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please show it to us


Heard from where? From who?


From you


Of course, we have access to an incredibly obscure piece of snuff Japanese media that's totally not a lie made by the subconscious of a random person on the internet.


dont believe random shit that you saw on some youtube video or reddit, just because this place is obscure doesnt mean that we have the legendary reddit anime.


Man I wish that shit was real. The og description sounded profound in a really disturbing way. I fuckin hate all the romanticized recreations done by twitter whores who just wanna draw uwu ass 80s aesthetics.


Pardon, but… What the hell are you talking about?


I… would like to know too


4chan fabricated story, shitty subreddit, youtube coverage

just the usual "lost media" shit



A "lost OVA" from the 80s about a bunch of girls stuck in a bathroom with no exit. I'm confident it doesn't exist, but if it did some people here would find it neat.


Whang has a funny and interesting series on it, if you're interested.


I am more than convinced it is fake based on the name alone.


Man what happened. I used to be able to recognize "youtubers" when I see them, but now there's seemingly a million new tubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers every day. The population must've gotten way bigger.


Isn't that just The Exterminating Angel but in a bathroom?

The thing about that is that you don't recognize them because no one talks about them. Why no one talks about them is because they're not organic things people care about, they're algo meat. They have things like "400k subscribers" (if you think the numbers aren't juiced), but those people didn't subscribe because they wanted to know what J. Random Tuber's opinions are, they subscribed because they wanted relatively pleasant noise. It's only barely a step above Zergnet.


Searched some archives & this was from April 2000. make sure to remove the extra .bak extension, leave as .mp4

i warn you tho… it won't let you delete it… :o if u see hyper realistic blood come out of ur screen smash it or you won't make it out alive, final warning bro!



It isn't real obviously (but I wish it was, and all the "recreations" are cheasy trash) and you have to be 18 to post here, reditard.


It's real, but not here. Keep looking - it's 'lost' media for good reason. 'Bout shat my pants at fourteen, haha.


wtf was this

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