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So I'm sure you guys know about the infamous "Lavender Town Effect" and how people supposedly get headaches from it.
But after I listened to some of the more disturbing Pokemon BGM (i.e. the Unown Radio Signal, Lavender Town [of course], the Drought theme) at 1 in the morning - which is a really fucking dumb thing to do and I'm never doing it again - I ended up getting horrible hallucinations, to the point where literally all I could hear was the Unown Radio Signal. I was completely deaf to anything else. My vision was all static-y and I felt like I was levitating, not to mention I kept seeing freaky ass shit everywhere and it wouldn't stop for like a good hour or so - I couldn't even hear myself crying. When the consequences of my asshattery ceased, I was so fucking scared I could barely breathe.

What the fuck happened to my brain, Ubuuchong? I've heard of placebo effects and just imagining symptoms, but how do you just sort of…imagine up a really bad trip complete with deafness? I know this sounds like a bad creepypasta and it's really dumb but it's completely true. Pic unrelated.


I dunno, when you lack too much sleep, sometimes you start seeing shit, apparently.


Hey asshole, thanks for scaring the living fucking shit out of me. I want to hurt you now (except I'm really short and skinny and effeminate so uh… nevermind.)


File: 1330593833589.png (175.19 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lub1c25t8n1qzkx6s.png)

So your jimmies are rustled by the fact that I had the most terrifying experience of my life and then you take it out on me with empty threats and cuss words? How selfish and cruel of you anon, I thought we had something special. ;_;


Yes, because reading about a hallucination is the exact same thing as experiencing one. *Sarcasm*



That time in the back seat of the volkswagen? MEANT NOTHING TO ME! Plus, it was very uncomfortable.

Chill bro, it was a joke. I wouldn't actually try to torment someone who basically had the most terrifying experience of his life (something similar happened to me after playing Yume Nikki for the first time).


Ahhh, sorry for acting like you were serious. With some of the dicks and trolls I've seen on here, it's getting mildly hard to tell with who is joking and who is serious. D:


File: 1331967190480.jpg (159.72 KB, 1200x720, grell ohnoes.jpg)

Fuck. I'v been scared of the Lavender Town Effect, every time I even think of that sound I get irrationally nervous. It's kept me up for whole nights. Why did you have to post this?!


Once I literally experienced a sarcasm.

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