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lacey thread


nothing gave me quite the same sense of visceral dread as watching these videos; while im sure that there are some significantly subtler and scarier digital horrors out there, like chezzkids, this one really hits home fo me personally.
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Saya no Uta

Post Saya.
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3Ds only in this wacky thread.
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im not very smart

also picture of women

hello yume nikkis
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has anyone ever heard of nana825763's other projects? theyre cute. the characters in them are cute. i like these.

just ignore me. fag passing by. wanting to share cute creepy things because no one else i know likes them

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board related posts

shark and hand girl are adorable
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Little doodle I made today.
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Hi, I'm a hikikomori artist and long-time uboachanner, but I took a long break from the imageboard to pursue my art, and now that I've noticed there's a "creepy-cute" board, I thought I'd share some of my work. It may be exactly what this board likes to see 0u0
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Creepy-cute gf

Post images of your ideal of perfect gf. Mine looks so cursed…love her <3(⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)
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only cute things keep me going.
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/cc/ graffiti

Pic related from an abandoned love hotel in nagano
>I'm a 9-months pregnant housewife. Since I'm already pregnant, there is no worry that I will become pregnant if I cheat. I want you to do me when my husband goes to work. I want you to give it to me raw. I want you to poke my baby and spray your cum all over my baby. It'll be the nutrients for the baby. 50000 yen for one time. Please do me quickly. Before my baby will be born within a month. 0253-22-2319 (Izumi)
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So I guess this is for /cc/'s that don't belong to an anime.
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Insect art?

Does anyone know where I can find more insect-related artwork? I've looked through multiple sites and haven't found enough to be satisfied.
If anyone has any pics that have bugs in them, please reply with them.
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saya <3

saya <3333
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Mechanical cute

How about a thread for some mechanical-related creepy-cute? I have a small bunch of pics.
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Yume Nikki and facesitting

>tfw madotsuki will never sit on my face
It hurts so bad. Its all I think about. I don't even care if I never breathed again, I just want to live with my face tucked tightly between her cute little ass cheeks. She could still sleep and dream all she wants. Honestly I think smothering me constantly would have given her life meaning and she wouldn't kill herself.
I can't stop thinking about it.
I need it SOOO BAD
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are guys allowed to be /cc/?
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Masks and dolls are cool right? post if you have some cool images
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Video game /cc/

This is Mona and plague knight from shovel knight.
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Anime Dolls

I just found these pictures on twitter and thought of posting them here
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strange depiction of benign entities

Let's have a bit of a challenge here.
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Creepy 90s japanese internet art gallery images

(if you dont know where to look wiby.me is a good ancient webpage portal. also wayback machine obviously)
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Takena makes claymation gore films such as Chainsaw Maid.

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I'm trying to revive this place, post random stuff.
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bsr thread
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Favorite creepy-cute characters from anime

Favorite creepy-cute character from anime. I personally like Mei Misaki. But I know there are a lot more.
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I like the idea of this board. Here's some Ray-K.
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am i doin it righ?
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cute foxy girl
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Just fuck me