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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1343679671548.jpg (23.46 KB, 500x500, I7og8.jpg)


Can we have a creepy vids thread?
Bonus points if it's recent (<3 y/o) or hasn't been reposted ad nauseam.
One of my favourites.




If you liked this, you should check out more from this user.


Thanks OP. It unnerves the living hell out of me.


I don't know if this counts. To me, it's not so much creepy. Just weird. Other people may enjoy it though.


Competor is really well-known so you've probably already seen his stuff, but some of you haven't so it's worth a share.



File: 1345131183837.gif (50.46 KB, 420x623, hatsune_miku_hatsune_miku_….gif)

Woah. that was awesome looking. Aahh the ending made me sad and now I feel dread.
competor is wonderful. Everything reminds me of the drawings of a disturbed child.

I can't believe I was scared by a video wih a lame-ass title like "REAL DEMONS CAUGHT ON TAPE", but I saw this a few summers ago and then I couldn't sleep. It's the little tiny hands that come out from under the door that really get me. Oh, I guess this is a screamer at the end? I HONESTLY DON'T REMEMBER THE ENDING WITH THE MONSTER AND I WATCHED THIS LIKE 20 TIMES. I just remember them turning off the camera after seeing too many hands…


File: 1391941806418.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, thisguyreallyunderstands.png)

Ah, there it is! The old home movie…


wat did i just see


More straight-up horror than creepy, but you may enjoy it.




This deserves an alternative, where the whole video ends at 5:26 or something.

what about plain things?

i only found it creepy when i watched it first drunk (especially the first few seconds) but tbh it's just strange


File: 1399550623701.jpg (108.42 KB, 429x438, meme8920727657499144944.jpg)

wanting to get some sleep tonight?….no thanks.




There's an entire ARG that AboveTopSecret played that involved this. It's also related to the indie sci-fi flick Zenith. Boatloads of fun just tracking down all of the creepy stuff they post.


this is pretty unsettling, but a loud ringing noise starts up at the end n kinda ruins it.


This is pretty popular but it freaks me right out.


Oh yeah I remember this one.
I actually took the time to figure out which episode of Downtown Gaki was on the TV :O


I made this video for Halloween.
Bonus points if you can guess the song and referenced picture without reverse searching it.


Ah, I guess it leads to itself.
Well, bonus points if you automatically know it then.


The video was removed, do you mind telling me the name of the video so I can look it up?


You are aware you could reverse search that url yourself, right?


Yeah, I didn't realize you could do that with URLs. I thought that was only possible with images, but thanks for the advice! I'll do that right now.


Does anybody know where I could find a mirror of Delight Jacky's videos, especially Say Mei Time? I'm a little obsessive about preserving and watching these kinds of things. Being late to the party is always frustrating and it always seems to happen to me. It's like I just can't stay in the loop.


This one's a bit light, but it's interesting.



This freaked me out really bad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUfi23z_VNY


This one's pretty cool. It's an old estonian animated short that was banned.



The video isn't that creepy but pretty. It has a cyberpunk/endzeit aesthetic.
Don't think too much about what it means, it's written by a philosopher who had a mental breakdown a few years later and moved to china.


I… Have no fucking clue what this one is.
I think it's a cow?


An interesting camera trick. It's kind of sad that this is more disturbing than most horror movies these days…



This looks like some student project.


I saw a video like couple of years ago where a russian guy sprayed graffitis on abandoned trains.Do any have that?


Something evil in his videos. You may be followed by misfortune if you indulge.



They had a lot of cool flash movies. Unfortunately, japanese geocities died earlier this year and they couldn't move them over to neocities.


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