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Can we have a creepy vids thread?
Bonus points if it's recent (<3 y/o) or hasn't been reposted ad nauseam.
One of my favourites.




If you liked this, you should check out more from this user.


Thanks OP. It unnerves the living hell out of me.


I don't know if this counts. To me, it's not so much creepy. Just weird. Other people may enjoy it though.


Competor is really well-known so you've probably already seen his stuff, but some of you haven't so it's worth a share.



File: 1345131183837.gif (50.46 KB, 420x623, hatsune_miku_hatsune_miku_….gif) ImgOps Google

Woah. that was awesome looking. Aahh the ending made me sad and now I feel dread.
competor is wonderful. Everything reminds me of the drawings of a disturbed child.

I can't believe I was scared by a video wih a lame-ass title like "REAL DEMONS CAUGHT ON TAPE", but I saw this a few summers ago and then I couldn't sleep. It's the little tiny hands that come out from under the door that really get me. Oh, I guess this is a screamer at the end? I HONESTLY DON'T REMEMBER THE ENDING WITH THE MONSTER AND I WATCHED THIS LIKE 20 TIMES. I just remember them turning off the camera after seeing too many hands…


File: 1391941806418.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, thisguyreallyunderstands.png) ImgOps Google

Ah, there it is! The old home movie…


wat did i just see


More straight-up horror than creepy, but you may enjoy it.




This deserves an alternative, where the whole video ends at 5:26 or something.

what about plain things?

i only found it creepy when i watched it first drunk (especially the first few seconds) but tbh it's just strange


File: 1399550623701.jpg (108.42 KB, 429x438, meme8920727657499144944.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

wanting to get some sleep tonight?….no thanks.




There's an entire ARG that AboveTopSecret played that involved this. It's also related to the indie sci-fi flick Zenith. Boatloads of fun just tracking down all of the creepy stuff they post.


this is pretty unsettling, but a loud ringing noise starts up at the end n kinda ruins it.


This is pretty popular but it freaks me right out.


Oh yeah I remember this one.
I actually took the time to figure out which episode of Downtown Gaki was on the TV :O


I made this video for Halloween.
Bonus points if you can guess the song and referenced picture without reverse searching it.


Ah, I guess it leads to itself.
Well, bonus points if you automatically know it then.


The video was removed, do you mind telling me the name of the video so I can look it up?


You are aware you could reverse search that url yourself, right?


Yeah, I didn't realize you could do that with URLs. I thought that was only possible with images, but thanks for the advice! I'll do that right now.


Does anybody know where I could find a mirror of Delight Jacky's videos, especially Say Mei Time? I'm a little obsessive about preserving and watching these kinds of things. Being late to the party is always frustrating and it always seems to happen to me. It's like I just can't stay in the loop.


This one's a bit light, but it's interesting.



This freaked me out really bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUfi23z_VNY


This one's pretty cool. It's an old estonian animated short that was banned.



The video isn't that creepy but pretty. It has a cyberpunk/endzeit aesthetic.
Don't think too much about what it means, it's written by a philosopher who had a mental breakdown a few years later and moved to china.


I… Have no fucking clue what this one is.
I think it's a cow?


An interesting camera trick. It's kind of sad that this is more disturbing than most horror movies these days…



This looks like some student project.


I saw a video like couple of years ago where a russian guy sprayed graffitis on abandoned trains.Do any have that?


Something evil in his videos. You may be followed by misfortune if you indulge.



They had a lot of cool flash movies. Unfortunately, japanese geocities died earlier this year and they couldn't move them over to neocities.


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