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So a few days ago, my parents learned that Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP in terms of updates for protection and all that jazz sometime in April.

My dad asked me what they would have to do. Based on what I've read, they (or me or someone else) would have to either update their OS or get a new computer if the computer is unable to support any recent OS.

Now the thing about our one and only computer is that it is from 2005. It has an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core CPU, NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics card, 1024 MB of RAM, and a 200 GB hardrive.

Is it possible to update to Windows 7 on the computer?

The only concern, other than "What about our files/photos?!", is if it is possible for my family to buy a cheap desktop or the OS for Windows 7 (Other than, you know…). Yes, I know $200 isn't much for most but for my family, that isn't the case. I'll spare the rant and just leave it at that.

Anyhow, I would appreciate any answers.


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you're better off building a new PC. Here is a handy dandy guide for parts - http://www.logicalincrements.com/ look into minimum-fair ones.

Windows 7 is a fairly resource-heavy OS and it might be difficult for a weaker PC to handle. If you install it, I suggest following the de-bloating guide [pic related] and installing a theme with no transparency, as well as a browser/antivirus/adblock before you hand it over to your parents.

As an alternative, you could try running debian/fedora on it, but it might be a bit too cumbersome if you don't know much about linux



What if your parents aren't too positive about you building a new computer for them? I assume it wouldn't be that much of a loss if they bought a $200-$300 desktop compared to buying the parts and then building it.

I'd consider the alternative but I'm worried it would be confusing for my parents to use (Both aren't that knowledgeable on computers, especially my dad).


It's more that if you're getting anything more than a very basic PC, it is almost always MUCH cheaper to build it yourself. If your parents just want that $200-$300 desktop then they might as well buy a prebuilt one.



That's exactly what I was thinking. My parents only use the computer to check E-mails, go on Facebook, or watch Youtube videos. Thus, a prebuilt one sounds like the best thing for them.

I'm just curious as to how many would suggest similar solutions to my original question. I have my own thoughts but I'll save them once I've read enough opinions.


keep in mind that pre-built PCs that you can just pick up are always overpriced, even if they're the low-grade ones. Look into parts yourself, get them and ask them to assemble it for you and install an OS if you don't know how to do it yourself. There won't be much difference from getting a pre-built one, you might have to pay a bit for installation but many hobby shops don't charge you for that. Even if you have to pay some, it will be less than the usual price boost of the pre-builts.



So pick the parts and (if things are ok) a local PC store will build it for you. This would be cheaper than buying a prebuilt one at any store. Is that what I understood? If so, sounds good.

I'm still concerned about how my parents think of all this; what with being in the lower-middle class (I heard my dad maybe mentioning us being below the poverty line).


yes, you got it.

If spending $200-$260 on a whole pc is too much, look into replacing the CPU and GPU only. You should be looking at 2-3gb of ram, 3 being optimal for win7, but again, whatever you can afford.


I've got win 7 on this shitty laptop.
CPU: Intel Atom X86 N455 1.66 HGz
RAM: 1Gb.
Graphic Card: Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3150.
160 GB HDD.
Dualboot with Loonix sabayon.

As you can see, your computer seems to be more or less in this situation too, except for the processor. AMD is shit.
Winwound 7 works fine here, although it has its moments when the lags comes. But overall, it works, and I think your family is not going to run heavily memory dependent programs so it should be ok.
I'm not too exigent with my vidya. I can run all Touhous except the last one, but that's because ZUN updated the C++ library. Unity games run like crap, but I'm not a big fan of 3D.
I don't have anything to complain. I use this partition for games after all, and loonix for my other shit.
If you're going to build a new computer I recommend you to try installing W7 there. If it does not work then go for it and build it.
It's actually not that hard but if you want to send it to a technician, it's up to you.


>Intel Atom X86 N455 1.66 HGz
My fellow negro of African descent. All you really need is a netbook with 2GB of RAM. Past that, it's all luxury.

The new thing now is tablets with attachable keyboards. I suggest the Nexus 7.



Hey, I know it's absolute shit, and I am trying to save money to buy a real computer, but by the meantime I just use this crap.

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