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Does anyone ever have the feeling that they can sense other people's presence? I would have to describe the feeling as when I'm alone and another person enters my presence, I get a very high pitch, almost inaudible ring in my ears, before I ever see them or hear them.


I feel like someone is touching my back or something >_> then i turn around or something and someone just entered to room.


i guess it's similar to how you can feel people staring at you.


Your senses are a lot more sensitive than you think they are. You subconsciously pick up the small sounds others' bodies make through your hearing (their breathing, their organs shifting, etc.), you subconsciously feel the tiny shifts in air pressure against your skin when someone is in your presence, you can see their shadows in your peripheral vision, I'm sure there are many other ways you can feel people around you, it's a natural ability that all human beings have.

It's also why people tend to get that feeling that they're being watched, if something around you (like the air conditioning switching on or maybe a door swinging shut) gives you a similar feeling to the one you had when someone approached you in the past, your brain has been conditioned into thinking that there is a person nearby even if you know there isn't.

That ringing in your ears that you describe sounds similar to what happens when your body tenses up, which is a natural reaction to suddenly becoming aware of the presence of another; you were mildly surprised, your body became mildly stressed and tensed up a little, your inner ear tensed up slightly with the rest of your body, and you heard a ringing sound because of it.


Complete opposite

Do you know how many times I have heard "Holy shit! How long have have you been standing there?"



me too. apparently I walk quietly and not in a noticeable way (? whatever that means)

that's not the opposite of what op described, though, he is talking about detecting others, not going undetected


Human beings emit a weak electromagnetic force. It's probably that.


personally I think we pick up on more sounds and tactile sensations than we consciously notice. creaks in the floor or furniture, doors shutting, people passing in front of sources or light or sound, etc


I also can detect minor things like these sometimes.

That happens to me also.

My mind must be very good at picking up on things like this. I think my brain is overly active at times.

It could be something like this also, because I can tell whenever someone turns on an old tube tv in my house, because I get the same feeling whenever I'm near them; again even when the volume is at zero. It's like I'm picking up a signal or something. I must just have sensitive ears.



oh! I hear those tube televisions as well. they're so annoying after a while, some are really loud. do some channels sound different to you? does the sound sometimes change when the picture changes?

when I was a kid my mom thought I had tinnitus when I described the noise to her. actually my hearing was alarmingly good.


I can definitely feel it when there's a dramatic change on screen, like when something cuts to black. Sometimes I notice that different channels give me different frequencies.

One of the most annoying things for me is hearing things recharging. I can hear a very loud ring come from my laptop when it's plugged in but the battery is fully charged.

On another note, what do you guys think about footsteps? Have you ever lived with a group of people so long that you could tell who was walking around the house and where just by the characteristics of their footsteps?


Well that's obvously because of Dormilia's demonic aura.


I'm starting to think this is more and more true. I realized a few days ago how much I can detect when it's about to rain or thunderstorm because of the atmospheric pressure. I can feel the air get thin because of the low pressure.


If people are moving about inside a house then they're probably swinging doors open and you could be able to hear or feel the air changing. My hearing must be pretty sensitive since I can hear a sound that's out of the ordinary even while I've got headphones on listening to music. Humans must have developed some basic super-ability to sense predators like most other animals at some point in our history.

Fun fact: hyper-sensitivity to sound is a trait of autism.


i can smell the rain before it falls… always could


kinda this. anyway there was a russian experiment that probes that people can really feel someone looking at them with very high acurracy in 1.5m and the mecanism its a mystery

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