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So I was browsing TV Tropes when I stumbled upon the Spiritual Adaptation page. In the video games subpage it said that "The David Lynch film Eraserhead has an adaptation in the form of Yume Nikki. The similarities between the two are uncanny." One of the main interpretations of the film is that the protagonist Henry Spencer is facing the troubles of fatherhood much like David Lynch was going through when he had his first kid. So what if in Yume Nikki, Madotsuki is actually pregnant and the whole game is Madotsuki's journey through motherhood. It might be her worrying on might what happen to her child if said kid grew up. She might be afraid of failing as a mom and her child living a terrible life. At least, I think that's what I think.


I like the idea.


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And Masada is suppose to be her husband



i cant believe what an unexpected huge ERECTION a fucking YUME NIKKI PIC is giving me


I'll go more in depth

Some of the characters in her dreams might actually be representations of this. The toriningens might symbolize how her child might be in teenage years. She might feel disconnected with her kid and not spend as much time with him or her. The picnic in the game might be how Madotsuki feels with her kid, that she feels like she's out of touch. Poniko might represent how her kid might not want to be with her, and her turning the lights on and off again might be remonstrant of a parent turn the lights on and off to get their kid to wake up. And Uboa, might represent how her child might hate her in the future. And Masada, given that his area gives of a comforting feel, might be Madotsuki's husband.

Even some of the effects might represent Mado's stress. Fat affect might not be fat, but the representation of a pregnant belly. The knife affect might represent abortion or child abuse. The snow woman and the oni effect might represent Madotsuki's mood swings during her pregnancy. The flute effect might be like a lullaby for a baby. The long hair effect might symbolize love, affection, gentleness, and care for ones baby, while the blonde hair effect might be Mado trying to seem hip and cool to her kid.

And the ending might be Madotsuki's fear of dying from child birth, and her baby never having her mother.


That, actually sounds interesting


Happy Mother's Day!!!


sounds like too much of a stretch to me, could make sense in a vaccuum when you can cherry pick points and find a way to make it fit, but i think when you look at the game as a whole motherhood doesnt really fit the most likely interpertations.


hm. this is interesting


legit apply that to poniko and it's literally the plot of the light novel>
"i am not in your dream", in which madotsuki represents poniko's unborn daughter>
literally i never thought anybody would ever in a million years have that interpretation



I really like this one. Specially if some of the npcs like poniko or monoe represent what she thinks her daughter would look like. Being anxious about their well-being in this world would only be natural.


this has no relation to yume nikki

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