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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

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Okay, so this may seem a little weird to you guys, but I think this is weird. It seems that everyone says that only Madotsuki, Monoe and Monoko have official names and that makes sense. Madotsuki's name is seen directly in the menu, while Monoe and Monoko's names are found from their picture files. Why? Why does it say that? I have RPG Maker 2003 myself, and I've looked through the files of Yume Nikki. Everything has names! The sound effects! The maps! The pictures! Even the events! Why hasn't ANYONE even translated them? They're right there, all in the text. Why hasn't anyone tried to do this? The game has been out for over 10 years. I would do this myself but I don't have the Japanese version of RPG Maker, so everything is gibberish. Just, if things have official names, why use fan ones? I just wish someone would do this. Thank you.


i'm p sure people already tried to translate the name of the files but only got generic names kinda like how the music is named "bgm001"


Yeah, that could make sense. But there are a few musics with unique names, such as SYA (White Desert) and TRAIN (The Traincar). I'm pretty sure the maps and picture files at least have unique names. I just wish I could look into this myself.


>I'm pretty sure the maps and picture files at least have unique names. I just wish I could look into this myself.
We use the translation of the japanese names for those things, which are in turn taken from the game itself. For example, Madotsuki's room is called "Real Room", and when she goes to sleep, the map is called "Dream Room". Same with the balcony.

Some names are pretty useless/obvious, too, and the fan-names are actually better. The nexus is called "Door(s) Room". The forest map is called "Frog" and the spike plaza thing inside it is called, unsurprisingly, "spike". The block world is called "hat and scarf", puddle world is called "umbrella". If you're smart enough you will realize the name of these maps are actually the names of the effects inside them. There are a few more like this, like yuki-onna, hair, bicycle, medamaude, midget, etc.

The long Road is in a map called "Road", does it ring a bell?
The Wilderness is actually called "砂", which is just an abbreviation of "砂漠", "Desert". Onsen-san is inside of a "小屋", hut/cabin. The stairs to sky garden are called "砂階段", "Desert Stairs". The sky garden itself is just called "公園", Park. The city light cliff is called, pin pon, "公園崖", park cliff. The ghost world is called "塀", wall. The flower path is called "レンガの中", Inside the blocks.
Kamakurako in the snow-world is inside a map called "かまくら" (Snow hut). Mind blowing, I bet.
The Sewers are called "どぶ", can you guess?
Big red is called "Red Room". The windmill map is called "座敷洞", Tatami Room. You know, this guy http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/Cube_Guru
The mall is called "デパート", Department Store, AKA Mall. The roof is called "Mall Roof", and the witch event is called "Broom Flight".
E-man's office is called "Entrance". O-man is in office B, and tokuto is in office C.
The Footprint Path is called "Footprint Path", wow.
The chess-style tiled path is called, "check". Neon Tile path is… oh I bet you can sum.
The Stairs when you sleep again in the dream room are called "Stairs inside the bed"
All the entrances to the FC world are called "Entrance to FC". This includes the static maze and the other one I don't remember where it is.
Hell is just called "Red". The Barracks are called "Earth". The dark forest where shitai-san is is called "樹海", "Sea of Trees", AKA woodland. The traincar map is called "樹海電車", "Train of the woods", basically. Curiously, the witch island is part of the family of these 樹海 maps, with the addition of two maps called "橋" (bridge), and "岸" (shore).
The white desert is just called "モノ" (CAN YOU GUESS??!?).
The Pink sea is called "浅瀬", (Shallows/Shallow Waters). Poniko's house is called "浅瀬の家" (House in the Shallows).
The docks are actually called "湖回廊" (Lake Cloister, because corridor doesn't fit this shit).
Mars is called… mars.
Everything inside the FC world is called "FC *". The house is "FC house", "FC house underground", "FC village", etc.

Very curiously, the number world is actually called "電燈", which translates as "Electric Light". Sometimes it is used as flashlight but this isn't the case. The rooms inside this places are all called "Electric Light [World] Small Room". The Face Event is called "映像", Image.
The teleport maze is called "兄弟", "Brothers". Now that's kinda unexpected but then again it's obvious why http://yumenikki.wikia.com/wiki/Warpo_and_Loople I guess the wiki should add to the trivia that they're brothers.

Lastly, there the last two maps are "fami game" (nasu) and "ending".


>E-man's office is called "Entrance". O-man is in office B, and tokuto is in office C.
Sorry, O-man and tokuto are in "entrance B" and "entrance C", respectively, NOT office.
Interesting enough, E-man is in the Entrance, while O-man is in the entrance B (and he also kinda looks like a B).

As for the names of the images, all the character sprites that aren't madotsuki are called "event", while mado receives the beautiful filename of "protagonist".
Most of the chipsets have the same names as their main map, or variations (Such as mado's room being named "My room" in english kana). Interesting enough, the chipset of the map where you find the bicycle is called "縮小", which translates as "Reduction", "Shrinking".

As for pictures, the only thing worth to mention is that the flying heads are called "UFO".
And, that's it… here's all the files converted to bmp if you want to inspect them yourself. https://my.mixtape.moe/lgxrbs.7z


Hmmm, I guess that could make sense. After all, KIKIYAMA wants to keep this game as mysterious as possible. What about Takofuusen's picture? What is it called? Anyone know?




File: 1502760470441.png (2.84 KB, 176x304, モノ飛行.png)

>Hmmm, I guess that could make sense.
What does?
>After all, KIKIYAMA wants to keep this game as mysterious as possible
No. He used some names himself, and people used others because it was simpler, I don't see how this means anything at all.
>What about Takofuusen's picture? What is it called? Anyone know?
If you could at least download the fucking file I spent 20 minutes making for you and took a fucking look at it you would be able to find it and paste the sodding filename in any translator to get "thing that flies".

Why does "anyone" have to spoonfeed you? You have literally everything you need at hand.


File: 1502768909291.jpg (900.84 KB, 850x1200, 1.jpg)

Tripfags anon, they never change.


Yeah, sorry if I used the wrong terminology. I don't mean to offend. I thank you all for your consideration to reply! It's just I wish everything wasn't gibberish in RPG Maker :( I just wonder why KIKIYAMA is so secretive.


Not secretive, he just abandoned it.


Please don't put your actual email in the email tab :(


Oh, apologies about that. And I would do all this stuff myself, it's just RPG Maker displays everything as gibberish, so sorry if it seems like I'm being lazy. I wonder if we'll every know who KIKIYAMA is? I'm fine with how the game is, and I don't think Yume Nikki needs another update, but I do wish we at least knew who KIKIYAMA is. But then again, maybe it's just best the way things are right now.


>it's just RPG Maker displays everything as gibberish
Literally everything is here, what's so hard of downloading something? https://my.mixtape.moe/lgxrbs.7z


Thank you!! I'll be sure to check that out when I have the time.


File: 1502919823755.jpg (84.42 KB, 788x681, 1448803843763.jpg)

This was a good post. thank you.


can you help me??
the site is down..


i know this is a old one..
but im too curious!!


Luckily for you, I'm still around and still have those files on my RPGmaker directory.
I don't see how this will helpful since I've already translated in that post above.


oh thks god you were alive!
got the files and saw the translations…
i just wanted to look around the original files and try to find out something more.
long live fans of yume nikki!!!


File: 1563406574467-0.jpg (93.9 KB, 1920x1080, 1341288_yume-nikki-wallpap….jpg)

File: 1563406574467-1.jpg (6.19 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)

Ya your right let's do this everyone. Come on it's been 15 year. anyone with me.


Do what?

If I had to make a correction to this old post of mine, it'd be that モノ飛行 (Mono Hikou) means "Flying mono[chrome] [thing]" (lit. "Flying Mono"), instead of "Flying Thing". Mono can actually mean "thing" (hence why I mistranslated it), but for it to mean "flying thing", the filename should be 飛行モノ.

It doesn't help that "thing" and "mono[chrome]" are essentially spelled the same way with kana in japanese, and that "thing" is implicitly stated by context in the original filename.


let's do it let's find there real names.


File: 1564413590943.jpg (54.77 KB, 380x500, CrG_GtXVYAAzI0Z.jpg)

But I already did that…? >>6786 >>6787

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