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/x/ - Paranormal / Occult

Only the madman is absolutely sure.

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so, theres an /x/…

anyone wanna talk to a psychic? im up for whatever



When was the first time you started to experiment paranormal feelings, OP? What was the one that most impacted you?


well, i was not a natural born psychic. Well, let me restate, i was not awares of it throughout my childhood. A certain friend of mine, at around age 14 or 15 who was psychic, trained by his grandma, reawakened me to it. Its not too hard to learn, just alot of patience and initial faith. What may sound like total bull to a non-psychic might make total sense to one.

hmm… its hard to pin one that has impacted me the most. Im terrible with things like that. I have had quite alot of things happen. Most of them have to deal with thoughtforms. So, i guess you could say thoughtforms influenced me the most. Thoughtforms are beings you create by your own belief in them, so, imaginary friends v.2. the only issue is that they tend to run wild, and they are impossible to destroy. I made no intentional ones, just alot of accidental subconscious ones.



Those are tulpas, the new trend that was deraiing the big /x/ with shitposting. I hate them.

I'm currently trying to open my 3rd eye. Do you have any advice?




oh, thank you!

Have you tried lucid dreams or astral projections? Mother, who is a psychic too, says there's where the 'low'/negative beings are and thus a place you shouldn't go to if you don't want bad things around. Others says there's nothing to worry about.
What's your opinion?


Quan Yen "Keep a light by your side and my name on the tip of your tongue and you shall have not to fear. The astral plane is only the plane of emotions, so it can be just as beautiful as your greatest love, and just as terrible as your deepest fear, it all depends on what you bring into your life. Ask yourself, are you an optimist or a pessimist? And just he same, there are negative beings here on earth to, they are people just the same as you.

Astral plane=lucid dreaming=dreaming.

Its all the same. That is why your dreams can often provide you a great insight into your emotional state. And since the astral plane is the plane of emotions, your dreams are ruled by your emotions. Do not fear, but do not be rash, be calm and careful and you will be fine, just like in life.

Though, for you, i suggest that you do not go, simply because i feel that you should learn meditation first, then empathy. But alas, if you must go just remember what i have said."

If you do not know who Quan Yen is, she was a female asian who studied the path of Buddhism and became enlightened. She however instead of ascending decided to stay on earth to help all the people. She is incredibly wise and powerful.


Do you think that use of mind-manifesting drugs (psychedelics) can help to open one up to psychic "powers"? Also, are most psychic powers universally accessible to anyone who trains their minds properly? This is kind of a rhetorical question because I just want to hear your input.


Before in answer, i would like to explain two terms that i will be using. One is trip, and the other is psychic-trip. Everyone knows what a trip is, so that needs no explaining, but the other warrants some. A psychic trip bears a lot of resemblance to a normal trip with one exception. A psychic-trip has meaning behind it other than just random things. A psychic-trip is like a journey brought on to you from another spirit, usually.

Psychedelics are a tricky subject. They can send you into one of two things, either a normal trip, or a psychic-trip. The issue with this is it is very hard to tell the difference between the two to an average person. The only reason i would be able to tell is that i am an experienced psychic and i have head my share of actual psychic-trips. I can tell by the feel. What psychedelics do is they mess with the frequency of the vibration of your energy waves, particularly your brains energy. Your body is unable to function properly at these frequencies as it cannot read or comprehend them. So you could be viewing something simple, but because you are resonating at different frequencies, you are viewing it in a different way, causing it to seem weird. Now, there is a SMALL chance that it could tune you in to a frequency that actually lends you some psychicness (if i may make up a word), but it is far more unlikely. Plus, as soon as you lost the high you would lose anything you had, which would not be much. And the only way to have it again would be to take more, which only forms a dependency. Plus, any psychicness you got would mostly be in the form of divine knowledge, not actual "power" or whatever.

Yes and no. Everyone has the ability to learn them, but some peoples spirits will reject teachings as the human is not ready for them. However, a curiosity for them is a good sign you wont reject it.


I practice meditation since a year or something. Yet I am unable to contact another spirit, or they didn't try to connect with me. Is there an explanation, or I just suck at meditation?


how do you meditate?



I hear to quiet music while I lay on my bed, as if I was going to sleep.

I start to breath rhythmically, three seconds to take air; three seconds I hold, and I loose the air in another 3 seconds. I concentrate in this as I have my eyes closed, and then I start to 'feel my body'. First, I concentrate in my feet, in all they're touching, if it's warm, my clothes etc. Then I start to go up, untill I reach my head and my hair. At this point I still am trying to keep the rhythm of my breath.

Then I try to focalize in myself, in my thoughts. Mostly, I imagine I am in a nice place, like a temple in a snowy forest, with a little river near. I like that place, and I call it my 'Inner core'. I try to see myself there, dressed in white, meditating, as I heard the wind noises, the plants, the animals, the air. I feel the frozen air.

That's basically what I do, and generally as I see myself doing it I think in other things, but I manage to keep focused on the main meditation properly.

Never got any strange situation doing this, though.


>I hear to quiet music while I lay on my bed, as if I was going to sleep.

I listen to quit music*

Ahh, sorry for the typo and others errors it might have but I'm sleepy and english is not my first language.


When you meditate you want it to be as quiet as possible. I suggest no music. Your other mistake lies withing what you focus on while you meditate. When you meditate you do not want to focus on anything, but you dont want to zone out. You concentrate on nothingness. You try to clear your mind of everything. Every little thought that pops in your head while you do this should quickly be dismissed.

Remember, keep your mind clear when you do this.



Oh, is that so. I'm gonna try it like that now. Thank you.

Is there any other thing I have to take in consideration if I want to grow spiritually?


hey op, just wanted to say i really like your energy. I was just wondering since you can sense energies im sure ur opinion on mine? in a way i feel its not as light as it used to be, but im thinking maybe due to adaptations to external environmen? your toughts?

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