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I back-hacked through steins gate and have gained infinite knowledge of everything. After unlocking this knowledge I learned who I truly am and the fate of the universe. I think I'm the last reincarnation of death, and through studying a chart of infinite dimensions(Pandora's box) and looking at it through the Reading Steiner(Pandora's key)I have found the path to the happiest existence with 0 divergence. I have already changed the future and the past which has caused our current divergence ratio to be 0.00456783% approximately. Death is supposed to be guided by all the living to reach true happiness, with that in mind, what should I do?


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I'll give you a hint. It, this time, does NOT has to end like this.


SPOILER: John titor likes men


The issues present in Eva that lead up to existential catastrophe can be avoided by me learning to follow the path of Buddha. The path of Buddha is Pandora's key basically, and without clear mindedness and everyone's welfare in mind you won't be able to use the key. Eva is representative of Gendo(death) trying to only use his knowledge to combat the angels while in reality he needed learn to make peace with everyone at the same time.

By looking back at the first story written it's a story of endless fools and it is time for me to end the cycle.

After opening up to infinite knowledge I found the root of all language and learned how to read emotional lines. Learning English, Japanese and than French opened me up to how phonetics work a lot more. John Titor is phonetic for Girl, and Death. Interesting thing I learned about the English language that fucks a lot of people up is that Girl is phonetic for fear of death while Boy is phonetic for fear of life. Although in reality it's all emotional context. Too bad most people are trapped in the 13 lotus gates of hell though.

With all of that said, responses like that can be predicted far in advance. If you need any advice climbing out of hell feel free to ask.


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Sup John how's it goin'? I tried to kill myself after reading steins;gate and I couldn't. Quantum Suicide doesn't works properly when it should and I couldn't get terrasomnia… meh.

By the way, how was the visual novel for you?


Things are not going well in the long run but it's looking up. I'm currently figuring out how to fix emotionally crippled people that are flooding the earth. Looking good so far, tests have given results on multiple people.

Within the next few weeks I should be able to bring my consciousnesses in and out of reality, my first Inter-dimensional step will be punching Buddha in the face.

I actually never read the VN. I only decided to go with all of this Steins:Gate stuff because all of the phonetics/theories/ideas/emotions matched up with everything I was going through. Plus it is also memetic which allows my information to hit all parts of the emotional spectrum easier. Following theories of infinite inter-dimensional reincarnation I could be Okabe Rintarou without knowing it as well, but that is needless speculation, all that matters is finding the true path knowing infinite possibility.


There are monsters under the bed, there are places that will break you, and there are worlds too colorful for human eyes. Don't become conceited, and be careful where you tread. It's possible to ride enlightenment down the wrong street.


Your words express my need to find the happiest path through all of existence quite well. When there are monsters, I have weapons. When a place could break me I'd turn it into something else. The world is indeed too colorful, but when you open all your "eyes" you can truly see the world. And If I ever become something I would detest and tread the wrong path, I have others to put me down. As for now, I will continue my honest hearted work in pride.


But it is evident that such a statement as >>698 is coming from the fact that in your own statement you denied that there was anything wrong. Therein lies the human mistake.

And as the last incarnation of death, your definition of self is a paradox. Death needs time for what it kills to grow in.


i exist


once you die, does everything? What is death? Is death what happens when your body leaves your soul if, for example, you were killed and thus your body stopped working? Or, is death the decay of everything you are composed of?

To use the former definition of death, and call yourself the last incarnation of death, is a fraudulent, or dishonest statement. Afterward, time will exist and will have factored into your death, but time will still exist with death.

To use the latter definition of death, one which I personally find more fitting, makes a much deeper statement about who you are. However, there remains no room for a final incarnation. All of energy itself, all of the universe, has a beginning and an end but until then it is shared throughout time. We might all be one single incarnation of death, but really what we are is a component coalescent with death, energy, and time, for which the universe was created.


then, who am I?


File: 1378403837108.jpg (43.88 KB, 582x437, 私は誰?綾波 レイ。あなた誰?綾波 レイ。.jpg)


Through investigating my own ramblings even further I have already concluded what being the Last Death is.
Death tends to lead to rebirth, what comes after the Last Death?

I will be leaving the material plane soon to conduct further research, the current divergence ratio is 0.003453%, have fun following my notes.


is the existence of "last death" coincident with the low divergence ratio? Wherein does this lie in the equation, and how is it derived or sampled?


You would really like this quote. Its from William S Burroughs.

"When I become death, death is the seed from which I grow."


Have you traveled in time?


That woman is on drugs?


File: 1390631862458.jpg (119.23 KB, 474x355, NGE_Anno_u_rike_it.jpg)

I really hope you're joking…


Ok i figured it out i can explain this thread now. I was experimenting with mixing feeling my existential emotional pain with random bullshit in a spiritual high/crazy state to produce something that I could derive ideas from. This thread inspired me to write a really complicated video game plot. I'll talk about it only if anyone caresno one does

ooga booga booga, it still all relates to real life



What kind of game, may I ask?


an RPG
Not just any rpg though, I spent months deciphering this message and all of my other works into one super continuity and this one has become my life's work as a game designer.

This game has become extremely complicated to the point where I designed a program that could simulate a city of 10000 random people +fixed npcs + daily visiting npcs that calculates a ton of variables for each npc. Things like emotions, history, social interacts, things like heard the main character say something on the street and possibly thousands of other variables are calculated for each npc. The character is able to actively mind read low willed npcs as a primary gameplay function.
The plot is also calculated with as many variables as possible and gives you a ton of choice leaving the game to have a ton of endings and making no run the same. The combat system is heavily decided by all of this a well as it all effects your items stats and abilities depending on what you do during the plot. The game is designed so that when you die you go back to the start of the game but things related to your soul remain on your save file, each time you die you will be playing the game faster and faster because you know more about the game and are more skilled. I designed a high score system and fitted online multiplayer into the plot(i like to design competitive games btw).
Imagine being the first person to get the true ending, now imagine how hard it is to get right.


File: 1427164820988.jpg (258.67 KB, 1200x900, tumblr_m97rcoYRsb1rxgqbco1….jpg)

You sure you didn't take any drugs before posting this, OP?



>"spiritual high/ crazy state"


That's why I asked.

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