolrust is all about the YN shoutouts
oddly though his pixiv showed no evidence of his ever having played Y2
there were plenty drawings of madotsuki and a couple of usotsuki but none of urotsuki that i remember seeing

haven't played Y2 myself so i won't argue on the balcony stuff
but i'd like to say that while the similarities are striking, they seem to be wearing a pretty standard maid outfit


THEORY: Sabitsuki once had amputations, which are what the Tumbling Doll and Machine effects represent.


Tumbling Doll represents how Sabitsuki is afraid of amputation. Machine represents her love of machines (given the machine theme in the game)



Double post because

Anyway, has anyone noticed that to become Rust you have to use the computer while already using it? Flowing when flowing?

So maybe the "real world" after becoming Rust isn't really the real world, but still Sabitsuki's mind, and the other world is Rust's mind now, and the endings aren't really real!

OK that was really far-fetched. Anyways thoughts?


File: 1317525613398.png (108.53 KB, 273x273, tumblr_lnzmwtztCS1qiigquo1_…)

Consider this;

After the endgame, Sabi wakes up in her room. However, she wakes up from the bed before getting killed by the meidobot (yes I know it's a maid in a gasmask but meidobot sounds better)

If Sabi was asleep at the computer and she woke up in her bed, that can only mean her getting killed at the end was a dream.




It's really interesting! But if the ending's a dream, then what's with the x2 flow thing?


Oh my god editing ability where are you.
Why am I forced to double post so much

To add to what >>131 said, any blood spots or such things that you make appear after flow, disappear when you wake up in the ending.



i remember we discussed sabitsuki's limbs at length from http://uboachan.net/archive/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1656 onward

but for fun: rust is sabitsuki's underdeveloped twin, still physically present in sabitsuki's feet. talk of replacing sabitsuki's parasitic feet with prosthetic ones plagues her through childhood and adolescence. rust's personality occasionally consumes sabitsuki, resulting in streaks of violent behavior. cleaners are eventually dispatched to sever rust from sabitsuki's body completely. via chainsaw amputation
just a small part of the theory i've been writing up, which is more fun than it is likely



I can't wait to hear your theory :D



And why would we assume she's asleep at the computer when it's so much simpler to assume she'd been asleep at her bed all along?



If it really all had been a dream

Why does Cleaner still appear in the end?

.flow is so goddamn confusing I don't even


you approach .flow like YN, with the impression that everything in sabitsuki's mind is a twisted exaggeration of fairly normal stuff from her waking life

in this way .flow has a sort of twist ending

with the appearance of a real life cleaner bent on dismembering you, you realize that some or all of the horrible things sabitsuki dreamed about are very possibly real


File: 1317589702627.jpg (48.29 KB, 512x384, 2908338_m.jpg)

I haven't seen anyone mention this pic lol made.

It probably doesn't mean anything, but I still wonder why lol likes drawing Sister in so many badass pictures even though she does practically nothing in the game. And she almost always has that knife (Yume Nikki fandom?).

I also kind of wonder if the person in this drawing is actually Sister, because her hair is similar but her clothes are different. The person in this other pic appears to be the same person> [link=]http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=2841263[link/]

Wouldn't it be interesting if this was actually the "dying girl"? Oh the implications!

ps. If links don't work, it's because I don't know how to do them on Uboachan. (-_-)


Geez. Okay I might as well post links to the other pics with Sister (or someone I THINK is Sister) in them.
Common tags (translated with Google Translate) are: little girl, girl, kitchen knife, and original character. They all show up at least twice.

Sister(?) in long black attire

Sister (?) in some allyway(?)

Sister (?) with some white thing

Sister (?) with bloody knife

[posibly] Sister with knife

Sister sitting somewhere with knife

Sister in art titled "[sister]"

Sister art

more Sister art


File: 1317594267102.png (9.17 KB, 121x161, needs some sun.png)

a link to an "interview" with lolrust was posted on the old uboachan right before the switch. in it he explained that he created a mockup game for a YN fangames thread, consisting of this rather plain-looking girl, her room, and a few effects. but she is not rust; she precedes the story of which rust is the protagonist

if you consider the artistic process, it's very possible that when the more distinguished-looking rust took center stage, he recycled the first character's design to make sister, probably simply because he liked it and wanted to keep it as part of the story. i say this because he draws sister a lot more often than he draws sabitsuki. anyway the outfit is your only way of knowing whether it's pre-rust or sister

as for why she's always drawn so badass, well, i've yet to see a girl he hasn't drawn that way. he seems to have a thing for yandere


File: 1317594485846.png (17.65 KB, 320x240, flow.png)

and let's not forget this



You SERIOUSLY need to read the old thread. SERIOUSLY


well that goes for everybody



It does but Silver takes the cake. I'm tired of seeing her surprise-filled comments about things that have been discussed to exhaustion already

To answer >>114

-The girls are located in the Body area
-The Body area is plastered with Smile's smile (no pun intended)
-Smile and Sister are related for obvious reasons
-The girls and Sister share a very similar appearance, except for the disheveled hair


not as bad as people disregarding the old thread entirely and haphazardly posting done-to-death theories as if they were completely new

>>To answer >>114
and you read why i think those very same bits of evidence point toward the black-haired girl being sabitsuki's (and smile's) mother



"These"? No. I've read about how you think the presence of Smile's smile in the Body area is an indicator of a relation between Smile and the Body area, which you assume is Mother's body

Then I've read about how you think the bloody smile area is Sabitsuki's area, for whichever reason that may be. And since we're talking about it, this would only make sense if the black haired girl was Smile's and Sabitsuki's daughter, not mother. Not to mention you forgot to tell us where Sister's area would be. So basically, the smile was the only one of these pieces of evidence which you have enumerated before

And right, I did read it. I've read all the posts in these threads, most more than once. So if there's something you don't know you can go right ahead and ask away


I guess we can asume pretty much everyone in .flow is some sort of phycho then, right? XP
Pretty good information you've got there by the way. =)

Here was the link to the lolrust interview in case anyone wants to see it (it's in Japanese though, of course): http://theinterviews.jp/lol_rust/769667

The post on old Uboachan said: "Recently, lol did an interview on "theinterviews.jp" and answered a question regarding where lol got the idea to start .flow. Here's the original interview (in Japanese, of course) : http://theinterviews.jp/lol_rust/769667

lol basically talks about how the opportunity came about when he found a Yume Nikki fangame thread and wanted to join, so he made a sprite for a character, room and a few effects for self-satisfaction, and the main character of that time was not originally Sabitsuki, but a black-haired girl. (pic related)

I suck at Japanese though, so if someone could make a more in-depth translation of the entire interview, that'd be great."

Copied and pasted.


File: 1317633814765.png (9.34 KB, 152x274, labor.png)

ok great it's nice to know i didn't post all that for nothing
help me understand some things

>>this would ONLY MAKE SENSE if the black haired girl was Smile's and Sabitsuki's daughter, not mother
no idea how you're looking at it, but i think that's a completely subjective matter

ok, i see the two areas as being like say, amniotic sacs. inside the same mother but personalized with the kids' motifs, like bedrooms in the same house. not to mention the presence of the different sperm that made them, if you agree that they're sperm
now when you say this more likely means that the black-haired girls are their daughter, i'm guessing you see the areas as representing traits she inherited from her parents (though the sperm thing doesn't work as well there). am i following you? because if that isn't it i have no idea what you mean

>>you forgot to tell us where Sister's area would be
i actually had it written that she's an adoptive sister. real rebellious over here what is this dude thinking
unlikely, but it capitalizes on the irony of smile's cruelty toward his own flesh and blood if he cares so much for a stranger


File: 1317635153140.png (7.13 KB, 121x214, placenta.png)


forgive me if i glossed over your argument somehow, but i'm still not seeing what makes you think the black-haired girls are sister. point 1: they're present throughout an area leading to the smile room. what about the room with all the sabitsuki stuff in it? in whose body do we find all this anyway? what about all the other places we see her? why is she in the hospital and why does her gut swell and bust open? point 2: they look sort of similar. well every normal character save for the nurse, one child, and the gardener have black hair. not to mention the ghost garden girls more closely resemble sister than the black-haired girls do and i've yet to see someone draw a line there

for the record i entertained the suspicion that the black-haired girl was sister after my initial runthrough, or at least i did not yet think that she was the mother. and sabitsuki was responsible for her stay in the hospital. and that was why smile was so violent toward her. but then i got through all the game had to offer and realized it didn't make a lot of sense

anyway i believe the fact that we never see the black-haired girl without hair in her face indicates that sabitsuki never saw her without hair in her face, if it's possible for her to be unearthing some memories she formed at birth

IMAGE: in the dead kids parade map she has blood between her legs (unless lolrust just missed a spot erasing the red)


Does anyone have a link to this article? I'd love to read it.

I also like the theory that Sabitsuki had an abortion, and the 'corrupted leg amputation' theory is really crazy.


A Computer is used to access "flow", but okay, what is actually going on? Is this supposed to be like surfing on the web, because it doesn't feel like it at all. Is she playing video games, is she dreaming?
The abstract nature of the worlds you explore do not appear (to me) to match up with the paraphernalia.



Search the old thread next time


There's no consensus on what she's doing, and opinions range from surfing the web to binaural beats to everything's-a-dream-and-the-computer-is-symbolical, but from that post it's possible to see she's looking at the same screen we see during the countdown. Make what you will from that


The link was posted already at >>154
But here it is again for the lazy: http://theinterviews.jp/lol_rust/769667
Again though, it's in Japanese.

Here's a rough translation via the translator at Dictionary.com:

[i]Like this. Thank question.

Thread was not found by chance to make a dream diary ish game. Of course I wanted to join, so join at that time abandoned the technology was no technology to a dot Maker, began making presentations to practice the ish alone without a dream diary. It. Is like a prototype of the title before arriving flow. Dot and rooms with character, just finished making a few complacency effect. Incidentally, the hero of that time with no rust, black-haired girl was.

Then, go 2 dream diary is busy, the technology at that time I also thought that it was about to join some wear, often gave up knowing how to get involved. At that time, the game was released ish personal dream diary to residents, one of the thread. The game has now disappeared. Look at the game, trying to do to make people think I'm a Better yet, change the hero, like re-create the effect. Was entitled Daewoo p flow. What looks like.

Long and I'm sorry. Thank you.[/i]


Thanks I didn't know there was a link for the uboachan archives.


File: 1318069452880.png (11.93 KB, 220x213, 220px-Skull_and_crossbones….png)

What if Sabitsuki have a phtisis? Maybe some strange form, and it is explains a lot. Gas-mask maids, rust (you know, phtisis is much like rusting lungs). On locations the only people are Doctor and Nurse (Oreneko is kinda protected from diseased air, or imaginary)
Should i proceed?


File: 1318330020385.png (1.27 KB, 71x57, S.png)

>Daughter, not mother

Because a daughter's DNA would be half his and half hers. Not that I believe she's her daughter at all

>Amniotic sacs

I'll respect your take on that


No, I don't agree that's sperm. Unless there's a particular reason to think she'd have sperm smeared all over her insides

>Room with all the Sabitsuki stuff in it

Can't say I've seen anything on the sort

>Whose body this is

The black haired girl's, of course. Regardless of whoever she is. Also note the picture I attached, as you can see there that the multitude of black haired girls aren't the same as the main one


It's not hard to see she's suffering from a horrible condition by the looks of what happens to her. And she's not in just any hospital, she's in the testing facility "hospital", with all the little Kaibutsus locked away and dying

>Gut swelling

Her gut was already swollen. All I've seen was it dissolving. And for that matter, it's not just her lower abdomen that dissolves, her face does too

>They look alike

Well yes they do. And while there's a lot of black-haired characters in the game, Sister's the only one that looks anything like the black-haired girl while also sharing several common points

>Ghost girl being ignored

Well that's because she's about as low-key a character as there can be

>Smile is violent towards Sabitsuki

How so? I've never seen Smile attacking Sabitsuki except in what is arguably legitimate self-defense

>Covered face on the black-haired girl

It's a valid opinion. I wouldn't expect anyone in her state to have nicely combed hair, though. And we do see her face, which is unfortunately melting at the time


I've noticed that before. But why are you pointing it out?


The old thread sais it's 404'd. Anybody know if theres a way I can see it?



They've changed the archive's domain. The old thread's address is now http://archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/1097.xhtml


File: 1318677974159.jpg (145.65 KB, 1024x768, 22389014.jpg)

Now, I'm far too busy to go searching for supporting evidence in the actual game, but this pic makes me think that perhaps Smile's sister is actually Sabi and Smile's kid. Perhaps there was some kind of dispute which led to a break up. They're still very hostile towards each other, hence why they kill each other in those school events. And like how Sabi has some rust stuff on her shoulder, maybe Smile's bandages cover up his infection from the child in order to not make her worry. I'm also thinking that the reason that lol draws her so much is because the real victim of the story is her. We play as Sabitsuki, and we learn about her, but perhaps this child is who REALLY suffers most of anyone else since Sabi dies(?) and Smile is probably not far off from either death or becoming a Kaibutsu, leaving the child completely alone in a hostile world. Of course, that is assuming that there is a fair deal of reality in Sabi's dream world (although I honestly think it's more like a feverish hallucination and less like a dream like the other fangames).

Or perhaps I'm reading too much into it. Anyway, that's just some food for thought for ya guys.


Where is that pic from?


It's from Pixiv, the artist is nabuta.


Then it's not official, so why are you reading so much into it?


Fanart =/= official, just like above said. Smile and Sabi look kind of young to be having kids, too; in lol's art they kind of look in their teen years.


File: 1318888076438.png (98.84 KB, 480x640, 1308549058350.png)

this is a random question, but does anyone else think that, maybe, sabitsuki isn't physically sick?

i know it practically verges on canon, the idea of her being ill so popular, and it holds a lot of water consideringly, but i happen to not think so, and was wondering if anyone else had similar views?


Oh, why not?


File: 1318893301821.jpg (1.01 MB, 1275x1724, 1300122227533.jpg)


i saw the hospitals and bleeding and distorted self image and viscera level stuff more metaphorically? for isolation in general. i really dug the whole organic vs. mechanical, man vs. nature motif and i sort of see the game as the conflict on the whole, the inability for those two things to be in harmony.

or whatever.

she could be sick, i dunno.



It's possible. My view on the whole matter tended to focus much more on the psychological part of her condition, but I didn't discount the physical part either. That being said, it's not impossible that the physical symptoms exist due to (hypothetical) physical stress her condition is placing on her

For example: It's mostly agreed upon that she becomes a Kaibutsu in the end. If, for some reason, whatever changes a Kaibutsu undergoes disrupt the limits which are imposed on your muscle strength, which would in turn end up causing grievous injuries. Not that I believe any of this, mind you. Just providing a plausible explanation


Hmm. I click all these archive links and all i get is "all you had to do was follow the goddamn links" stuff. Why so?


>>all you had to do was follow the goddamn links
the archive has since been moved and we can't edit our posts


Wow, that was the last thing I'd expect from .flow fanart.


New headcanon: Sabi and the Kaibutsu suffer from a disease that lowers their white blood count. Alternatively the Kaibutsu represent white blood cells in Sabi's mind and she was the virus the whole time.


sabi is the demons


File: 1320970108614.png (3.4 KB, 268x186, sister.png)

Alright, I know this may be a bit far-fetched, but did you ever think that Sister and the shadow man can be related somehow?

They have pretty much the same behavior: both of them hide behind something when Sabi is near, both of them lean at basically the same angle, neither of them can be damaged with the pipe, and neither of them can be interacted.

Or maybe the shadow man is not even a separate entity, but Sister's shadow? This would make the prison area way less creepy, although it's unclear what is she doing in that area, or how did she get there…


File: 1321112332670.png (614.01 KB, 641x991, Wizard.png)

I was walking the Slum to get to the School to change my Menu.

I got to thinking about the Uniform effect. It's largely accepted that Sabitsuki becomes a Kaibutsu at the end of her run, and it's also largely accepted that the Kaibutsu, who also wear the uniform, are also victims of Rust, or unstudied treatments for Rust, or some other medical disaster pertaining to Sabitsuki's condition.

I was sitting in the shower today, trying to dream up some sort of scenario kind of akin to Dan Kim's "Kanami", where Sabitsuki would be like…A patient Smile visited, who slowly becomes disenchanted and obsessive as he begins to focus more on his sister. It seemed to be a kind of neat way, if not a thoroughly plagiarized way, to view it. Either way, I got pretty hooked in the idea of the Uniform, and how in Katawa Shoujo, they not only wear uniforms but attend a special-needs school. I thought it could be good material, but I wound up just beating the notion back and forth and thought to propose it here.

Perhaps the Corrupted School is figuratively a "Sick School" - a special needs school for Rust patients?

I guess that doesn't account for Smile's lack of a uniform. He seems like a bit of a rough character though - maybe he's kind of an abrasive student, and refuses to wear it? I don't know.

Maybe, while still in the first stages of illness, she also infected Smile, which is why he's in the Corrupted School as well. If he blames Sabitsuki for his illness, that might explain why he attacks her upon encountering him. Doesn't explain why the Pipe effect is automatically restored upon entering the cellar, though.

Conjecture, conjecture.


has it never been suggested that smile may have been expelled

or didn't even attend that school in the first place


I really like how you posted a picture of rin from KS. Just needed to say that.


Hi. Some of this may be done-to-death, some not so much, bear with me.

First of all, re: school uniforms, it's been confirmed Smile is a boy and all Kaibutsu are girls right? that could explain the different outfits.

anyway, my take on a lot of .flow is that Sabi is literally searching her repressed memories through train of thought.

the neon electronic world is one of the "surface" areas, one you can reach immediately without having to search. it's full of light and noise and electronic beeps.

then you find the gate, and the music softens. you walk across a heart, and an undulating pattern that leads to… the heart monitor. and strange wiggly-looking things coming in from the sides.

the electronic sounds evoke the memory of the sound her own heart monitor made, as unknown appendages (doctors?) touched her from the darkness. and memory links go on from here, lest something chase you out and make you give up your train of thought. (flow, I guess.) anyone have anything contradictory to this?

last thing: I believe the Kaibutsu are imagined creations of Sabitsuki's mind meant to mask HERSELF. in the corrupted school, all of the kaibutsu have Sabi's hair and some (all?) are carrying the infamous pipe. and of course, Smile kills Sabi with a hammer. Perhaps the way she wished it had ended.

however, the second time around as Rust has them all die and become blood demons. it could be corruption, certainly, or it could be DISPELLING THE LIES SABI TOLD HERSELF.

at the end of the run, Sabitsuki is in the uniform and murders Smile with a pipe. the way it always really happened.

that's why Smile laughs as you bring out the pipe. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES… before you murdered him.

that murder, of someone who seemed to be a friend or at least someone respectable, is possibly what Sabitsuki is running from. something she's frightened of, a dangerous girl with a pipe wearing a school uniform (bar kaibutsu!). that girl is Rust, the forgotten self.

long post is long, 'pologies. by all means, pick me apart on this, but I think there's more supporting evidence out there too.


hello, /flow/.
I have a couple theories to share (they have probably been said before, I'm just putting my own spin on things)
First of all, Sabi is diseased. I think we all get that. I think (prior to the game) she attempted suicide, which is why she had to go to the hospital. Now, I don't know if any of you guys have been hospitalized after a big trauma like that, but it is freaking scary.
Waking up in an unfamiliar place, being confused, alone and afraid… god, it's creepy.
(The next part might not make sense, I'm just generalizing my fanfic, sorry)
Sabi met Oreko in the hospital and they became friends. The hospital was a fucking scary place. The nurses would not allow them to leave. For Sabi and Oreko to meet, they had to go somewhere secret. Underwater.
Whatever this place actually was, it was pure and happy, unlike every other area in the game. This was the only place Sabi felt at peace.
Following a theory on the old thread, I think some shit went down and Sabirsuki allowed Oreko to replace her organs with mechanical parts. (Tumbling doll, viscera, Machine, etc.)
Oreko, being unpracticed, was not able to acquire anesthesia or anything like it, so Sabi had to suck it up and look at her insides.
After time, Oreko and Sabi had a close bond. Then, Oreko died. She sometimes wore Oreko's diving helmet in memory of her. I think the Dress effect is somehow related, as the dotflow wiki states it is a "mourning dress".
Ghost effect, maybe she wanted to disappear like a ghost, or become a ghost to be with Oreko, or hell, maybe she just wanted to see the afterlife that way.
Arm effect, duh. Monoko.
Black hood. Maybe Sabs was in a gang of some sort at one point? Or maybe it was her security blanket, like Madotsuki's towel.
Witch effect. I think this is another reference to YN.
Corpse. Maybe this is again, a sign of her death wish, or maybe another YN reference.
Gas mask. This one's tough. Maybe all the "Rust" patients had to, at one time, wear a gas mask to protect themselves from the harsh chemicals they were producing? (Does that even make sense?)
Handgun, an attempt to get peoples' attention, perhaps?
Headphones. Music was Sabi's escape while in the hospital/school/other areas. Kind of like what I said for the hood, maybe a security blanket kind of thing.
Mono eye. HELL IF I KNOW.
Plant. This one has always intrigued me. Sabi's desire to be simple and thoughtless, like a plant.
Psychedelic, YN reference.
Slime. HELL IF I KNOW. I blame Oreko.
Steel Pipe. Obv just her weapon. Why she has it, I don't think I'll ever know. It was just the only thing she could find to defend herself…
Tattoo, her desire to be like Smile.
Television. I DON'T KNOW AT ALL.
Uniform is her fear of becoming a Kaibutsu. She knows it'll happen, and soon at that…
Watering can is maybe related to plant. Maybe Sabi liked plants.
Whistle. Maybe, like handgun, an attempt to get attention.


(Writer of above post here. Continuing.)
Now for the characters. (Except Oreko, she already got her paragraph!)

Smile 'n Sister.
Smile was once her schoolfriend. The school for diseased children. Sabi was always jealous of Sister. She wanted to be close to Smile, too. (hence tattoo effect)
I think both Smile and Sister have Kuru (the laughing disease) for obvious reasons in Smile and because Kuru is also called "shiver"…

Sabi's diseased self. She's scared of herself, what she might become.. Rust…

I've seen theories saying that all the Kaibutsu are girls, but I'd like to disagree. I think the Kaibutsu with the eyes visible in his "crazy form" or whatever you silly .flow people call it, is a boy. I don't know why.
Pigtail mouth face is female, and the other one is genderfluid, I guess.
Maybe the one with the pipe that chases Sabi (there may be multiple ones, but they all look the same to me) had some kind of conflict with Sabi.

Alright. They scare me. A lot. They're just generally creepy. I believe they are the nurses to the Rust patients and needed to wear gas masks in precaution to X.

Viscera girls
I wish I had something to say about them… I just don't know.

Also, adding this on.
Sabitsuki has white hair due to brain damage, as something of the sort can cause new hairs to grow out white (thanks, old thread). Or maybe it's an effect of Rust.
And one more thing about Smile. I think Sabs & Smile did some srs shit in the past. Maybe they did drugs and ran around in black hoods fucking shit up and laughed about it the next day at school.
Also. Sabi lives in her "special" school. The school and the hospital are in relation to each other and Sabi is required to live on the premises because she is the last living Rust patient… The Kaibutsu are merely dead Rust patients haunting her daydreams, warning her of what she will become. Kaibutsu have no thoughts. They will destroy anything in their path for no reason. It is their nature, the effect of Rust.
I really don't know what else to say.


Since it came up twice in such a short time, I'll just post this for future reference. The Kaibutsu's genders are unknown. The only thing that could confirm their genders at this point would be art from lol depicting them, and (at least up until very recently, as I haven't checked) there is none



That would be the most logical thing, but there are some people around who will tell you that you're wrong, they will try to explain you that if you look at the Kaibutsu sprites, they are obviously wearing skirts, so they are all female.

On the .flow wiki, someone even mentioned that lol confirmed in an interview that the Kaibutsu are female.

I checked all the interviews with lol, but I found nothing about this, so yeah…


So uh

Did That Guy ever end up posting his full theory or what? If he did I missed it.



I know, I know. I remember some guy called Silverine went ahead and posted that info as fact

It's sad, to say the least, that one would simply decide to post that kind of completely unconfirmed information on a public knowledge repository simply because that's what they believe to be true


His last few posts make it look like he was a bit reluctant to post his theory, because he thought there were some holes left to fill. But I guess this was a good while ago so I don't know if he'll ever end up posting it at all


I didn't know such a retarded thing was present in the Kaibutsu page. It's been edited out now


Theory: If Sabitsuki woke up at the ending in bed, perhaps the rest of the game - collecting effects and such - was a lucid dream, or Sabitsuki was a sleepwalker.


Dunno if anyone else came up with this one, but, maybe Sabi is albino?

…I don't know anything about albinos other then they got white hair and red eyes. :"I



It's possible. It came up before, but in the end we just can't really assume anything seeing as so little information is given to us about that particular event. It's also possible the whole game was real, and only that ending was a dream, of course


There's no reason to think otherwise. Although, since she shares those characteristics with the remaining Kaibutsus (and they have a good deal of characteristics that are more relevance than their white hair) it could be that their appearance is but a side-effect of whatever they have/they are


Does anyone have any theories on what the ending walk may symbolize?


i saw a theory like this ealier, but it may be Sabitsuki walking through her memories. i think this cause it applies to my own personal take on the game.


I just saw the true ending of .flow and I'm still trying to process everything…
Maybe the sickness was taking over her so fast that they had to amputate her legs to keep it from spreading?
Then the walk at the end - that could be her revisiting her memories of all the people she met while being sick, people that were important to her, people that made a big impact on her…

The girl in the diving mask always stuck me as a little sister figure. Or, maybe she was a little girl at the hospital that drown or some sort of combination of the two.


I'm a little tired of seeing the same old "SABITSUKI IS SICK" theories, does anyone have any theory that may be different from that?


Maybe Sabitsuki was hurt by someone in some way? And she let it rot in her gut and it eventually wore away at her mental health until she started hurting the people close to her.



Read the old theory thread and you'll see some theories that either explain her sickness or aren't centered around her being sick at all


The old theory board link is broken.



Though since you haven't even read this thread, expecting you to read the gigantic old one is probably too much


so much love in this thread


Pretty sure she IS albino, after all the cat effect gives her red eyes.


I think it's worth noting that in the Rust chapter, the TV channel is always the Kaibutsu. (when in .flow of course)


Has anyone thought that the part of the plant labyrinth with the hospital children, is part of the hospital overgrown by plants or something?


Have a theory

The Music/Neon world is Sabi's love of music. However, it starting damaging her brain and she had to take pills to help her condition (the red-blue pill world). She eventually had to go to hospital (the area after that) for a while, but then she caught a disease (the Bone Maze) and then it became a cancer (the screaming beast after that).
Eventually she was taken from the hospital and transferred to the alleyway hospital near the sewer bar (Sugar Hole?) (because beast > sewer > bar > alley > hospital).



Alternate theory: Sabi is a candyfreak and the combination of the pill world and neon world represent her getting tweaked as shit at a rave.


File: 1325041420141.png (5.42 KB, 288x256, イベン&#….png)

you guys
you guys

she still has arms in the ending



Yeah… But what are you trying to say, exactly?



she's not a quadruple amputee i guess

maybe the tumbling doll was metaphorical
and maybe it's not quite a limb ish disease as more of something in her brain or just general flesh-eating bacterium

does the corpse effect not come into play anywhere in theories? because i think that could be a damn good shot in the dark.


I always thought the corpse effect was representative of how she wanted to die, or something along those lines.


alone in a cell


A huge, creepy pitch black void of a cell, yes.



I know, but it kind of could even out with how she might picture herself after fully "rusting" or something


Blah, maybe someone mentioned this but; I always thought the corpse you get the effect from kind of sort of looks like Sister.

Everybody in Sabituki's memories are probably dead anyways, so I've got no theories on that…Then again, that Cleaner Maid was alive…(-_-)


That's a possibility.

Though that might mean that Kaibutsu become corpses after a while, if you look at it that way…


>corpse looks like Sister
Is it just me or does everyone think everything looks like Sister in this game? :/

>everyone's dead except Cleaner
I doubt Smile and Sister are. The Kaibutsu probably are (depends how you look at it).


i'd say the corpse is about the natural aftermath of death

which is to say decomposition
not so much anything to do with sabitsuki's unique condition

she finds people rotting in JAIL cells near an EXECUTION platform manned by REAPERS who take them to HELL

personally i think she has something to feel guilty about


> kaibutsu turn into corpses
Don't we all, someday? XP
But to the point; I think it goes well with the theories where "Rust" is some disease that the Kaibutsu have which shortens their life spans (or something to that effect).

> everything looks like sister
In my opinion, yes; well almost everything. She seems to be very important to lol (that's how I see it anyways).

> Smile and Sister still alive
I'd like to think so, and I guess it's definitely possible. Sometimes I just get an "it's all over vibe" from .flow; which may or may not traslate to everyone being either dead or distant.
The event where you get to ATTACK Smile kind of makes me think he COULD be dead.
And of course that corpse makes me think that Sister is dead (assuming that the corpse is actually Sister).
These things might just be metaphors though. Hmm.


Speaking of the dungeon, has anyone noticed that there is a prisoner resembling Sabitsuki in there…? (If this has been said before then I'm sorry)

>feeling guilty about something
Oh god that place scared me out of my skin. And the music D:

I don't actually have any theories on that place. May need to visit it again… (brr)


>becoming corpses
Of course!
And I don't think I've heard any theories about Kaibutsu having shortening lifespans - that's pretty interesting!

>Sister is important
I think she may be representative of lol's sister, which is why she seems to appear everywhere (after all family is important)

>Smile dead
I'm actually inclined to agree with this… though I love Smile.



Ah, I see. I don't think many people believed in the whole amputation think in the first place, though


There's also the original Corrupted School event where Smile attacks us, and yet Sabitsuki is still alive (or at least was until a chainsaw-wielding maid cut her legs off)


It has been said, and quite frankly it's more than just resemblance in my opinion


>lifespan shortening theories


Read That Guy's posts, especially the ones nearing the end where he discussed stuff with hello


Does he actually have a sister though?


I really need to re-read the old theory thread again. (I'm not really too keen on it though since the first part is all BODY CANCER and body stuff makes me sick)

This thread mentions he has a sister.


> smile attack/ed
I guess I'm thinking that Rust would be more lethal than Smile for some reason. xD
There was that theory though, I think I remember seeing, which mentions that maybe the original Corrupted School event is how Sabitsuki wishes that event turned out; and that the Rust version is how it really happened.


i believed
the original event was how it really happened and the new event was a revenge fantasy


About Smile being dead (in an earlier post) … I think that Sabi herself may not know, so it doesn't show the conclusion of the Corrupted School event in her mind. I think that the Corrupted School event as Rust is how it really happened, and the normal version of the event is a reflection of her guilt over losing control and hitting him. (Maybe he pissed her off and she went into some sort of Kaibutsu rage, idk - and so, after that she may have gone to the hospital because of it, and still doesn't know if Smile is alive or dead)
urgh sorry for barging in and general noob-ness, never posted in this thread before


> revenge fantasy
Geez! I don't why, but that's just scary.

What does that mean for the other stuff that happens in the Rust chapter though (if Rust's corrupted school event was only a fantasy)?
Not that I can remember many events being there besides the empty boxes.


guys guys

the answers to these questions all depend on what you think is the difference between rusty and rust

so what are your thoughts on that don't be shy


Eh? Care to elaborate, please?


What do you think sabi (rusty) and rust are. Who's good, what are their goals if any, their personalities, stuff like that.

I fell irreversibly in love with this theory when I read about it on the old thread.
It just worked for me, it made sense.

Does anyone have an email address or something where I can get a hold of That Guy? I was wondering about how the rest of his theory went.


Well, I probably see Rust as being good half the time because you kill a DEMON Sabitsuki in the Rust chapter. But again, it may just be a metaphor or something, and maybe a "demon" is just how Sabitsuki looks from Rust's point of view.
And I'm still trying to decide on if Rust is more like a second personality or just a metaphor for a disease (or both, possibly); or something else I'm not thinking of.

It's hard for me to think of how Sabitsuki could be the "bad guy" (unless she's being it unknowingly), since it doesn't appear that she is using flow for anything bad; I'm still not sure why she's using it in the first place though (and I still haven't read all of the old theory thread).

So in the end, it looks like I think Rust AND Sabitsuki are both good (…half the time)…hmm…

I have no idea where That Guy is; I've been wondering (maybe he's working on that theory right now, =P ).
He pretty much disappeared when new Uboachan was made, as far as I know (not that I would know much).
I don't know how to contact him.


>>Does he (lol) actually have a sister though?

"my older sister made sabitsuki"


sorry actually it's more like "sabitsuki that my older sister made" but whatever japanese + no editing


Well then… I think Sabi is good, and Rust is sort of "neutral"… I think of her as Sabi's "fighting" side - Sabi seems to be not really fighting her fate or illness, whereas Rust appears to be doing just that; however how she pulls off her "fighting" is rather questionable, which is where the "neutral" aspect of it comes in.

In the end though I think she may be good, since she kills off the useless Sabi, then takes over her body. Basically a metaphor for putting the cowardly part of you behind and trying to be stronger - Rust was the one who thrived to be "strong" and beat the illness, and Sabi was the weak one who couldn't do anything about it.

That's just my 2 cents.


Here's something that I haven't seen anyone bring up yet.

In the endgame, after Rust gets torn up by the red creatures walking down the hallway, after she goes through the last door, in the final room, there are two bloodied up girls (Sabitsuki and Rust, obviously), but it's unclear which one you are controlling. Let me explain.

The final room has no clear doorways, and either the north or south side could be the entrance. There are two possible outcomes, neither is definite (you can't differentiate by the shading this time either, since both of the girls look identical in this room):

1. Sabitsuki was already in the room on the north side, paralyzed by unexplained reasons. Rust just entered the room from the south side. Rust beats Sabitsuki to death.
2. Rust just entered the room from the north side, paralyzed from the beatings of the red creatures. Sabitsuki was already in the room on the south side. Sabitsuki beats Rust to death.


File: 1325315654133.png (6.73 KB, 288x256, 錆3.png)

Not sure 2 would work given the sprites here of Rust wielding a steel pipe.

Although here's a thing that bugs me - if Rust never came in with a steel pipe, where did the steel pipe come from?


Hmm. Well, in Rust's corrupted school event, Rust gains not only the pipe but the uniform when you make it to Smile.
So, I guess Rust can manifest items out of thin air. xD

That's pretty interesting, but I think I have to agree with what Silver said in >>597.
Geez, that WAS a pretty interesting theory (I liked it anyways).


Maybe it's a set for Rust's events and not Rust specifically? Aren't there characters besides Smile in Smile's spritesheet as well?
Besides, Sabitsuki and Rust BOTH look like Rust in that room.


File: 1325384008328.png (9.73 KB, 210x155, TOTALLYDIFFERENT.png)

to quote myself from the old theory thread

>>the appearance sabitsuki [rust] takes when she's one more red demon away from her head exploding is actually pretty different from that of the sabitsuki she attacks. a side by side comparison: regular sabitsuki's [rust's] flesh melts away and she can't stand up straight. idle sabitsuki appears to be bleeding only from the forehead, perhaps the mouth. while both seem to have horns, idle sabitsuki's are more pronounced than ever. it's as though they have emerged from her forehead independently of any sort of decay, with some resultant bleeding. regular sabitsuki's [rust's] horns are small and look more like they became exposed simply because the flesh around them started peeling away.

and then i talked about what that meant to me blah blah


I just made a spooky connection. I'm sure it's just coincidence, but still.

Sabitsuki is one of the diclonius.

She broke off her horns at an early age, but still dreams about them as if they're a parasite.

Rust represents her latent impulse to exterminate humankind.

Sabitsuki reaches the age where her impulse begins to take over when she gives up her effects and becomes Rust. Rust kills the clean version of Sabitsuki in the final dream. Her impulse takes over her mind in the end.

The cleaner (gas mask maid) was sent to exterminate her. Sabi recognizes a human, her killing impulse activates. No horns, so she can't use her vectors. She just smiles and approaches the cleaner with the sole intent to kill, completely ignoring the chainsaw.


Wow, this is so interesting! I love this theory already.


The game is really ambiguous on who Rust is and who you're actually controlling when the Rust chapter starts, so I looked through the old thread to find this ( http://archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1954 ). It really got my attention and I hadn't noticed it before I read the post.
Basically it said that during the Rust chapter while in the real world you're controlling Rust, who looks like the menu sprite, but in the dreamworld, your sprite isn't like the menu sprite. So it makes sense that you're controlling Sabi when you're inside the dreamworld.

I've actually found That Guy on youtube some days ago, and have been messaging him regularly. I can ask him if he doesn't mind me posting his username. Either way he told me a yesterday he'd be back here in 2 weeks when he's done with his exams, so it's up to you whether you want it anyway or not.


I think that was a pretty good theory you had there on the old Uboachan, hello. People should check it at

And the reason I like it is because it mentions a third Sabitsuki; one that smiles and kills things. I have never thought of such a thing being separate from regular Sabitsuki and Rust (though technically it's not separate).


thanks but i've refined it since then

it's more like the third entity is a demon intended to take control of rusty's body. it might have happened to the other albino children too if they'd lived long enough. but rust, who could be either a violent alter ego or a parasitic twin, takes the demon by surprise and stops it

i've got almost all the details pretty much worked out but eh keeping it to myself for now and possibly ever


That's great then! Thanks but no, don't bother him. Uni exams… are hell. With any luck he'll post it when he comes back anyway, and if not I can just ask him then :3.


Something I noticed in the game - in the "past" version of the Parade ward of the hospital, there are absolutely no kids with black hair, (except the black-haired girl of course).

It's certainly something to think about…


I'm actually making a fanfic out of my theory: Viscera(The giant woman in the blue dress that you visit to get one of the .GET boxes, and the melting girls event), Gas Mask Maid, and Sister are all the same person. When they were little, Sabitsuki, Smile, Gabe, Oreko, Flower Girl and Machine Girl were kidnapped by Viscera, a sadist who liked to torture children. The place she took them to was called the Parade(When you go through the elevator that leads to the dying children corridors, "PARADE" is written in blood), where she took children to torture them. Eventually, the six decided to attack Viscera. Sabitsuki decided to sacrifice herself and be the only one to attack Viscera so the other five could escape. Sabitsuki used her pipe to slash Viscera's stomach open, and Viscera died. Four of the five others had escaped, but one had been left behind- Gabe. Sabitsuki had escaped after killing Viscera. Viscera had come back to life, but only after Sabitsuki had escaped. She then continued to attack Gabe for afew years before he could finally escape too. Viscera was getting old and slowly became unable to move, and so she possessed two bodies- the newborn sister of Smile, and the waitress who worked at Gabe's favorite cafe. She used her closeness with them to persuade them into becoming assassins for her, which is why Smile attacks Sabitsuki in the Corrupted School event, and Gabe attacks Sabitsuki when attacked. Smile doesn't want to, but he does so he won't be betraying his sister. But Gabe WANTED to. He feels that he was left behind because of Sabitsuki, and that's why he was tortured. The Kaibutsu(Gabe is not one) are the tortured children who never escaped, and were forced to be assassins as well. Oreko, after escaping, was too scared to live a normal life, and so decided to hide in the sea. Eventually, the Kaibutsu are replaced by Demons, because Viscera wants to send Sabitsuki to hell, and it is a warning to her. Finally, she catches and kills her. What you don't see in the game is that, she gives them to the fishing man at the bottom of the staircase, because he is a demon, and drags them to hell. They each get their own personal hell, except for Gabe, for being so obedient(Smile was extremely hesitant to become an assassin). Sabitsuki goes to a miniature hell(This hell can be found right beside the fishing man, just go to the space right under him and then use the broom effect and go one space left), Oreko goes to a nothingness(This is the place where you see spirit Oreko), the Machine Girl goes to the white beach, the Flower girl is tied up in vines forever, and Smile is trapped in a classroom. Rust is Viscera's projected soul, or else someone controlling Viscera from the start.


Smile is a reference to Monoe.


Sister is actually Monoe.


How so? o.o


She picked up the creepy smiling habit from her brother, and after Sabitsuki killed him, she took up residence in a little cave in the desert.


That would only make sense if .Flow came out before Yume Nikki. Sister is never shown smiling(Other than in off-game drawings), so, it doesn't really make much sense.


Maybe .flow is a "prequel"…
I guess that would mean Monoko is Sabitsuki then; since she get's the arms effect.

I don't really think so, but the "picking up the smiling habit from her brother" thing is interesting anyways.


Monoko supposedly died from a car crash though, so how did Sabitsuki die from being sawed in half?


Perhaps not… Maybe Sabi was the driver, or merely a witness, to Monoko's death, and the Arm effect is a reflection of the event?


Still want thoughts on these

Why is the theory thread so inactive? :C


File: 1327472809986.jpg (150.9 KB, 387x600, 1.jpg)

Sister could have had a strong sweet tooth. Perhaps she could have been using Smile to get sweets? From some of lol(the creator of .Flow)'s other art, it could be possible, since she seems very violent or evil.


I feel like it could have been a lot of things that she was obsessed with, but music could be one of them. Some others could have been cats.


Since you find the gas mask there, it could be a representation of the Gas Mask Maid, who could be using her chainsaw to cut down plants.


After someone in another thread pointed out that Rust is more shaded than Sabitsuki, I got to thinking that maybe Rust was a person who was lonely(Her only friend being Oreko with the Friendship meter), and eventually, it broke her. Sabitsuki is just a shell(The less shading) of sanity, and she eventually breaks out, and goes crazy.


Most people wouldn't become controlling for the sake of sweets unless it was a REALLY out of hand addiction, so it could be something else that is just labeled sweets. Since sweets have sugar, sugar could be a code word for cocaine or drugs?


Then again, the original character in flow looked alot like sister, so this could just be the old character using soe of the old effects. Kimono and cake effects maybe?


or maybe he just wanted to draw her eating cake in a kimono


Old thread link doesn't appear to work. It keeps sending me to an error page.



continue reading you will find your answer


I've heard some theories like that Sabitsuki was in a gang. In the White Beach world, if I remember correctly, when you go to the cliff-ish place that is found when you go up from the door, you find an already destroyed monochrome corpse. Maybe the Machine Girl represents one of Sabitsuki's murders?




File: 1327631661519.png (1.43 KB, 90x155, PoisonSister.png)

After I posted a picture of this Hospital Child in the .Flow naming thread, thinking it should be named Poison, I actually got to thinking it sort of looks like Sister. Perhaps Sister was a Kaibutsu or infected with the Kaibutsu disease? She could have dyed her hair.


File: 1327632963306.png (1.89 KB, 110x160, MaidSabi.png)

Does anyone know where this sprite was used? Because, it appears to be the Maid holding Sabi's body. If it wasn't used in the game, it could mean something other than the Maid just carrying the body away. Unlikely, but still, it might be worth checking.


come back when you finish the game


I have finished the game, and I collected all the empty .GET boxes, but it was awhile ago, and I didn't remember if specifically that sprite was used.



yes, just after the amputation bit on the balcony. great fun.


Yeah, I haven't played until the end in so long, I forgot that anything happened after that part besides the credits.


File: 1327644905952.png (3.92 KB, 167x310, Blue girl.png)

Where is this found? I'm trying to find anything I can make a theory from, and I don't remember this at all.


Go into the Plant Labyrinth with all the children. There is a door leading to a white area with red puddles and an elevator leading to the past version of the Parade ward where she is. I'm not sure which door but have a look around there.



The past version of the Parade corridor. Do you remember the white area with a multitude of Kaibutsu children slowly walking to the left? That's where you'll find the entrance


Aghh, walking around and cannot find it… anyways, it must not be new, I just remembered finding a dead blue girl surrounded by children in that area instead of one in a bed.


Perhaps Sabitsuki is really annoyed with the world. Like, for example, people who sleep around. The neon city is full of pink and blue people together(Not meaning to sound sexist, but since a lot of people pick pink for girls and blue for boys, this could represent people sleeping around, or boys and girls together), and the fact that is full of buildings(They could be love hotels) and tons of signs covered in hearts. Or, it could be that she's sick of seeing all these lovey-dovey couples. Maybe she had a bad relationship. Smile could have been her boyfriend and either cheated on her(Sister is who he cheated on her with, and she could have just been a girl who he introduced as his sister to get away with it), or abused her, which is why she hates couples.



Yes, that's the one. That area with the dead girl is where the entrance to the Past Parade corridor is located


Theory: The Sugar Hole cake is actually made with human flesh. Gabe, or whatever you want to call the Sugar Hole Kaibutsu, was hired as a flesh and organ harvester, which is why he only appears every few days, to give the maid the flesh he collected. That is why during the Bar Kaibutsu event, he shoves Sabi in a dark room, which is actually an oven



>Uncertain about this theory's viability
Is it because the whole place would smell of BURNING FUCKING FLESH?


Maybe that's why there is only one customer.


You're not the only one to have that theory, and one person's response was that you can't really get the ingredients to make a cake from a person. We store very little suger in our bodies, no starch, and cakes made with lard instead of, say, butter, taste disgusting.


An italian woman in the 30s made cakes and sweets with the parts of women she killed. She used their blood and fat I think and people talked about how great her dishes were. I think she made meat pies with the rest of their flesh.
burning flesh is also said to smell like bacon. I'm not sure if i care for the SUGARHOLECAKE IS FLESH thing and it seems pretty pointless, but its a plausible thing.


The Plant Labyrinth, The School, and The Hospital Corridors are all places to stop the spread of the Kaibutsu disease. The School is full of the uneffected children(Why there appear to be way less of them than hospital children), and it is guarded by Smile. The Hospital Corridor is where the effected children go, and is guarded by the Viscera/Blue lady. The last is the Plant Labyrinth, where effected children with extremely worsened conditions go. Because the children there are so unstable, they have multiple guards: The flower kid, a sane Kaibutsu, The Gas Mask Maid(The gas mask effect is found nearby), and the Nurse. The reason I find the Plant Labyrinth would be the one for the most ill hospital children is because it is covered
in huge plants, which could possibly lock the children away easily, and there were so more characters there than most areas.
Maybe the reason there are sane Kaibutsu is because the Kaibutsu disease creates major pain to stop them from moving for awhile, and slowly takes them over with insanity. So, sane Kaibutsu can take a painkiller to help with their disease. Insane Kaibutsu were the ones who let the insanity get to them before they could take painkillers.


Not saying it means anything, but the Mono Eye sort of looks like a caved in Kaibutsu face.


I just replayed .Flow, and actually, that specific sprite only actually appears in one of the fake ends.


It actually appears at the end of the second end and in one scene of the final end


….I just replied the true ending again and realized you're right.
Maybe I need to get my memory checked.


I'm actually combining three theories I made in the past into one because I found connections.
1. Sugar Hole cake is made of Meat
2. Sabitsuki hates people who sleep around
3. Sabitsuki is a fake personality/shell of sanity that Rust, an insane person created for herself.
Someone in another thread pointed out that there are meat-hook-ish things in the Alley Way hospital, which is right beside the Sugar Hole. So, my theory is that The Doctor, the Gas Mask Maid, Gabe(Or whatever you would call the bar kaibutsu), and Rust were in a group together. They all hated the world(The theory that Rust hates people who sleep around, and many people seem to from what I have seen, so she just ends up hating the world in general), and so decided to start killing. The Doctor created a fake hospital, and would claim patients were dead, but would really just lock them away. He was extremely lazy and didn't want to kill them, so Rust, Gabe, and the Gas Mask Maid would go into the School Corridor and Plant Labyrinth(The place where he kept the patients) and kill them. The Gas Mask Maid, owning a cafe and being a skilled baker, disposed of the bodies by putting them in her cakes. Rust, becoming paranoid about being caught, and realizing that what she was doing was wrong, decided to leave the group, and attempt to return to normal society, so she started going to school. Although, the remaining members realized that she could easily tell people and get them caught, so the Gas Mask Maid and the Doctor sent Gabe to find her. Smile and his sister allowed Sabitsuki to permanently live at the school with them, but Smile eventually went insane after he learned about her past. On top of that, he was stressed about getting killed by Gabe when he found her, since Sabitsuki had already known they would eventually come looking for her. The insanity got to him, and he killed himself by jumping off the balcony(The one where you see big Smile that gives you the tattoo effect). Sister, angered by this, decided to find Gabe and tell him where she was. Gabe decided to start going to the school, although Sabitsuki was much more of a skilled fighter than him, so he could not defeat her. The Gas Mask Maid, being one of the leaders of the group, decided to attack her herself. Sabitsuki was, at that point, broken out of her shell and became Rust again, her real self, her insane self, and ran right into the chainsaw, not waiting a moment. She had only lost her arms and legs, not actually died, so they gave her robot parts, and she agreed to come back to the group, after becoming her insane self again. One day though, she tried to leave again, but she had robot parts and couldn't run very fast now, so they killed her and cooked her. That was actually the bar Kaibutsu event, the dark room he pushed her in was an oven


I forgot to put this in, but the Sabitsuki-looking patients and Kaibutsu are her memories of her victims. She was imagining herself as hospital children, and how she would feel, being so scared. And, the Kaibutsu are their bodies once they really were dead. Their bloody faces were them as they were freshly dead, and the ones with caved in faces were her memories of them being taken apart so they could be made into cake.


…Once again, I forgot to leave stuff out.
Anyways, Oreko was Rust's friend who disagreed with what she was doing, and so they drowned her. (Why she is underwater)


All these cake = flesh theories are making me sick


I know this is off topic, but I had a bit of an epiphany. I think the Cleaner may have cut Rust at the hips. I think we do see the legs at the end, but hear me out. We know the "flesh world" might represent the sickness in Sabitsuki's reproductive organs, so this may not be as far fetched?



>We know the "flesh world" might represent the sickness in Sabitsuki's reproductive organs

The same way it can mean she doesn't like dogs, perhaps. Realistically speaking though, the signs of disease are quite far apart from the uterus map


File: 1328124722941.jpg (160.52 KB, 756x1100, dorohedoro_v10_066.JPG)

If anyone here has read Dorohedoro…
tell me dem eyes ain't familiar. that tattoo has been theorized to be a gang tattoo, AND they live in -hey, get this- a rusty industrial area.
I suggest anyone who hasn't read this to go read it now, it all just hit me now.


Maybe the FC Witch is Sabitsuki's mother, since she gives her one of the most useful effects, Broom.




Ugh, accidently replied without writing anything first. Anyways, definitely gonna read this later.


The crosses on Smile's eyes represent Sabitsuki's religious beliefs. Sabi killed Smile because he was Athiest, hence why the crosses are bloody. The Kaibutsus are also religious, but Sabi believes that she's being ordered by God to kill them. The Kaibutsus chase her around to try and stop her from that, but eventually Sabi succeeds in murdering them (bloody faces). By the time that Rust takes over, she has no more conscious will or religion at all, and just turned into a killing machine.


Can I get some support/thoughts/[constructive] criticism for my two theories? Also, some of these things have may been brought up in the archives, but I would like to elaborate.

1. Split Personality Disorder
Rust is Sabitsuki's split personality. As she goes through Flow trying to recover her memories after an accident or illness, OR attempting to recover the memories of what happened when Rust took over (or insert your own theory of what flowing actually is) she begins to 'rust' from the torment, or Rust begins to fight for dominance again. Split personalities are usually created when a person cannot handle their life - their minds create another person who has ample ability to survive while the 'original' can let go. Perhaps Sabi was terminally ill, so Rust was created to shield her from fear and pain. However, Rust did terrible things. Sabi's flow adventure is trying to regain (or perhaps in the reverse, fight off) the memories of what she did as Rust. This would explain why parts of the flow world horrify Sabi. She can *feel* Rust whenever something too direct of horrible reminds her of the past. Some of the characters in the game are twisted by Rust's view, or the formation of it. Doctors, for example. If Sabi had some illness of severe injury, doctors often administer harsh, painful, but necessary tests. As her mind began to break down, the doctor became and evil existance. Many other people in her life probably would become distorted in thus manner as well.


Sorry about all the spelling mistakes; got too excited. Anyways;
I should also mention that the whole Rust-Split Personality thing would go along perfectly with a "Virus" theme. You know, creepy computer analogy.

Yes, yes, I know. A very popular theory among YN games. But hear me out: almost any drug abuse you can think of, *even* prescription drugs, can and will eventually cause severe physical damage. Organs, the nervous system, brain function… the list goes on. Perhaps Sabi is a drug abuser. The drugs may be causing her hallucinations. Have you ever seen or been a person on Pcp? Lsd? Heroin? Even Shrooms? It's not too unbelievable for a person on drugs to sit and stare at a dead computer screen, hallucinating for hours on end. Her TV doesn't work right? She doesn't have cable, why internet? Drug abuse in real life leads to quite a few shut off notices. She "rusts" as she continues to abuse the drugs that are tearing apart her body. Or, if you prefer, she may be taking the drugs to forget her past, or numb the pain of a pre-existing illness or injury. She becomes Rust after either losing it from drug abuse or after she realizes she can not break her horrible addiction; she has rusted over. Also, in a more tangible way, dried blood is very much the 'rust' of a human being. It even looks quite a bit like rust.


Some people are immune to certain diseases. Maybe thats why Smile never became infected, and thats why the kids in the school all stand around him like he's special.


Or, possibly Rust was the original person to live in the body, gained split personality, and somehow became trapped/unable to control the body anymore, being controlled by the other personality, and went insane from waiting there anymore. I'm not an expert on disorders and mental diseases though, so, this theory may be wrong that it ould actually happen. Either way, your theory was quite a bit better than mine… It makes more sense.


On top of that, prescription drugs would explain the pill-looking path area, and the hospitals.


Or, possibly, he's actually dangerous, and the school children are actually watching him to make sure he doesn't snap. He sometimes sneaks out, but, rarely. The corrupt school event was during one of those times. I don't know if that is linked to if he's immune or not, but it could be linked to why the school children stand around him all the time. Sister could have possibly been a guard who tries to follow him when he desperately needs to leave.


File: 1330642181047.jpg (30.68 KB, 700x475, HumanWithRabiesInAHospital.jpg)

This has probably been mention a million times over but today I noticed that .flow is wolf. backwards. Maybe there was a wolf with rabies that began attacking people and a bunch of kids got infected? The little devils could be the infected blood - with each hit the rabies infected blood spreads more through her system. When there's too much of it, they go Kaibutsu - crazy, irrational and attacking people.
That would also explain the restraints on the beds in the hospital, as evidenced in my photo (which was found here with a little more information: http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/phil/html/rabies/2539.html ).


File: 1330738873071.png (Spoiler Image, 23.32 KB, 209x223, mouths.png)

i don't think this warrants a new topic. spoilered in case someone here hasn't played .flow (HAHA YEAH)

the uh kinda spermy looking one actually appears a lot in the chipsets, sometimes more than once on one. i kinda doubt there's any significance there but who knows

there are significantly less than it seems like in-game. something kinda neat is that if you look really close, none of them look like duplicates (except the bloody/clean posters natch), like lol actually dotted in every tooth, but who knows.


Maybe lol has a tooth fetish.


I know there's a lot of "OEMGEE THIS LOOKS LIEK SISTER THEY MUST BE TEH SAME!!111!!!", but…

What if the Sugar Maid was Sister?



I actually mildly support this theory in multiple ways. One could be that Sister felt Sabitsuki was trying to steal Smile away from her, and, well… that would kind of explain the ending.


Oh ho, interesting theory, actually!


Maybe Sister is controlling the Kaibutsu virus, and she is commanding a sane Kaibutsu(Bar Kaibutsu) to infect everyone or something.


And that's why the Alleyway Hospital is so close to the Sugar Hole, so that she and the Doctor can experiment with viruses, and they eventually created one.


1. Going on the theory that the Sugar Hole cake is made out of human flesh and the Sister is the Gas Mask Maid theories, maybe she was looking for any prisoners who were left in their cells too long without being fed and died to cook with.
2. Going on the "Sister is creating the Kaibutsu virus" theory, she could have been collecting extra ingredients or medications or viruses or something to perfect the virus, or create an antidote for herself and Smile.


I forgot to properly explain idea 2- What I mean is that she was collecting those things from the shadow man. He represents shady business people.


>theories about Sister

Oh hell NO. No, no, no, no, NO. Just goddamn fucking NO. Sister is just a shy little girl who hides behind her big brother, how the FUCK can you connect her to anyone else? How is she suddenly the Masked Maid, the Kaibutsu, the corpse, the shadow man, the school girls, etc. etc. etc.? Before you know it, there'll be people saying that Sabitsuki herself is Sister, that Smile is Sister, that EVERY FUCKING CHARACTER IN THE GAME IS SISTER. GAAAH. And seriously, WHY the fuck would she be the Masked Maid anyway? WHY would a scared little girl be a fucking BAR MAID with a CHAINSAW?

Just stop with the fucking Sister theories, just stop saying she is other people.

I'm horribly sick of these theories and wish they would stop. Really it seems that nowadays people are just spewing this nonsense out and calling it a "theory" for kicks. No, just stop, it is NOT a theory, it is complete and utter nonsense.

Cut it out, all of you.


When did I ever say she was the shadow guy, the corpse, or the Kaibutsu? Someone else said she could be the Gas Mask Maid, and I replied that maybe she made the Kaibutsu.
If you don't like the theories people are making now a days, while it's a bit of a crazy idea, you do kind of have the option to not read them or ignore them, don't you?


File: 1330758250998.jpg (68.18 KB, 500x560, CalmDownYoureFullOnMadBro.jpg)

I don't mind hearing about other peoples theories, I think they're interesting. However, I find it really strange that people have taken sister and running with ideas about her. Honestly, I felt she was simply a shy little girls as well, hiding behind her brother, wanting to be protected and knowing she would be safe behind him.

But, it's still cool to see how others have interpreted her, even if I don't agree.


So, does anyone have any theories of who the parents of any of the characters might be?


inb4 crazy Sister theories


I think maybe some of us just want more Sister. I know I do; and it's sort of because lol draws her a lot, which gives me the impression that she's either important or that lol just likes drawing her.
Either way, it sure is something for a seemingly minor character to have such a following…or something like that.


Not just Smile and Sister, everyone else too.


File: 1330795010088.png (6.95 KB, 288x256, 鬼子3.png)


(discussed in greater detail previously but just reiterating support for this one eheheh)

smile and sister's though? lolidk


Stop acting like a child.



I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you tonight


File: 1330819937757.png (6.3 KB, 320x240, ŒZ–….png)

Something I'm wondering is that we can probably assume that Smile and Sister are poor, since the only things they seem to have are clothes and one bed. But, if they are poor, then how did they get such a crazy house…? Just thought I'd bring it up.



I think the house itself is a very simple, boring, concrete block (like the whole school area), all the colors and shapes are just lights and shadows.


Now that I look at it, it probably is just the lighting. While the inside does kind of look more well-built, the outside actually looks like it could have been made by a bunch of pieces of scrap metal.


Anyone got any theories on why the Nexus changes colors…?



I've always felt that this Nexus was meant to represent her current brain activity/wave patterns, or, put into simpler terms, her state of mind

I felt this not only because of the way it looks, but also because a few of those Nexus color variations are only available during the Rust Chapter. Of course, this can hardly be taken as evidence for that


It changes with the amount of effects and empty boxes you get, as well as how far you get in the game.


Whenever I see their house, I always seen a tree house. I'm not sure why, but I always felt like their house was up in a tree and that the stairs is really a ladder to climb up there.


Does anyone know what the "Densen" file in the Panorama images mean? It's just a picture of a house and a tree and some sky I think, but I don't remember it in the game. What does it mean? I would post an image, but someone already posted it somewhere on here and I'm too lazy to edit or re-size it to repost.


Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before because Old Thread has 404'd, not quite sure how it would fit in with the other theories, but in the back alley where you get the handgun, if you walk to face the fence Sabitsuki's eyes take on the appearance as if she had the tattoo effect on, and then if you put the tattoo effect on, one of her eyes gets outlined with red.
Maybe it has to do with a violent past, or possibly even linking with the theory the handgun came to be in the dumpster after a murder, and the red eye Sabitsuki gains when looking at the fence could signify the location of the shot, or that the killer/victim was someone who wore a tattoo similar to the effect.
That or it could just be a side-effect of the fence sprite mixing with Sabitsuki.


I don't have much to say about this, but I just had to point out that it kind of freaked me out when I found that.



'Densen' means 'power line' (well, looking at the picture, it's not really surprising), but strangely enough, when written in a different way, it means 'infection'.


So, I guess this means that we have slightly more proof pointing to any disease-related theories.


File: 1330925743618.png (2.56 KB, 97x379, gui.png)

Does anyone have any theories about why, in the sprite sheets, the blue girl is located right under the guillotine? Just wondering.


File: 1330927417737.jpg (178.03 KB, 1280x2960, 25theffect.jpg)

There have been many theories on what the various endings mean, but I feel these are inaccurate. Why? They all fail to take into context the reason why Sabi would be on the school rooftop for the later endings. The reason for this is very simple. As indicated by ending #1, In all three endings Sabi is preparing to commit suicide. However, whereas in in ending #1 (real life) she is successful, in endings #2 and #3 she is prevented because she is still in .flow

Many people see the similarities between endings #2 and #3 and think they are the same. This is incorrect,they actually reflect two differing outcomes. Let me demonstrate:
>In ending #2 the cleaner appears and waits for a prolonged period of time
>In ending #3 the cleaner appears and almost immediate draws her chainsaw

Not the same. What is happening here is the following
>in ending #2, Sabi is not corrupted, therefore the cleaner simply takes her away
>in ending #3, Sabi is completely consumed by rust, therefore the cleaner cripples her first and then takes her away

I've heard some interpretations say that endings 2 and 3 happen in real life.Absolutely not. Everything about the rust chapter indicates Sabi is actually trapped in .flow. Consider:
>the fact that to enter rust you have to enter the computer screen
>the fact that Sabi "fades out" in the rust chapter rather than pinching her cheek
>the fact that right before .flowbeet in ending #3 we see a flash of rust/static
If I had to guess, I would say the cleaner is a physical embodiment of .flow. Either it is trying to keep Sabi alive out of sympathy, or trying to keep her as a vessel for rust. In either case, it is actually preventing her from killing herself.

Most theories try to suggest Sabi is ill to begin with, but this really neglects the centrality of her computer/.flow in accelerating this illness. It is not insignificant that ending #3 places the entry to rust directly where Sabi's computer once was.
>If I had to guess, I would say the events of .flow actually are of Sabi being subsumed by the computer/rust to the point she is unable to leave.

Admittedly, I am unsure how to plug in many of the other events in .flow with this basic ending structure, but I feel the basic facts of the event speak for themselves here.


This is a pretty interesting and well-thought theory. I hope that the rest of the thread and maybe myself can fill in the gaps though of what is unexplained(Smile/Sister/Oreko/Doctor/Nurse/ect)


File: 1330931933666.jpg (43.73 KB, 500x666, funny-dog-pictures-at-firs….jpg)

Very nice. I think you may have something there.


It's probably just a coincidence and nothing else.


Everything is worth looking into.


Maybe Smile, Sister, and Oreko were supposed to convince Sabitsuki to come back. Smile, the perfect guy, Sister, the girl who wouldn't let her have him, and Oreko, the really great friend, were all to encourage her to keep using .flow.


Over-analyzing things is stupid


In your opinion.


>Sister theories


I feel like anything could have a purpose. I mean, he did take the time to draw the Sister sprites.


I haven't heard enough theories about the Red Demons.


Well personally I always just thought of them as a respresentation of Rust breaking down Sabi.


File: 1331072170637.png (48.3 KB, 500x500, Hurpadurp.png)

Hey guys, I just found out that the word "sabi" means "rust."

…this explains a lot.


File: 1331074464571.jpg (35.32 KB, 258x367, punch the internet.jpg)


File: 1331076794219.jpg (58.02 KB, 533x401, TrollToDoList.jpg)

I lol'd. Seriously though, I actually didn't know that until today. DERP DERP DERP.


File: 1331077500173.jpg (74.12 KB, 600x450, FlapjackDrBarberBlindnessY….jpg)

What about theories about the Doctor and his Nurse?

As a character and a supposed doctor, I always found him to be very lackadaisical. Notice how he never ever acknowledges Sabitsuki. Everything she does, no matter what effect she does, he doesn't do anything. Just sits in that chair, as if dancing in his chair or spout off things to placate the patients or their families.

The only time he finally acknowledges Sabi is when she brings out her lead pipe. Suddenly faced with the prospect of being attacked, he backs up, tries to get away.

Maybe the doctor wasn't telling Sabi everything, he was just blowing her off and she got sick of it and decided to attack him unless he gave her answers or told her the truth?


File: 1331080027173.png (23.26 KB, 649x259, cokic.png)

The doctor was simply too busy flailing his arms around like an idiot to answer her questions and she flipped shit one day.

There's probably a more dramatic way to say that but for the life of me I just can't think of it at the moment.

Pic unrelated




i think the doctor/ochki/whatever ended up making the rust disease cause of all those dead children in his basement goddamn

or maybe he was just a really shitty doctor because sabi couldn't afford a better one


People make a big deal out of this guy, but he is really a pretty insignificant character. You know how Yume Nikki had tons of cryptic-yet-insignificant characters added to make regions more interesting? Yeah. It is exactly like that.

The children in the downstairs hospital ward are dead because that region is the gateway to rust, still in incubation. Don't believe me? You can actually go to the end of the corridor where the final door should be, stab it with the pipe, and BAM you'll get a rust blur onscreen.


Never though I'd say this about .flow's theory thread, but I'm actually glad this thread is autosaging.

I always looked forward to checking out the old ubuuchan's .flow theory thread, it just had so much discussion of whatever ideas people put on the table. Not to mention they really put their thoughts "on the table", as in up for discussion.

This thread has simply become a series of posts stating the poster's views as fact. I don't know if the fandom suffered some sort of massive quality drop in the past few months, or if the old thread's success was something temporary, like a golden age before breaking down into an almost /t/-like state.

Point is, I don't look forward to checking back on this thread anymore as of late. Don't thinking I'm alone on this, either.


Man, why do you have to be like that.


Don't take it the wrong way man. It's not like I'm blaming anyone in particular for this.

But really, look at the old thread. Just read it, or at least the last 50/100/200/whichever amount of posts you want to read. Then read this one. Can you really say you don't agree with what I said? Do you really think the degree of quality between the two can be compared at all? I dunno what the cause is, really. But the truth is the thread took a sharp fall, so much so that the big names of the previous thread abandoned it. Or maybe it's because they abandoned it that it went downhill, who knows.


Well gee buddy I'm sorry I can't just poop out theories. I am not a computer. My digestive system's only objective is to poop waste, not theories. I will try harder to poop a theory maybe if I write a theory that sabi writes fanfics about people pooping while trying to figure her life out it'll happen.


File: 1331187746613.png (4.62 KB, 298x290, HerpDerp.png)

That made me laugh harder than it probably should have.


Point proven.


File: 1331338893170.jpg (55.33 KB, 548x604, yes.jpg)

The only cure to Sabi's disease is Rust-eze.


File: 1331365471741.jpg (30.21 KB, 604x428, OhYou2.jpg)

I think you want this thread:



You know that black haired girl? Not the blue girls or Sister, but the one that was supposed to be the original Sabi or something.
Maybe she's a teenage girl who played Yume Nikki and wrote a fanfic about it, and .Flow is her fanfic.


I'm sure this has been proposed before:

Smile was a friend who infected Sabitsuki with Rust. The gang tattoo symbolizes her inclusion in the group after she was affected. Not to mention, the tattoo effect is located on the rooftop, with a large, dramatic-looking Smile.

Sabitsuki would obviously feel betrayed by him for infecting her, which would explain the "malicious Smile" you get after attempting to hit him with the pipe.

Sister's Drawn Picture: Sister didn't like Sabitsuki and felt she'd received her comeuppance for being close to Smile by getting infected. This theory is only based off how damned evil her drawn picture looks and her clingy personality.


Also, I've got a theory about Sabitsuki's living conditions:

She escaped from a quarantine section or hospital. There's a room beside the hospital, a pitch black maze, where you'll run into flickering, beeping monsters. I believe they represent on-call nurses or guards that Sabitsuki avoided while escaping the hospital. Similarly, in the "change graphics" room, there is a single cage with the bars busted out, which suggests that either Sabitsuki, the Kaibutsu behind the counter, or Smile had broken out of the cage.

If the cage also represents Sabitsuki's escape from the hospital, her living in squalor would be explained.

The problem with this theory is that, if Sabitsuki's not being monitored, how would she get the oxygen tanks she's shown to have after reaching 200+ on the Erosion Counter? Internet's plausible, but oxygen tanks? Maybe the dark maze just represented a feeling of being watched.


Created a new thread because the other thread seems to have been discredited of value by posters. But then I got bashed for it, so here.

So…I spent the last 4 hours skimming through both theory threads. Although I couldn't read it all thouroughly I can add that it seemed that there were several

theories but the most predominant one was the "Sabi is phisically ill". Afaik hello never provided his master theory, correct me if I'm wrong, so the majority of

people playing this game believe or support the "Sick theory", which seemed midway to what hello was going to provide.
I wanted to present a similar theory to the one presented by Night
( archive.uboachan.net/flow/res/1097.xhtml#1652 ) insteado of the regular "Sick Theory" route. I would like to begin for saying that I'm sorry for not being

able to read both threads to the fullest so could be sure that my theory was on the same level has the ones with less holes in it. I would also like to remark that

I wrote this before reading any theory, but after writing it I read what I could (on tvtropes, here and the wiki) to ensure that it was at least something different

and plausible, than what the rest presented.

I wrote this a month ago and will try to explain why I theorized the following text. If anything is amiss it might be because I forgot to write it on the papers, and

if so I'm terribly sorry >__<


Satsuki was trapped in some kind of mental maze. Level 0 of this maze would be a replica of her own bedroom. Using the computer we can get to Level 1, this

level being comprised of several floors and possibly 3 or 4 areas representing different sections of her life. Inside this level we would find certain people that

were part of her life. As we regain the several effects (that work as part of her memories) and travel around the world activating events (that act as

experiences she had), we end up being able to leave Level 0 through the door. As the situation changes, so does what happens in the end, but this event

should be repeated until Satsuki's mind is free. To achieve this she has to discard all her effects (memories) and becoming Rust. Rust can only travel through

Level 2, an outlandish place where the memories or thoughts that are blocking Satsuki, exist. The aggressiveness of this world can be thought of as a desire to

repress such memories (as it can be seen in the Slime Event). If the repress memories aren't found and one should simply exit through Level 0, a character

that exists to guide Satsuki, the Maid, will kill us. After our death we'd just end up being reintroduced again as Satsuki, in Level 0, so that we could redo

everything again and find what is repressing us.
When we discover everything, Level 2 presents us with a new door. This door indicates that the repression was caused because of Satsuki's

existence, and so Rust has to kill her.
After Satsuki has been killed, we wake on Level 0, as Rust, and we can leave through the door, where we'll be killed by the Maid, because Rust had stop being

limited by Satsuki and so began to transform into a Kaibutsu (one could even say that she was even more hostile, since she even attacks the "defense systems"

created by Satsuki's unconscious, like the Maids and possibly the Kaibutsu).
With the destruction of this Rust, Satsuki wakes up with all her memories and experiences back and with a certain determined comprehension of

what happened to her while she was on that state, and with the acceptation of her existence and some things that happened. In the end we can see Oreko,

whom is obviously important, and the Maid biding is farewell as we enter life as a renewed Satsuki, happily listening to some music.

P.S.: She might or might not be dead, but it makes less sense she being dead.


How i got that ^ :

Facts: If you equip the Pipe, the Doctor runs from you. The nurse only looks at you after you kill him.
There's a Plant-Nurse in the "Plant-Vital World"
Parade Hospital with People Alive has Blue Girl on a bed in the second door. (You can go to that secret door as Rust, to collect the empty box, and

inside there's a blown Blue Girl)
Blood Puddle World has a dead Blue Girl and 6 people looking at her.
Oreko's machine is similar to the machine we need to enter to get to the place with Oreko+Satsuki.
Everyone laughs at her in the City.
There's an unreachable Kaibutsu in the School. There may be in the future a warp to reach it.
Hitting the Kaibutsu in the Black Warp World ("inside" Flesh World) will make Red Demons and Kaibutsu appear and changes the section with the 3

types of warps. -> There are only Red Demons inside the Flesh World.
Footprint Path has 3 types of footprints - Cat, Human and Rhombus (maybe Machine Effect style?)
Saves are .lsd
Satsuki sits. Rust doesn't.

If we look at the map as place that exists in a space and try to imagine what floor everything is on, considering Nexus as Floor 0 we have the following:
Hell 2 - Floor -6
Industrial World 1 and Sewers - Floor -5
Ocean 5 (Stick portal, stairs to Hell Pier, with the fishing dood)- Floor -4
Rust Pier - Floor -4
Bar Corridor - Floor -3
Mouth World Strange Tree (that "tree" "inside" Flesh World) - At least Floor -4
Industrial World 2 - Floor -4/-5
Machine Girl World - Floor -2/-3

Theory - Several layers of consciousness. The easier places to get to would be the most similar to the real life ones.
The "Strange Tree" appears in the route to get the True Ending, before the final door.
The warp you need to take to get to the "Strange Tree" in the Flesh World resembles a bloodied Satsuki head with red horns.

Effects Theory - based on where you get them or on what they are or transform you into

Iron Pipe - Weapon/Gang Weapon
Diving Helmet - Friendship/Comfort
Machine -
Dress - Blue Girl's death
Plant - Things she liked(?)
Broom and TV - Nice memories
Arms - (Feeling) Secure
Ghost and Water Canister - Cemetery
Black Hood - Hiding
Gun - Scare off / Breakdown
Uniform - School (no shit)
Tattoo - Gang
Slime -
Mono Eye - Breaking Down
Cat - Friend / Freedom
Psy - Experiments (with drugs)
Tumbling Doll - Something that occurred
Gas Mask -
Whistle - Making people relate with her
Viscera - Memory of what happened to Blue Girl
Headphones - Good memories / Time alone
Corpse - Future? What she thinks will happen to her/what she thinks she deserves

Extrapolations -

The Blue Girl was bullied. In the end she committed suicide.

Shape-able Memory -> Kaibutsu - Defense 1
Negative Response - > Red Demon - Defense 2
Fear - Corruption - Defense 3
Desire - Rust + Corruption - Defense 4

We're Oreko (in the past) or maybe she's part of us?
Satsuki might have done something or seen something being done to the Blue Girl in the School basement. After Blue Girl's suicide Satsuki was in shock and

Oreko came to exist, helping her mentally.
Support to what matters to Satsuki -> 3 Empty Boxes. School, Blue Girl blown, Orange Stairway (Oreko)
The Blue Girl may have been pregnant and the Doctor might be connected with that. ( The Doc rapped her./The Doc wouldn't let her have an abortion./The doc

knew something or did something that lead to the Blue Girl's death.)
Most likely, Satsuki knew the Blue Girl. Blood Pool World might be proof.
If we look at the map as evidence of something - going Left, places related with the Past. Going Up, places related with the Past-Reason to why Satsuki is

there. Going Right, Present-Reason to why Satsuki is there.
Could Oreko be the Blue Girl? Or maybe the Machine Girl? The last connection would make more sense.
Maids are protecting Satsuki from here inherent problem. Could they represent Nurses?
Did she suicide?
The Mono Eye is bad - Red Eye World leads to Corrupt School
School Basement -> Mono Eye (Empty Box)

Canta - >created a new thread because EVERYBODY ELSE IS WRONG BUT ME

Not really? From what I've read the sick theory is like a direct approach to the question with some holes. The rest had some ideas, and like I said I liked the other post, although it had some holes too. I wanted to read hello's theory since it seem to had a lot of work put into, but alas it was impossible.


Yeah, I shitted up your thread.Yeah, you deserved it.

This thread is long dead, maybe post in the new one?



That's the new one? I had read some posts but hadn't understood… Thanks for the tip, I'll read the new one to check.


yo just wanted to say that "oreko" can be written as おれ子 which would translate to "my child" roughly…someone else probably pointed this out but i cannot be bothered with looking through all this
so i dunno
make of it what you will


File: 1364960928108.gif (896.42 KB, 272x209, oh.gif)


gee wow baselessly rude much ):


Here's my theory.

I. Introduction.

Coma(deep sleep) state is similar to depression state that loweres the RAM(random-access memory) efficiency.

Sabitsuki's "sessions" are a metaphor of her fight with coma because the deeper she gets in her "sessions"- the more efficient her RAM is.

For the sake of consistency I picked all of the names from wikidot wiki about .flow.

If you didn't get something- ask me.

II. Effects.

Effects are manifestations of feelings or desires.

Arm- safety.

Black hood- isolation.

Broom- irreality.

Cat- irreality.

Corpse- death.

Diving helmet- isolation.

Dress- guilt.

Gas mask- isolation.

Ghost- belifes.

Handgun- isolation.

Headphones- isolation.

Iron pipe- cool.

Machine- irreality.

Mono eye- truth.

Plant- pain.

Phycedelic- irreality.

Slime- helplessness.

Tatoo- cool.

Television- irreality.

Tumbling doll- helplessnes.

Uniform- cool.

Viscera- helplessness.

Watering can- pain.

whristle- control.

III. Attitude.

Attitude towards interior and exterior.

Charlote- homelessness.

City dwellers- people.

Doctor and nurse- personnel.

Eye and mouth monsters- insanity.

FC witch- NPCs.

Flower girl- pain.

Hospital childrenn- herself.

Hovering screens- insanity.

Neon world creatures- forced cheerfulness.

Orange jelly- forced cheefulness.

Red things- pain.

School children- killed ones.

Black-haired girls- mother.

Demon Sabitsuki- "deep sleep" Sabitsuki.

Gas mask maids- nurse.

Kaibutsu- punishment.

Little Sabitsuki- past one/state.

Metal-tan- dead end.

Oreko- imaginary friend.

Red deamons- pain.

Rust- "true" Sabitsuki.

Sabitsuki- "false" Sabitski.

Sister- killed one.

Smile- killed one.


IV. Mind.

All of the areas are connected through logic.

Alleyway hospital- a place there her pregrant mother and when she stayed.

Apartments- apartment location.

Bone maze- taken away from her mother's corpse.

Children's hospital- halfway of the painful end of pregrancy.

City coast- living/entering a cheerfull state.

Dark corridors- forced isolation.

Decaying art gallery- insanity.

Deranged mouth world- painful end of pregrancy/beginning of pregrancy.

Famicom world- famicom games.

Flesh walls- path outside/inside.

Footprint path- phycosis.

Geometry world- logical conclusions.

Ghost garden- bloomed pain.

Hell- beliefes.

Hospital- beeing transfered to some hospital room.

Hotel- business.

Industrial maze- searching for truth.

Industrial snow world- heavy guilt.

Isometric pathway- being reanimated.

Microscopic world- growing in the mother's womb.

Monochrome world- dead end.

Nexus- 0 dynamics.

Neon world- forced cheerfulness.

Orange stairway- pointless/persistent search for truth.

Overgrown islinds- conclusion pain.

Pipe world- forgotten guilt and cool.

Plant labirinth- painful isolation.

Plant labirinth(past)- isolation's memories about birth.

Prison- guilt.

Phycedelic streets- city.

Red end blue world- rithm heartbeat what is remembering of birth.

Rainbow maze- cheerful isolation.

Red eye world- insanity.

Red body - birth.

Ruins- famicom games.

Rusted picture world/Sugar hole painting- nurce's image.

Rusty pier- forgetting/remembering about school.

Sabitski's room- the area Sabitsuki knows best.

School- a place there she was studing

Sewers- hopelesness.

Slum- guilt.

Star world- beliefes.

Sugar hole- abandoning hopelesness.

Underwater- isolation.

Underwater temple- forced isolation.

White maze- forced isolation.

White world- pointless time after reanimation.

Corrupted school- guilt.

Rut corridor- the end of deep sleep.

V. Life.

By connecting the Effects, Attitude and Mind with logic Sabitsuki's whole life is revealed.

Although Sabitski's baby body was living fine, the end of pregrancy lead to her mother's death and some phisical trauma to her.She actually remembered all of the pain that was in the proccess of birth because baby's brain is VERY sesitive to pain.She remembered the scream of her mother the most.

Fortunatly for her, she was treated for a long time. She doesn't remember for how long because you don't have time to remember such things.

Eventually she started to go to school. At some time she was picked up in there. "Smile" "defended" her. "A lie it was"- she rechonized. And so she killed everyone she could there, but the most memorable people there "Smile" and his relative "Sister" because she wanted to be cool like him.

She was found to be the killer, but she got spared because of her age and mental state.

She started to live a life there she didn't trust anyone. The only option for her was prostitution. Somehow she got an apartment and all those things she have there in the game.

She wanted to forget herself and tried diffrent ways of doing so. But her memories of past chaught her.

Unable to resist she entered the coma state.

In this state she is fighting with the coma with three conclusions after she finds all the connections(effects) of her life(the "gore demo" is the proof of this).

In the first she dies from her deep sleep by a suicide metaphor.

In second she dies from her deep sleep by having a phycosis metaphor the she wanted to commit suicide.

In third she dies in reality after waking up and going to the rooftop to end her life. But she had a phycosis instead and ended up with an imaginary pain shock.


Fucking up you go!






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It looks like this thread's already reached auto-sage, anon. It can no longer be bumped.


Thanks for the info.

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