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How did Yume nikki become known? Do you know, or can you see somewhere, what the first 2chan thread was where Kikiyama mentioned the game? Is there somewhere on the internet where Kikiyama presented his game that June 2004?


I suppose the only way to know would be

1. Using the WaybackMachine on 2chan
2. Being able to read and understand japanese/japanese internet slang
3. Spend countless hours searching posts of that era


Its honestly kind of surprising how little Yume Nikki's origins are known, I still can't get a straight answer on whether Kikiyama posted it to 2ch or if someone found it and shared it there.
2ch already had an absurd amount of boards in 2004, who even knows where to look.



If there was a search, would it be in 2channel or in futabachan?


File: 1590671827088.png (56.83 KB, 1892x937, Sin título.png)

Ok, if Kikiyama announced his game in Futabachan we can start from this data:
-The game was published in June 2004.

Therefore, the search focus would be effective here:


File: 1590672000727.png (10.77 KB, 353x368, Sin título.png)

Officially, the game was released on June 26, 2004. However, in Wayback Machine there are no captures just that day but those of the following day.


File: 1590672217564.png (151.75 KB, 963x746, Sin título.png)

Well, once inside that date, on the Futabchan portal, with the chrome kanji reader Rikaukun I could more or less deduce where the RPG Maker games could be published.


I always heard that it was posted on 2ch, but I never saw any proof and media always gets those two confused. If only one source got it mixed up the rest of them could've just copied it, error and all. I wouldn't be surprised if it was posted to futaba originally all along.


I know Japanese and went through this before so I'll save you guys some time. There isn't any record of YM's 2ch threads from those early years on Time Machine and I spent weeks looking throught it. I remember finding a bunch of blogging entries from people who played it from around 2005 on though, I'll see if I find those again.
99% chance it was on 2ch, being the biggest and by far the most popular. Plus imageboards are not nearly as popular as textboards in jp internet culture, but who knows.


It would be a pleasure to see those blogs. How did you find them?


Through a mix of Time Machine, Google and a lot of patience, I'm wageslaving at the moment but as soon as I'm out I'll see if I can retrack those again.


Thank you so much! We'll wait!


Hey guys I'm back. I'm feeling too exhausted but didn't want to leave you hanging. I'll at least tell you what I did and what you can do. Japan has a few major blogging providers, blog.livedoor, ameblo, seesaa and one of the most likely places you'll find stuff, FC2. Yahoo was popular too but they shutdown this year and all the content there is lost pretty much. Anyway, what you want to do is search through those blogging sites, looking for tags and whatnot, keeping an eye for the dates in those entries. Sometimes one post leads to another that leads to another. You don't even need to know Japanese to do this but of course having to resort to google translate on top of searching stuff is quite tiring, but not impossible. Throw it on translate only when the post is within 2004/2005, that should make things easier. Maybe this weekend I'll sit down and do a thorough search through fc2 blogs and see what comes up.



Guys, I think I found the original 2chan post links…




I'm trying to read those original 2chan threads with the Google translator and I don't know if Kikiyama speaks in that thread.


File: 1590762747633.png (72.93 KB, 782x934, Sin título.png)

Is that a Kikiyama post?


Check this!



-: You remembered being a bird person in dream, do you remember?
Kikiyama: Oh!
――: It's strange to hear "Do you remember?"
Then, a bird person was bitten and went mad. My eyes were really good at that time.
I thought I was the first person to draw such a crazy eye.
I was drawing only bird humans, at that time I was.
It has a rear window.

Kikiyama: With a window …? It's becoming a little bit more humorous.
-: Oh! ? Isn't it a very major character with a window?
Kikiyama: The guy with pigtails?
――Yes, I'm a child. He's a kid who has a kitchen knife and stabs anything.
Kikiyama: There was


File: 1590764619557.png (81.22 KB, 849x760, Sin título.png)


Wow, nothing like coming back from a shitty day and see the anons far surpassed your expections. This is truly a nice find.

Yeah pretty much, but the other anon found something way better.


I think the main question in the thread is answered. 2chan had as a section for interesting free internet games. We can also deduce from the archived threads that the game became really popular around 2005.


No, those are Yume Nikki generals. The first was made 11 months after the release date.


Well… it's something!


File: 1638959941662.png (221.19 KB, 1052x847, 20211208192642.png)


This is an interview-style parody.
The original is a talk show between Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda.
In this parody, the "Akira Toriyama" part is altered to "Kikiyama".


Makes sense.

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