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File: 1671203484830-0.png (703.51 KB, 621x800, dearest sister (small phot….png)

File: 1671203484830-1.png (1.04 MB, 653x819, nate portrait (small photo….png)

File: 1671203484830-2.png (1.11 MB, 838x667, mako chained (small photo).png)

File: 1671203484830-3.png (1.29 MB, 978x764, sabitsuki2 (small rusted p….png)


Hi, I'm a hikikomori artist and long-time uboachanner, but I took a long break from the imageboard to pursue my art, and now that I've noticed there's a "creepy-cute" board, I thought I'd share some of my work. It may be exactly what this board likes to see 0u0


File: 1671204015731-0.png (1.06 MB, 602x838, ivy (small bg photo).png)

File: 1671204015731-1.png (772.94 KB, 843x662, forest weepers (small phot….png)

File: 1671204015731-2.png (1019.65 KB, 922x717, ignored (small photo).png)

File: 1671204015731-3.png (903.61 KB, 590x802, razor angel (small photo).png)

I started doing art as an outlet for the things I've had to endure, mostly the early childhood stuff. My hope is that it speaks to someone else, so that they feel a little less alone in their suffering. After settling on a style, I've made a tiny amount of money off it, but not enough to live off of. No one has ever commissioned me, and that's probably for the best. I'm sure I'd disappoint anyone who did, and no one will want to because my style is too juvenile-looking.

But that's kind of the point. I started working almost exclusively with crayons from the very beginning. This is both because I got used to them being the only medium available when confined to hospitals at many points in my life, and because they lend a childish tone and texture to anything you might draw with them. That tone and style is important to me because of what the art means to me, so I don't really want to tweak it much, but I wonder if I should…


File: 1671204414599-0.png (1.26 MB, 901x686, mass (small photo).png)

File: 1671204414599-1.png (1.15 MB, 870x641, melting (small photo).png)

File: 1671204414599-2.png (933.54 KB, 619x799, cev doodle (small photo).png)

File: 1671204414599-3.png (1.14 MB, 667x841, mako (small photo).png)

A little context, 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder, and because it's been difficult to get my medicine recently due to homelessness and hunger, I haven't been doing a lot of drawing lately, but I hope that sharing these maybe generates some positive feedback that will encourage me to stay diligent as an artist. After all, it's what's kept me alive all this time, and has been an excellent tool in expressing my different identities' feelings, thoughts, appearances, and dreams.


File: 1671204698532-0.png (622 KB, 846x648, marked (small photo).png)

File: 1671204698532-1.png (860.31 KB, 631x798, amnesia (small photo).png)

File: 1671204698532-2.png (904.54 KB, 856x638, hate (small photo).png)

File: 1671204698532-3.png (1011.95 KB, 648x865, shizako (small photo).png)

I was on /hikki/ for a bit as well, and I mentioned moving in with my family, but it looks like that might unfold poorly for me at this point if I try. They have repeatedly failed to express interest in my life and the lives of my alters, and have offered zero help over the past year, even when I was facing down having to sleep outside. My sister is a liar, and her friends are insensitive at best, and downright bullies at the worst of times.


File: 1671204898144-0.png (1.25 MB, 658x890, give me shadow, put on my ….png)

File: 1671204898144-1.png (966.55 KB, 622x783, fate of the disobedient an….png)

File: 1671204898144-2.png (558.66 KB, 525x755, black moon lilith (small w….png)

File: 1671204898144-3.png (1.09 MB, 670x874, paranoia (small photo).png)

I've lived in many places, but so far I've wanted nothing more than to return to New England, where I grew up, despite my childhood being horrifically traumatic. I just want to go somewhere cold that has fresh seafood if nothing else, because the South is heating up and rapidly becoming uninhabitable for any kind of human being, especially transfeminine people like me.


File: 1671205336946-0.png (1006.4 KB, 617x942, worlds (small photo).png)

File: 1671205336946-1.png (811.72 KB, 612x910, confused stare (small phot….png)

File: 1671205336946-2.png (1.38 MB, 807x1192, panic (small photo).png)

File: 1671205336946-3.png (1.47 MB, 771x1183, the princess (small photo).png)

I briefly became obsessed with this color palette, but the fruits of that obsession pleased me. What does /cc/ think? 0u0

With that, I'll take a break from dumping stuff so as not to crowd a slow board. Thank you for checking out my art, ubuu. uwu


hey op some of these drawings are really cool
especially the black image in >>369 and the white outline image in >>370 you should post more :)
also, long time uboachanner and you didn't know we had /cc/? lol


Hello op. I like your idea with the crayons. The color palette in >>371 is pleasing especially when multiple with it are displayed next to each other like that.
Some of my favourites are:
sabitsuki2 in >>366
ignored in >>367
shizako in >>369 I especially like the scissor doorway
I wouldn't mind if you posted more of your work in the future.
I read your posts on /hikki/ and I pray you can manage.


File: 1671235174439-0.png (1.2 MB, 873x1117, teeth (small photo).png)

File: 1671235174440-1.png (1.22 MB, 855x1105, death of a soldier (small ….png)

File: 1671235174440-2.png (1.52 MB, 1178x911, figure in the fog (small).png)

File: 1671235174440-3.png (1.01 MB, 712x911, rending shadows (small).png)

Thank you for the support! I was mostly a namefag on /hikki/, /yume/, and the fangame boards back in like 2013. So maybe I didn't notice. ^^;

Thank you! I'm so so happy you understand the aesthetic choice of wax crayons as a medium! People don't often look at my art twice to figure it out, they just see unremarkable fridge drawings made by an 8-year-old (albeit an 8-year-old that might be a little disturbed lmao). At any rate, if you liked Shizako then you might like the first three here. The Teeth and Death Of A Soldier are both acrylic paintings, like Shizako's, and the Figure In The Fog is a collage made from parts of photographs from one of Time Magazine's "Most Haunted Locations" editions. 0u0


Just discovered this site, glad its still alive and well. I'm loving all the art on this board.


File: 1671594583558-0.png (893.69 KB, 619x795, judge, jury, and execution….png)

File: 1671594583558-1.png (816.28 KB, 593x802, miya (small photo).png)

A couple new drawings I did this week 0u0


File: 1672168945712-0.png (1.07 MB, 642x851, kitty (small photo).png)

File: 1672168945712-1.png (462.64 KB, 621x793, bunny (small photo).png)

drew some characters from my short stories 0u0

the bunny is Cam and the girl with the cat is Yoona.


Kitty looks like a good boy


File: 1672198031951.png (983.49 KB, 586x764, hollow sound (small photo).png)

You're right to like him. He is a benevolent force in Yoona's life. He is her hallucination of an old imaginary friend, twisted by psychosis, but despite his appearance, he wants nothing more than to protect and advise Yoona at her most vulnerable moments. 0u0

Anyway, here's a new drawing I did today of Alek, a contractor who works for the Daemon of Music, Sonya, affording him an arsenal of spells in the form of otherworldly melodies that have the power to maim, kill, create, and heal in exchange for vanishing some of Alek's blood. The more blood given, the stronger Sonya's spells will be. 0u0


I like your drawings. There's something soothing about them, at least for me. Thank you for posting them.


I love these drawings so much, they all have their own feels to them. Please make more


Thank you both so much. This is the most shining praise anyone has ever given my drawings. No one has ever told me something like "make more".. No one ever encouraged me that much. Seeing these comments made me blush…


File: 1673028798054.png (1 MB, 604x808, cam redux (small photo).png)

I redesigned Cam with some inspiration from My Hero Academia characters 0u0

I think I like him better this way and I'm really happy with how the drawing came out uwu


File: 1673050412365.png (1000.39 KB, 629x812, martyr (small photo).png)



File: 1673053891523.png (747.6 KB, 533x817, 1-6-2023 doodle (small pho….png)

rain girl doodle 0u0


Hey, just wanted to say, I really like your drawings here. I am going to save because I find them really beautiful in a sense.


File: 1673345162167.png (1.15 MB, 631x838, fallen down (small photo).png)

Thank you so much! Feel free to use them for pfps or something, just credit me in a bio if you do. 0u0
(My @ on Twitter is wanderersn3xus, and my name is Leslie)

I finished this one today and I'm very happy with how it turned out.


File: 1673408134412.png (892.33 KB, 605x774, desperately safe (small ph….png)

the new terrified bloody child just dropped! here's Yoona's redesign 0u0


File: 1673622834565.jpg (421.87 KB, 2048x1767, FmUTC9_X0AI3UoH.jpg)

My alter Nate tried to draw today for the first time. He thinks it sucks, but I think he did a good job. 0u0

It definitely got more engagement than most things we do.


Tell Nate his work is cool as fuck


File: 1673901182934.png (567.72 KB, 468x727, sunchildredesign (small).png)

He is very happy you think so ^w^

Here's a doodle I did of an NPC named Hiko-chan from my abandoned Yume Nikki fangame project, Dandelion Complex. uwu


File: 1674086320133-0.png (1 MB, 824x629, reaching (small photo).png)

File: 1674086320133-1.png (907.81 KB, 807x636, bloodpool (small photo).png)

File: 1674086320133-2.png (941.46 KB, 822x546, eyes at the moment of the ….png)

illustrated a dream I had 0u0


File: 1674086424830.png (710.79 KB, 564x721, black towers (small photo).png)

agony district 0u0


File: 1674111669960.jpg (230.5 KB, 819x1280, photo_2023-01-18_22-24-11.jpg)

red bean paste slime boy 0u0


I love self harm!!!


You mean as in it's relatable, or just that you like doing it for no particular reason?

I think as a coping mechanism it's not very good, because it positively reinforces self-destructive behavior, not just that of self-injury. It makes you associate doing something to harm yourself with the emotional relief that comes afterward, so it can easily get out of control if you're doing it to escape from trauma or suffering.

Either way, I hope you're okay.


I really love all your drawings creepy cute anon! They're certainly cc uwu


File: 1674439093231.png (1003.71 KB, 817x643, i don't know you anymore (….png)

Thank you, I'm really excited that they fit in here! >w<

This is Nazono 0u0
He has childhood onset schizophrenia and here he has accidentally killed his family in a fit of paranoia and rage. (The cries for help are getting really heavy-handed now, aren't they?? Idk, at least my family won't see because they don't care about me now, haha ^^;;)


I guess the 2nd edge to the sword of having found your audience is that they're all mental too (it makes sense that art speaks to people similar to the artist), so they don't have the energy to spend worrying about you. In my opinion that's good though, being able to sap an aesthetic sympathy from people has only made me weaker while being unable to has let me reshape myself into someone who wants to be strong. The planes when you dig up to the surface look barren at first, until you realise up here there's unlimited potential. That's my experience of life anyway. T. madman who likes your art, especially the less human ones like agony district.
PS. How did you make money off the art if not commissions?
PPS. Any tips for working in crayon?


File: 1674614936414.png (1.34 MB, 1055x825, fog on the canal (small ph….png)

Reaching mentally ill people was one of the primary goals of doing my art, actually. As for how I made money before commissions (which have actually started rolling in finally these last two weeks 0u0), I was selling prints for cheap because I was dating a man who worked at a print shop and could produce them at no cost to me. I no longer have that resource, so I'm just doing commissions now for a base rate of 12 dollars, 15 if the design is complex or has a detailed background.

As far as tips go, the primary thing most people struggle with is the dullness of wax pastels and crayons. A good way to avoid this is to buy a lot of crayons, and sharpen them frequently whenever you need a crisp, dark line. The sharper the point of the wax, the darker and thinner the mark will be. Going over lines more than once can help with this as well, but may thicken them if your crayon is dull. To sharpen crayons, I use a pencil-sharpener that has a wide-angle opening like the larger aperture in this pic, which will fit a standard size crayon or wax pastel.

The second thing people struggle with is what to buy. I use professional wax pastels for important colors that need to be high quality, like black and white, or any that don't appear in a standard crayola lineup, like blood red or deep indigo, while using Crayola colors for any other pigments I might need, just to save money. Neocolor's white is very good at smearing crayon wax to create the effect like in this commission I just finished (the bridge over the canal). Finally, if you desperately need to cover a large area with a dark color like black, the giant art crayon is your friend. The wax is much softer and thus goes on much darker, much quicker. Be careful about smudges though, because the higher quality pastels are meant to be blendable, unlike the Crayola ones. (They are VERY greasy 0u0;;;)

Correcting mistakes is also a common complaint with the medium, as it isn't easy. Provided you use thick toothy paper like you should, if you make a mark you don't want, the best thing you can do is scrape a little of the paper fibers away with a very sharp knife to reveal the clean ones underneath, and then make your mark again properly. This isn't useful for scraping away large mistakes, and will never yield a completely blank surface, as it grinds some of the pigment in. So make sure you've sketched everything in pencil before you start using the crayons!

Finally, this tip isn't so much about drawing itself as it is presentation, but whenever I scan my work, I make sure to color-correct it and darken all the blacks and midtones, maybe raise contrast and deplete saturation too, if the mood calls for it. (Crayola colors are almost all very saturated and not too versatile, so often this final step is needed for a presentable final product as a work of art.) I hope this helps you, and again, I am deeply grateful that my art has inspired you and is welcome here.


File: 1674615065020.jpg (188.08 KB, 1280x960, photo_2023-01-24_20-32-59.jpg)

Fuck, I forgot the pic, sorry. Here you go.


the facial structure and style of the eyes are super cool on this, feels like a cg straight out of ib. i love the cartoony horror type of art that comes out of indie rpg maker games and this feels so much like it


File: 1674679094552-0.png (971.38 KB, 838x660, skin watchers (small photo….png)

File: 1674679094552-1.png (779.04 KB, 923x685, hellwatcher (small photo).png)

I'm so happy you like it and noticed the similarities! 0u00u0 0u0 0u0

RPGmaker games, especially Yume Nikki and its fan-made offshoots, were my biggest inspiration as a beginner artist. Now that I'm somewhere in the intermediate realm (in what I do particularly at least), I'm still happily churning out monsters and creepy cute menhera characters to project my emotional turmoil onto! 0u0


File: 1674698805976.png (1.12 MB, 710x922, ryan's home (small photo).png)

family secret


Looks like the "girl" from the "yes, and?" meme


File: 1674860332917.png (1.33 MB, 696x892, forest martyr (small photo….png)

You're right, he does!! That comic is really cute for some reason 0u0

This is a redesign of a very old OC I only drew once or twice. His name is Nyx and he's a forest spirit from Petrichor who died and was transformed into the Moth Demon by Satan's hellhounds, Notus and Borea. There in hell, he meets his boyfriend, the Moon Demon, Oberon. He is attracted to Oberon for his moonlight, which moths use to navigate with at night uwu


File: 1675232037821.png (840.19 KB, 545x874, lupin (small photo).png)

I didn't get to eat for the last 52 hours so I drew this hungry wolf boy. 0u0

His name is Lupin. He's angry because his foster parents don't feed him, but they eat really nice tasty foods around him all the time.


File: 1677018571943.png (1.4 MB, 915x684, catatonia (small retouched….png)

retouched an old drawing 0u0


File: 1677132142398-0.png (540.69 KB, 461x774, descending order (small ph….png)

File: 1677132142398-1.png (751.59 KB, 530x855, desma (small photo).png)

Trying a new sketchbook, but I'm a little rusty, so here's a new cryptid boy (and a doodle!)

This is Desma Cross, army medic and slave to humanity - he is a fledgling angelic being exploited by the military for his healing powers 0u0

It seems the sketchbook is very poorly suited paper for crayon art, but it looks so cute ; w ;


I honestly like these, they have charm. The eyes pic has a nice atmosphere going on. Makes me want to combine marker and crayon sometime.


File: 1677205509569.png (1.24 MB, 1102x678, sen the coiled serpent (sm….png)

Thank you so much! I drew another today 0u0

This is a new death angel, who happens to be the one who rescued his older step-sister Arycenne from a CHIMERA-subsidized farm which bought, bred, and sold little girls to be raped, and when they got too old or scarred to appeal to CHIMERA's sadist clienteles, dismembered and force fed to the younger girls. Arycenne is the girl seen in the reflection on his knife, covered in her own blood, her not-yet-step-brother's, and that of her captors'.


File: 1677298251927.png (1.04 MB, 662x862, lilith's valor (small phot….png)

Lilith, the most powerful death angel to ever live, protecting Ethan Kinoshita, the first CHIMERA victim ever rescued 0u0


File: 1677366490134.png (1.09 MB, 899x666, it's not real (small photo….png)

my mental health is deteriorating 0u0


Hello everyone. My schizophrenia and dissociation are getting out of control and I don't feel safe being around other people, and they honestly, at the moment, are seriously endangering themselves by being around me. I'm very much struggling to control my violent ideation and agitation, so I'm being checked into the mental hospital in the morning.


Damn, hope it does you some good dude. Will you have internet access in there?


No. American mental hospitals are mostly penitentiary systems designed to punish you with boredom and loneliness for breaking down so hard that you can't presently be a positive influence on the economy at the time. They simply medicate you well enough to feel an illusory, fleeting sense of being prepared to face life again, which sets you up to return to the hospital again and again when nothing really changes, like the fact that you cannot afford to pick up anything you're prescribed.

This is simply a scheme for making money, is meant to be extremely unpleasant, and thus many basic amenities (including internet, phones, certain foods, certain clothing styles, visitation, being spoken to by an actual therapist and not some idiot medschool dropout who tells you to mindfully eat a raisin and meditate to youtube videos to fix all your problems, the right to refuse a specific medication, the right to take HRT while you are in the hospital, etc) are either completely unavailable or very restricted. These hospitals are often guilty of medically neglecting or sexually abusing their patients, as well. We once arrived covered in deep, self-inflicted gashes from our face to our knees, all of which were badly infected, very painful, and smelled terrible. They told me we had a fever and was infected. I said, "I know, it hurts, I need antibiotics." They walked out without saying anything else, and we were not administered any treatment for the wounds or allowed to take a shower or clean them, and there was no soap available at the sinks. It was obviously not a great ward, cause it was very filthy, safety mirrors were all punched full of dents, and there were scratches on the reinforced windows in our room that looked like someone had tried to break them.

We will let people know when we're discharged, and will likely have done some art in the hospital we can post here by the time we get home.


How those gashes doing?


File: 1679631605112.png (918.63 KB, 679x882, murderer (small photo).png)

Do I know you?

Here's another of Tenshitsuki, the protagonist of our dead Yume Nikki fangame about the dandelion hivemind and its angels of death. 0u0


File: 1679631641519-0.png (777.16 KB, 676x798, effigy (small photo).png)

File: 1679631641519-1.png (991.75 KB, 726x955, nazono ii (small photo).png)

File: 1679631641519-2.png (1.12 MB, 829x846, i miss my dog but they fed….png)

File: 1679631641519-3.png (917.81 KB, 790x602, witherjack (small photo).png)

hospital art dump uwu


File: 1679657942594.gif (216.69 KB, 250x226, comf43534.gif)

This touches so close to home. My best friend who is doing much better in life than myself tried to get an entry level position at a mental hospital with her associates degree and backed out even though they were going to hire her after she saw a child be thrown in a solitary confinement cell. I too as a child was thrown in solitary and she couldn't bare the thought of it. I sincerely hope by some miracle things get even marginally more comfortable for you.


That was part of why this recent stay was so hard on us. For as long as we can remember, most of us have had a fear of solitary confinement and being alone in general due to being raised in my dad's basement as a punching bag and shameful secret.

The hospital we went to last month cranked the feelings of helplessness up to 11, starving us, harassing us/our visitors with racist comments, bullying us, denying us our written rights we signed for as a patient, "gossiping" loudly about us being a faggot/tranny, "talking to ourselves," and repeatedly giving me allergens that could kill me with every single meal despite having my medical record and repeated reminders, etc. Whatever they could do to rile us up so they could make their shift go by faster by putting us to sleep for 24 hours with a horse-tier dose of sedatives, they were doing it.

I plan on ruining their lives with a class-action lawsuit later, but for now I'm content to go on drawing. 0u0

Please stay safe, anon! ;_;


I'm not that anon but that's all so terrible. I'm sorry you've been dealt all of this. Do your best always and try not to give up hope. The future can always be different. I was >>412 btw. At the risk of sounding corny you should try making a fangame or something if you have access to a pc and can pirate rpgmaker, I find it really cathartic to work on random little projects in bursts even if nothing's ever put together enough to come into light. It feels good to just make more intricate stuff, and it might help you put your mind to rest a little bit while you wait for a better tomorrow if your situation is keeping you from it.


We have the work-ethic, the passion, and if nothing else, the raw free time to learn and develop at that pace, or whatever pace suits us… My issue is that our knowledge of the IT end of making games is very limited. We are 28 years old and didn't have a lot of contact with other human beings until the body turned 18, and one of us only has memories from around 1999-2004, so his knowledge of tech stuff is even worse than your average 28-year-old's. To make matters worse, our brain doesn't work well with hard science stuff. We aren't a game developer or a programmer, just a group of artists, writers, and musicians.

We decided to shift our focus away from game-development as a delivery method for stories because I suddenly asked all of us, "Why must it be a game - something I know nothing about how to create - and not something else, like a comic?"

That's when it hit me. People seem to like the Dandelion Complex universe from the engagement we get on its concept art, and I've been repeatedly told our artwork has "manga/comic" feel to it. I also look up to a long-term mutual of mine who has been following me for years (even before I started drawing, and only posted my urbex photography), and she is most recognized for her webcomic, Homunculus, which is also about traumatized kids… Why don't I just make Tenshitsuki's story into a comic? We already have way too much fun imitating comic book art styles and enjoy the hero subversion genre a lot. It'd be easy to do one page every week or two. It's not like anyone would be clamoring for more like they are with my friend, so there would be no rush.


File: 1679877287245.png (839.65 KB, 629x836, natalie sheet (small photo….png)

We drew Nate's Fallout 4 character today. 0u0


I'm >>426 Much love anon. I'll do my best to be safe, you too. I'll read your comic if you make it!


Thank you! ^///^

We will still need to learn how to build a website for that so it'll be a while before anything gets uploaded.

Also, I recently changed my main Twitter and Tumblr @s and forgot to let people know. The new Twitter username is @_Scar_Bunny_ and my art Tumblr username is now @scar-bunnie . If you're looking for my urbex blog, its still @wanderersnexus on Tumblr.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we are on the run a lot. Hope everyone enjoys the comic when it starts. (And that someone will hopefully commission us soon, we are out of money and food ; _ ;)


File: 1681325734044.png (1.04 MB, 643x841, commission (sporesick, sma….png)

Commission for @SporeSick on Twitter.

I was very psychotic when I drew this so my sense of spacial reasoning was shot. I finished the entire thing without realizing that the sunset is a paradox; the colors get darker as they get closer to the light-emitting celestial objects. You know, the exact opposite of what should happen? ; w ;

They still were very happy with it, somehow. Even tipped me. (Almost certainly on account of the fact that they also happen to be a psychotic schizoposter that does schizo art, they were able to appreciate the beauty of an impossible sunset that could never truly come to pass.)


File: 1681326274953-0.png (1.33 MB, 2600x3100, 611IQu1.png)

File: 1681326274953-1.png (9.98 MB, 4800x2700, 20220629-wandercomm-fx.png)

File: 1681326274953-2.png (1.3 MB, 1559x2917, 20220701-tenshitsuki.png)

These are not my own art, but rather commissions I had done of my characters; one of the first death angel I ever drew, Evan (by Doremian Cleff), along with a doodle and the title card for Dandelion Complex, featuring Tenshitsuki, the protagonist (by a good friend of mine, SilentFrgmnt).


File: 1681930824513.png (1.73 MB, 1097x885, father (small).png)

I changed all my URLs and am not going to post on Ubuu as Wander or ScarBunny outside this thread anymore. I feel hurt every single time I speak to my family, and I wish for them to stop being any kind of present in my life. I don't want to be easily visible to any of them, so I won't be posting the new URLs this time because they will come looking everywhere I have been on the internet when they inevitably pretend to be worried for my well-being. I can, however, give you a hint: "Myśl w czasie przeszłym."


oh kurwa


File: 1681944208567-0.jpg (157.8 KB, 460x873, hannahwhiteboard.jpg)

File: 1681944208567-1.jpg (239.78 KB, 688x822, sunnywhiteboard.jpg)

Co słychać, mój brat? Nie mowię dobrze po Polsku, ale umiem pisać… trochę ; w ;

I'm second generation Polish American, so I deliberately learned specific tiny parts of the language to hide my true feelings from people like my siblings, who didn't put in the effort to learn it (or understand me) for themselves. My accent is terrible though. I learned Russian first as a mandatory part of high school, so my pronunciation of Slavic syllables is ironically better in Russian, but I at least hope whatever language I speak that isn't English still keeps the family away. Learned parts of Japanese for the same reason. ^^;

Anyway, we haven't been doing much art lately (no thanks to our relatives making us wanna slide) but here are some whiteboard drawings I did because we can't make a to-do list or take notes without drawing. Hannah, my little alter, and Sunny, from Omori. 0u0


File: 1681958997204.png (1.44 MB, 837x1121, effigy (small og photo).png)

Finally finished my last in a batch of commissions. This one was commissioned by gudiogudev on Tumblr. I hope they like it, because it's really late ; w ;

I was given pretty much full artistic license with the design, just was asked for "maid holding guts and a knife."

I wonder if a maidcore band would let me do an album cover for them?


File: 1682907501421-0.png (766 KB, 618x742, angel vision 1 (small phot….png)

File: 1682907501421-1.png (812.97 KB, 678x817, angel vision 2 (small phot….png)

File: 1682907501421-2.png (1.34 MB, 1224x754, visions 2 (small photo).png)

Things are getting really bad for me… I probably won't be posting much new art in the near future, so here are some old doodles based on hallucinations and dreams. I hope you like them.


That last one is slay


File: 1683336240822-0.png (643.02 KB, 626x805, Modoru, lord of decomposit….png)

File: 1683336240822-1.png (857.94 KB, 607x807, dream sketch 20230505 (sma….png)

here are some new drawings from today - I finally have an appointment with a doctor but it's just an intake, and it already got delayed once. But the day it finally happens seems a little closer.

Every step of the last year has been just as close, but I'm choosing to ignore that.


File: 1683556374948.png (770.9 KB, 1044x828, IMG_3534 (small).png)

The people who were legally responsible for taking me to my appointment today did not show, answer calls, or inform me they had decided not to come.

I don't know why I assumed this game of keep-away would end. It has gone on in excess of a year, it will go on for many more.

The truth is hardly anyone on the professional side of things cares about schizophrenic people to begin with, but now Medicaid is a failing husk of an infrastructure, if it ever could be called such a thing. They have no money and no one wants to work for them. COVID wiped out and/or de-incentivized the major body of the American medical workforce too, so it's just a waste of time to keep trying.


File: 1684288363132-0.png (1.22 MB, 996x826, the sunless matrimony of a….png)

File: 1684288363132-1.png (1.18 MB, 633x816, poppy (small photo).png)

a couple recent drawings I forgot to post here from the last week or so. The one with the flower is fan art of Poppy the doll from Poppy Playtime

We like dolls a lot and it's very endearing to us when they're alive or haunted somehow. If we become a ghost we would love to inhabit a pretty doll. Scare mean adults and be nice to kids. 0u0


hi, just found your thread today and im in love with all of your artwork, it is all amazing !! ;-;
sorry to hear of your difficulties with getting treatment, i deal with a similar issue

would it be ok if i used some of your artwork as covers for my music and if u still take commissions, where should i contact? ty


File: 1684800023094.png (886.18 KB, 590x762, rabiribi (small photo).png)

Thank you for the comment, it means a lot to me. I hope you get medical care soon too. I feel like I'm getting a little closer myself. As for commissions, I would say the best place to reach me would be my business email at this point, since I ended up setting a lot of my social media to private to get away from my family.

The email is knsrek3@gmail.com. Let me know here if you have trouble reaching me for anything. Full page colored drawings are 12 USD or 15 if they have a complex background or add characters. As for using existing drawings as album covers, I generally say no unless it's music that I personally like and want to see succeed specifically. If you want to send me a sample of something to that e-mail I would love to listen and see if I feel like my art is a good fit for the cover(s). 0u0

P.S. here's a commission I just finished today. The character is from Rabi-Ribi but I don't think I ever saw the game so I don't know if she's *quite* this unhinged with that hammer that she carries… but I wanted to do a violent pose real bad!!! 0u0;;;


File: 1686131003976.png (1.61 MB, 1012x795, fluorette (small photo).png)

Life's still in shambles, but here's a Flor I did as a gift for the creator of Answered Prayers 0u0


File: 1688358711577.png (1015.83 KB, 622x812, Adrian (small photo).png)

Here's a gift I drew for my love interest who's now my boyfriend. . ///// .

Things are really getting out of control with my life again… I got kicked out of my home once more and now I've got to figure out where to go… The only real chance I have of living in a non-abusive household is to marry Adrian and hope that he can share a home with me here in the States. But I've got to wait for him to pay off his debt before I marry him, so I'm quite possibly looking at 1 to 3 years of living in a tent under a bridge. TwT




File: 1688514602529.jpg (1.09 MB, 3456x4608, letusout.jpg)

idk what that means, haha ó u ò;;;


It's being used as an expression that something is stupid. There's other meanings tho.


other anon sucks, your work is lovely. I hope your situation improves soon


Thanks for letting me know I can completely disregard your input braindead input. Please stop following me around Uboachan, kay? I'd really like that. 0u0


^/////^ thank you so much, good luck to you too <3


I'm not the guy that said bruh at you. I'm just giving you the definition.


File: 1689542903091.png (905.69 KB, 646x800, Wr4tH OF Li1iTH (small pho….png)

Oh, oops… I'm very sorry. I get bullied online a lot, even here. So I've come to expect the worst.

Here is a death angel drawing. It's Black Moon Lilith again! (She is also known to the dead ones as "The Phoenix" and right hand of Novaau, the dandelion god). She has been alive since the 1600s, and has killed hundreds of thousands of child traffickers, violent parents, pedophiles and the like, burning them alive the way they tried to do to her when she was young for being a "witch".

Irony 0u0


File: 1689595047700.jpg (328.35 KB, 1921x1080, Screenshot_20230714-103801….jpg)

No problem. If I could offer you some advice for dealing with internet trolls, it would be to just ignore them. Don't let them have any satisfaction. Have a good rest of your day. Nice art, by the way.


You're such a softie, do words really hurt you?
no place for the weak in this world


File: 1690717809032-0.jpg (2.12 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170803_145607.jpg)

File: 1690717809032-1.jpg (3.17 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170803_154120.jpg)

File: 1690717809032-2.jpg (3.94 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20170806_144252.jpg)

If I may make a suggestion because my own life path is trending here and I've had some experience with it. Instead of being homeless maybe join an intentional community? There's a somewhat time consuming process to join the larger legit ones, but once you start that process it's worth it I think.

The two I'm going to recommend are well established and actively accept visitors, I've visited one of them before. You have to visit for 3 weeks during a visitor period and then if you're chill, don't get into fights with people, and are able to show you can complete the weekly work quota they'll most likely accept you.

After your visitor period you have to spend some time away from the community before returning as a provisional member, they do this to ensure that new provisional members genuinely want to be there, it reasons that if people leave and don't come back then the honeymoon period wore off. This is definitely a challenge when homeless, but you should mention that to them because they'll have advice and some of the people living in communities like this were formerly homeless themselves.

Also, at Twin Oaks specifically I was told as a piece of advice not to get into a relationship with anyone until after becoming a full member. This is because some older members who have been trying to find a partner for many years sometimes get jealous and vote against accepting new people out of jealousy even though they shouldn't and it only takes a few no votes to prevent someone from joining. (Not everything is perfect in community, there are still conflicts but people do strive to be cooperative in my experience.)

Once you're accepted as a member it's very hard for people to kick you out though, it takes a supermajority vote of the whole community. The only time I've heard of people getting booted are if they consistently don't work enough for many many months or commit some crime of physical violence against other members.

Everyone has their own room, a monthly stipend, and community provided healthcare.


Here are some cozy pictures I took on my visit. I don't know if this will help or not, but most people don't even know secular communities like this exist so I wanted to put it out there.


the only thing weaker than someone admitting their flaws and misunderstandings is a parasite like you that isn't aware of how enslaved to their own insecurity they really are :3
if you wanna talk about weakness, look in the mirror sweetie~ ^.^


I presume your post to be a provocation but since legit there are people out there like that, pay heed to my advice and grow some mental fortitude


your art is really cool!! thanks for sharing

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