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If there are such things as ghosts how come there are no dinosaur ghosts around?


Ghosts have a half life of about one century. Although the presents of other ghosts may extend the half life.


well they are all wiped out…so what would they regret?


I want ghosts to give me presents.


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Here's a question, Why aren't gulags and former concentration camps filled to the brim with ghosts? Why are places of genocide like Rwanda or Turkey fucked with ghosts?


Because they don't have souls.
Too crowded and mainstream. Ghosts can't be all spooky if there's too many around in one place; if they try it'll just be clusterfuck. Ghosts are the opposite of humans in that way. People crowd together, ghosts isolate themselves.


I heard of a few. Some say nessie is one, and bigfoot is another.


I beg to differ; ever run into hikkifags?


There are


One theory that's popular: there are various bodies that make up a being. Physical, astral, mental, etc. There's disagreement on the particulars and I'm certainly no expert, it seems to be that the astral body (one 'layer' up from the physical) is gradually discarded after death; it wears out like the physical body after a while, and drifts around, an empty husk.

Without a 'soul' to animate the astral body–and especially if someone died a horrible death, or had unresolved emotions that were very strong, or something of the sort–the astral husk gets stuck in a kind of loop, like muscle memory, repeating itself over and over. Ever heard of those ghost stories of hitch hikers, always doing the same thing and disappearing spookily by the end? Over time the brain and body grow accustomed to doing things a certain way, like digging a rut in the soil over time as you walk the same path: the grass becomes dirt, becomes a trail, becomes a path, becomes a road, until it's used so much that people decide to lay down bricks and make it a proper thoroughfare. I imagine this is how the mind works, especially when energized by strong emotion. Heavy guilt, unrequited love, especially over years, has potential to animate these astral bodies, whether or not the 'soul' is still inhabiting them.

This is just one theory, of course.

Dinosaur ghosts aren't around because, just like physical bodies, astral bodies decay too.


There are some legends of dinosaur cryptids (that might be ghosts) on the Amazonic jungle and the Australian desert, but it's just that, legends.


…they are. If you're psychically sensitive, then old battlefields, prisons, hospitals etc. are haunted as shit.


More like about a millennia as the karmic energies making up its existence slowly fades while they wait and wait for an appropriate (for their karma) womb to find rebirth until they cease to exist as a human spirit, only to be reborn– perhaps as another human, or an animal, or in one of the heavens or the many hells.




Maybe there are, and it just happens that they’ve existed so long before us and were lifeforms so very different from us that we’ve just developed into believing their traces are just part of everyday nature and don’t question any of what they do as we would if we saw a shape reading a book or singing.

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