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Mind over matter can most simply be defined as the use of willpower or thought to overcome physical problems. Some examples would be Tibetan Monks, who can dry soaked, ice cold rags placed on them by heating up their body temperature during meditation. They can also drastically decrease their heart rate and slow their metabolism down as well. One man learned to stop the flow of blood to certain areas to keep from bleeding while in a concentration camp. Another man played imaginary golf games for nearly a decade while in a Vietnamese prison cell during the war. He just paced around with a stick, acting out games and even having pretend conversations with people he knew. When he got back home, his golf game was better than before. That last one isn't quite the same as the others, but there's no point in being too specific.

With massive dedication, or under extreme circumstances, any person can seemingly develop these powers. Even without those, the placebo effect can have remarkably positive and negative effects on people. It's not what people usually think of as paranormal, but scientists aren't fully capable of explaining it yet.

Post any personal experiences you've had with this or anything interesting you've read.


just because i rarely ever see someone appreciating this topic i will share a little experience i had.
i was able to concentrate on my left and right cheeks one night and produced a very acute feeling of pain/itch on both and maintained it till i got bored. i never read or looked into any techniques about this, all i do currently is meditation.

by the way, i think even more impressive than what you mentioned is how swami rama(yogi) was able to maintain a difference of 10C in two adjacent tissues of his hand, they can control arteries/veins individually. he could also stop his heart and lungs for 17 seconds. i read somewhere about another yogi doing it for a solid 3 minutes.
this seems all but a scratch on the surface of what we can do.


Might not be the "superpowers" you're looking for but if anyone's interested in practical and mundane yet transformative meditations here's a good place to start:



>mundane meditations
meditation is the basis of what i mentioned earlier
far far far more important is what is done mentally than just possessing some impressive trick.

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