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shark and hand girl are adorable
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3Ds only in this wacky thread.
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Insect art?

Does anyone know where I can find more insect-related artwork? I've looked through multiple sites and haven't found enough to be satisfied.
If anyone has any pics that have bugs in them, please reply with them.
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Yume Nikki and facesitting

>tfw madotsuki will never sit on my face
It hurts so bad. Its all I think about. I don't even care if I never breathed again, I just want to live with my face tucked tightly between her cute little ass cheeks. She could still sleep and dream all she wants. Honestly I think smothering me constantly would have given her life meaning and she wouldn't kill herself.
I can't stop thinking about it.
I need it SOOO BAD
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So I guess this is for /cc/'s that don't belong to an anime.
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Anime Dolls

I just found these pictures on twitter and thought of posting them here
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strange depiction of benign entities

Let's have a bit of a challenge here.
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Mechanical cute

How about a thread for some mechanical-related creepy-cute? I have a small bunch of pics.
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Saya no Uta

Post Saya.
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Creepy 90s japanese internet art gallery images

(if you dont know where to look wiby.me is a good ancient webpage portal. also wayback machine obviously)
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Masks and dolls are cool right? post if you have some cool images
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Takena makes claymation gore films such as Chainsaw Maid.

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are guys allowed to be /cc/?
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I'm trying to revive this place, post random stuff.
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bsr thread
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Favorite creepy-cute characters from anime

Favorite creepy-cute character from anime. I personally like Mei Misaki. But I know there are a lot more.
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I like the idea of this board. Here's some Ray-K.
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am i doin it righ?
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cute foxy girl
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Video game /cc/

This is Mona and plague knight from shovel knight.
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Just fuck me