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You're welcome.


We already have a tulpa thread a page or two back. The last one was full of shitposting and went nowhere though so I don't mind if we start a new one.


Or you could do drugs. Shrooms in particular are fun.



Ya dude, they will enlighten you and shit, life changing experience and shit.

What a horrible stupid drug


and i still say please not this tulpa shit


>imaginary friends



Please, use a more sophisticated synonym like Tulpa, it might hurt people's feelings if you call them imaginary friends.


File: 1341485805210.jpg (14.74 KB, 210x240, Char_26941[1].jpg)


high fives to thou


Haha. Anyone who needs drugs to be enlightened was fucking retarded to being with.
I just do them for fun. And not to be a depressed shithead who needs imaginary friends to deal with the horrible self-image they have.


High fives all around, broski.


Distortion, You need to make Dormilia and post results.


People who are making tulpa/have tulpa are quite aware that they are imaginary friends. It doesn't cause offence.


File: 1341522004997.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 16209188754.png)

>do shrooms
>not a shithead

You're way beyond imaginary friends I'm afraid


Aww, is baby afraid of the big bad drug?


File: 1341531573483.jpg (44.23 KB, 396x385, 1334080483234.jpg)

You people make me sick. Whenever someone comes around and tries to start a nice conversation on this board all of you faggots start acting like stupid 14 year old kids who think they are internet tough guys and shitpost so badly one would figure you had chronic diarrhea. I swear you guys are even worse than /b/. You may as well all kill yourselves for what good you're worth.


File: 1341566221666.jpg (46.86 KB, 500x348, 71ad7411b7c8923dfd4b4934cf….jpg)


there sure have been a lot of posts like this all over ubuu lately, like a lot more than usual


it's all Seisatsu's fault


And have hot femdom sex with her. And after that create a post with an extensive description of this sex.


makes a shit post complaining about shit posting, while telling everyone to kill themselves



File: 1341956600787.png (8.76 KB, 387x468, laughinganons.png)

>This thread


File: 1342083972850.gif (2.9 MB, 290x189, hahahahaha.gif)

>mfw this thread


I'm making a tulpa during my downtime at work.
Which is all the time.
Going's really slow, though.


Is it actually working?

I mean, is this tulpa stuff actually a real thing and not fake?


Well, the process involves obscene amounts of mental concentration and drug use to form a separate, sapient, sentient individual (a tulpa) with its own beliefs and aspirations. And not only that, the tulpa will have it's own form that you can interact with! Only the tulpa exists nowhere but inside of your head.
It just seems like taking the idea of an imaginary friend *WAY* too far. I just don't see the appeal of going through all of this time and effort just to have a pseudo-person live in your brain.

What's even the point? One of the tulpa.info guides says that a tulpa entails "autonomous thinking, decision making skills, the tulpa having its own set of likes, dislikes, pleasures and emotions, the tulpa having different thoughts from you, and the like. The tulpa will be able to talk and function on its own." So you're not making some random character in your head to sound off to. You're making another conscious, an individual who resides within you but otherwise could be totally different.
But here's the thing: we have those already. They're called "people", and there are over 7 billion of them on this planet. So why should someone put forth all of this time and effort to form what is ultimately a hallucination, when there are premade humans you can interact with all over the place?



Because dealing with real people doesn't make you a unique and special snowflake. Oh, and real people are real, and reality is big and scary (and you have to go OUTSIDE!).

Also, a mushroom trip gave me the motivation to turn my life around. Hell, one time they convinced me to go to college.

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