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File: 1330509345853.jpeg (21.97 KB, 200x278, 15243_1324487328.jpeg)


Do you ever feel mildly psychic? I sometimes have been able to finish peoples sentences and predict the future a few times.
Pic unrelated.


I've thought of things before they've happened on numerous occasions. I guess you could call it "psychic" for lack of a better term, but I can't predict the future. There isn't a voice in my head telling me, "This is what is going to happen," rather, sometimes I think of things that have happened in the past, then they happen again, from a week to a few seconds in the future.


Some studies into precognition lately have suggested it isn't any form of psychic power, but rather sensitivity to changes in the fourth axis of space. Basically, on a 2D grid if your position was (3,3) with a horizontal increase of 1 starting at zero, you'd have relative awareness of (0,3),(1,3) and (2,3). Because of its adjacency, you'd also at your current position be aware of (4,3), or your next position. You could also be aware of (3,4) and (3,2).

It's the same thing with movement along the fourth axis. People with greater sensitivity could have an awareness of the immediate future, and theoretical alternate layers of 4d space.

For instance, if your 4d coordinates were (3,3,3,3) you could have awareness of (2,2,2,2), (4,3,3,4), and any other combination assuming a sensitivity of 1.

Right now this theory is being put through peer review and the full gauntlet of the scientific method with an accuracy of about 70%.

I suppose if you wanted to get into semantics you could call it a psychic power or a new sense, but it's just awareness of your position in space relative the fourth axis. More than a mystic force, it's like looking across a room and knowing there is probably a lamp.


Sometimes I'll have a dream, and it will come true. Nothing significant, things like the bus driver driving past without stopping.
As for Dormilia, I suppose if you consider gods to be imaginary friends then I suppose that makes me a prophet.


I have that also. It's really weird how sometimes the little things in my dreams usually end up happening the same day i had them.It's fun just calling it coincedence though.


I often have strangely accurate dreams resulting in deja vu so strong I can anticipate things as minute as knocks at the door or sudden noises seconds before they occur. I have been able to prepare myself for visitors or other surprise changes to my daily routine purely on the basis of these dreams.


I usually notice that I knew something was about to happen a split second before something sudden happened. It's sort of like a strange rushing sound in my ear like wind, just before something happens. It might be related to this: http://uboachan.net/x/res/222.html

I may be sensing atmospheric pressure differences because of sudden movement, before I see it or feel it.


File: 1341709638773.png (114.42 KB, 550x490, 1226683308610.png)

Something I experience very often: When I think about someone I know very well for extended periods of time, recall a couple of related memories from past, it often happens that within minutes, I receive a phone call or text message or something similar from them out of the blue, even if we haven't been in touch for months prior. This seems to happen more often the better I know that person. In some cases, like for my mom, it seems like it works both ways. She sometimes tells me how she predicts seemingly unpredictable phone calls from me and prepares accordingly. It happens often enough, that I don't consider it coincidence anymore.

I don't really believe in paranormal stuff, I'm always searching for answers through science, but I have slowly started believing in limited telepathy. Inspired by that, I've also briefly attempted telekinesis and energy transfer, but I've never gotten any of those to work. I've also tried sending word, thoughts and sentences to people, but that hasn't worked either. Besides, telepathy seems to come to me naturally, trying to force it never seems to work.

I have developed some theories. Maybe, if you are close acquaintances with someone, you subconsciously imprint the other persons pattern of habits to your memory, and can access it somehow in a non-trivial manner. I find it hard to believe, that there'd be some kind of invisible particles or some shit between people… though who knows? I just know what I experience, and I have experienced some form of telepathy often enough, that I've gotten used to it and started beleiving in it.


File: 1342561405979.gif (313.79 KB, 499x374, tumblr_m3iimysr581qg39ewo1….gif)

when I was a kid I (almost) always knew when the phone was going to ring. I'd go over to it and wait a few seconds, and it would ring. Sometimes I just picked it up and it would warble a little as it had just started to ring.

I usually knew who was calling, too, and would say "hi <name>" instead of "hello". that was well before most people had cordless phones or caller ID. getting a call from a telemarketer or phone surveyer or whatever was kind of exciting because I couldn't always tell who it was.

this might sound cool and it was handy if I was expecting a call, but it made answering the phone boring and kind of a chore. also kind of freaked out my family because they didn't understand how I knew that someone unexpected was going to call in ten minutes or whatever, or how I could blithely say "it's the bank/it's auntie/it's so-and-so/it's a telemarketer selling a subscription to something" when the phone rang during dinner and usually be right. my mom is super religious and not very smart so it scared her. all I could say to their questions about it was "I dunno" because I really didn't and still don't. Even if a noise or something alerted me to an incoming call that wouldn't tell me who it was or what they wanted. this persisted after I moved out but I don't have a landline now so I dunno if I can still do it or not.

Once in a while I have a dream that ends up coming true. Also I sometimes feel a compulsion to do or not do odd things like take something with me or put something in my pocket for later, or just say something I wouldn't usually say, and it ends up being exactly what was unexpectedly needed. That doesn't happen often though, the phone thing used to happen every day


Interesting, i thought i was das, I often feel something like a spidysense and avoid dangerous situations or stuff coming to me.


File: 1350791374723.jpg (15.18 KB, 263x276, are you a newtype.jpg)

Not sure if this necessarily counts as "psychic", but whatever.

>walking on my own at times minding my own business

>mostly or completely alone
>suddenly get the urge to turn around thinking someone's behind me or watching me
>lo and behold, someone's there staring at me

It can't be me hearing them, because sometimes they're like 50 feet away. I'm not sure if it's some general sixth sense or not, because it's happened even if they're not behind me. I don't know if it's a natural human ability to predict when someone's gonna show up or not, or to tell if we're truly alone. It would make sense to have it, since it would help greatly with survival.


I feel as though I have the ability to sense whenever someone's there. The past few nights I'd feel someone's presence there, I'd look up and lo n' behold my mum or dad are there, getting a midnight snack or telling me to go to bed.

Not only that I can tell what someone's gonna say SECONDS before they say it. And once in a blue moon I'd have a dream of something happening, weeks/months later it happens.

I'm not sure if this is psychic or anything, could be acute awareness. But still.


Sometimes I dream and it happens in the future. It happens to my friends too. I don't remember the dream when I wake up, tho.


File: 1446110482921-0.png (298.77 KB, 800x709, tumblr_nvf7e1SdCa1ugff8so1….png)

File: 1446110482922-1.png (94.29 KB, 350x350, tumblr_inline_nvkoq541aN1r….png)

Yeah, I have these "flashes sometimes. It could be intuition, especially when I predict what somebody is going to say or do, but sometimes I get flashes from things that aren predictable in any way. I was playing Binding of Isaac ysterday and this happened:
>bomb yourself into super secret room
>there is a fortune telling machine
>get a flash of one oh the things that machine will say when you give it money, "your princess is in another castle"
>go full clear the floor
>approximately minute later come back to super secret room
>insert coin into machine
>message pops up
>"your princess is in another castle"
It might be coincidence, but things like these happen too often. I wonder how this works.


File: 1446289432499.png (15.46 KB, 500x500, autism.png)

Sometimes I can predict the weather right. That counts right?


Sometimes, when I dream, the dream becomes true later on in the near future.


similar things happen to me. something triggers a memory of this vision and sometimes i see the same thing that happens but sometimes i see like an alternate version. its weird dejavu


Same here kind of. More so when I was a little kid, I used to dream conversations between family members, and that following morning they would say the same shit word for word.

>its weird dejavu

Yeah, I doubt it is any sign of us all being able to predict other's words.


Same thing.

This whole thing scares the shit out of me, because i know its not just some strange dejavu or anything, im positive its real.
But its seemingly impossible to utilize this power.
Even tough i read alot of esoteric theoretic shit on the net years back, this kind of thing i have rarely read about.


The linearity of time is an illusion imposed by our biological nature. Sometimes, something can happen in the now because something is to happen in the future. The causality of events is tied together in both directions, not just forward.


File: 1452300992728.jpg (252.03 KB, 1453x1200, Kaitai shinsho.jpg)

For all the fags who answered yes, I have a few questions for you:

>How often does this happen to you?

>How accurate are your premonitory dreams? (e.g. stuff happens just as you dreamt it or you see a general scene that becomes reality one way or the other)
>What's the average time gap between your dream and the moment the thing you dreamt happens?
>Have you noticed any particular thing/pattern that repeats every time you have a premonition? (e.g. you only see what your relatives will say on your dreams, you have premonitions before bad/good things happen, they happen during specific periods of time, depends on your mood, etc.)
>How vivid are your dreams? Do you perceive other sensations? (smell, coldness/hotness, wind or other senses).
>Since what age did you start having these dreams/when did you realize you had a premonition ability?
>Did you ever manage to make any use of it?


It doesn't occur as much as it used to. If anything it stopped altogether when I was about 12 or something.
The one instance I mentioned earlier, the conversation between my sister and mother, was word for word, and in that sense pretty vivid. Mind you, this was years ago.
Of the occurances that I recall, the scenario would take place usually very soon after waking up (which could further prove this just to be bullshit).
No pattern, although I did notice that it seemed to happen sometime related to death (whether it be the death of a pet or family member). I think that's just a coincidence, though.
In the aforementioned scenario, I only heard and saw the conversation take place. In other dreams I doubt I would have been able to sense that much.
It was a pretty short period of time to be fair; it only became noticable from the age of seven.
Never got to make any use of it - if anything it only did me worse, seeing as I had a pretty weak grasp on what 'reality' was at the time. Yeah I know. makes me sound like a faggot.

To be honest, I think it just comes down to coincidence. I highly doubt I was psychic at the age of 10. Just thought I would contribute to the thread for once.


>To be honest, I think it just comes down to coincidence. I highly doubt I was psychic at the age of 10. Just thought I would contribute to the thread for once.
Don't worry, I'm not trying to start a "who is the best ESPfag" contest or anything. It's just that it'd be nice to see how this is for every different user, and check if there's any particular thing among them, or none.


What's weird for me is it's very sparing except for one specific time period of my life. Currently I just seem to finish everyones sentences early in my head without realizing, I interrupt them also unknowingly and than new people I meet think I'm rude. It's frusterating because I just want to get the conversation along but I have to wait for the 1 in 15 times I'm wrong.

A couple years ago I found myself able to say exactly what people were feeling and help them with problems. I was able to say exactly what they needed to hear too. I was able to tell where they were going to be next, what they were going to do. I actually found and met everyone related to each others problems. They were a group of old friends from high school who all hurt each other really bad one way or another and stopped being friends eventually, causing their current spell of sadness and depressing, and I tried to bring them together and work them through it. It was going well for a while… they were so happy to be friends again then all of the sudden none of my predictions were right anymore. I started meddling in the wrong ways and I fucked the whole thing up.

It was an issue that centered around me though, I was the factor that linked all these people together back in school, and one of the factors that tore them apart, and history repeated itself. Now I'm left with stupid conversation predicting "powers" which make me look austistic. I always thought I was just really good at seeing patterns and than I got too stressed, went in over my head, lost it, and now it's sorta back but its sucks so who cares.


>How often does this happen to you?
Very hard to say, my memory is not good, id estimate about once all 2 weeks, but could vary alot.
>How accurate are your premonitory dreams? (e.g. stuff happens just as you dreamt it or you see a general scene that becomes reality one way or the other)
I see exactly what is going to happen and gain awareness of it, but i fail to remeber what comes next.
>What's the average time gap between your dream and the moment the thing you dreamt happens?
Hard to say again, id say average a week, but it am aware of some things happened months later.
>Have you noticed any particular thing/pattern that repeats every time you have a premonition? (e.g. you only see what your relatives will say on your dreams, you have premonitions before bad/good things happen, they happen during specific periods of time, depends on your mood, etc.)
Absolutely no pattern from what i can tell, most of the time its just me starting in the computer screen or so.
>How vivid are your dreams? Do you perceive other sensations? (smell, coldness/hotness, wind or other senses).
I only recall visual information that is quite sharp, but i suppose the rest might be true but due the lack of audio in most situations i get nothing.
Same thing for other senses i suppose.
>Since what age did you start having these dreams/when did you realize you had a premonition ability?
Had those since forever.
>Did you ever manage to make any use of it?

Its really fustrating most of the time its recursive, as in i see myself trying to recall what will happen next but i fail.

Tough the interesting thing is while it happens rarer now, the actual span of it is longer and more ahead of when it will happen.


I sometimes find that I have really vivid, really short visions nearly every hour, though sometimes only once a week. They're so short and vivid, and a lot of the time very meaningless, so I usually just discard even the memory of them. Sometimes though I don't, because the event is so weird/vivid, and sometimes that exact thing will happen later. Like, I'll have visions of a small snippet of a conversation I have with someone while doing a very specific thing. Actual example: talking about my coworker's pokemon fanfiction with another coworker, while cutting an apple pie. that's probably my most recent one, and it happened last saturday.


File: 1462379266745.gif (473.87 KB, 400x292, Raven_Baxter_vision.gif)

I can’t avoid reading that with Raven Baxter’s voice.

Have you thought about starting to write them down, to keep some track on the visions and how common do they come true?


and yeah i have!! but im really scatterbrained and forgetful so more than half the time i forget about it. i used to keep rigorous track of it in this really cute notebook i had, but i lost it somewhere in the abyss that is my hoard of art supplies and bullshit. a rough estimate though for how often they come true(and i notice them) is about… maybe once a month, possibly less or more frequent.


And I've had two dreams that feel really…I don't know. Perhaps they're prophetic dreams that haven't come true yet, but as soon as I woke up from them I knew they were important. Also I had a home invasion just after waking from one.


I have dreams that I forget then when it happens I am like 'I REMEMBER THIS FROM A DREAM'

Which is why I am tempted to start doing dream diaries


I've managed to convince two of my friends I am psychic by repeatedly guessing cards they picked correctly.


I finish other's sentences because they speak too slow.


Same here, I also get really strong deja vu that lasts for 5+ minutes at a time.


i have premonitions and scare myself to an endless awakening. and not the good awakening.


Minor weather manipulation. I can change it a little, but not dramatically.

When I want it to get a little more breezy, the wind speeds up a little. When I want it to stop, it stops within a few minutes (unless it's heavy wind, in which case it just lightens a little).

When it's raining, I can make it stop within a few minutes. Or at least become really light. I can't remember the last time I got caught outdoors in a heavy downpour. Every time it's rainy outside and I have to walk somewhere, I just concentrate before I leave and it stops long-enough to get to my destination without being soaked. Then it's back to pouring not long after I enter a building. This doesn't happen often though, as I mostly drive everywhere and I like rain. It works for snow too.

Weather tends to become more chaotic the more volatile my emotions are (not on a minute-by-minute basis though; as a "state of my mood on average over the month). I'm on meds now, so everything has been more even. Not sure if the lack of snow in winter has anything to do with it.

They're probably just manic delusions. Or I'm sensitive to weather changes and interpreting it as me wishing it would happen.

At this point I just accept it as a thing that happens. I Want To Believe™, but I'm an adult and this is probably chuuni bullshit. It's probably all a coincidence. Hell, maybe it's something that'll "mysteriously" stop happening now that I'm telling someone after all these years (even I know not to tell anyone in-person).

And yet as I type this, I look outside. The leaves are still. I focus. They start rustling. Wind is blowing. I focus again. It stops.

I'm skeptical, as I should be. I don't tell anyone, as is proper. But deep down I feel like it's real. It's comforting.


Maybe you live in a place with weather that frequently changes. Try wishing that the weather stays the same, and see what happens.



The weather has been pretty consistent lately (what, with the heat wave and all). I've been wishing for rain more than anything.


File: 1470180782951.jpg (661.63 KB, 1750x2500, image.jpg)

I met the ghost of J.R.R. Tolkien once, no joke!


What did he say? What's his opinion about the ending his son made for The Silmarillion? Is he happy about all the milking done to his stuff? Does he hate shitty Hobbit movies too?


Well he did'nt say anything actually, I went to go see the 1st of the 3 hobbit films and an old man stood up blocking my view at the scene where Smog took the mountain, I took my 3d glasses off while asking him to sit back down, right as I took them off, the man was see through and smiled at me and I recognized who he was, he then vanished.

So I didn't like the movie but apparently he did which is odd.


I can't say. I believe I have, though I'm unsure if it's mostly because I want to have felt as such. Either way, a few concepts of psychic abilities are actually quite plausible scientifically. My main thought is that vague predictions of things can be due to the massive amount of data-intake by the subconscious and registered by the conscious as a vague "gut" feeling or intuition as to something. Basically, logical prediction with big data. Although, this doesn't nearly explain the other alleged phenomenon relevant to ESP.


human brain is literally time mashine. everyone can predict future in some way. some even can change the future.

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