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I found this cool site called Joyofsatan.org
It has info about occultism, the paranormal, witchcraft, Satanism, demonology, demon summoning, Satanic rituals, etc. what do you think?


>© copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 - Joy of Satan Ministries; Library of Congress Number: 12-16457
>*Note: Most of the writings on this website have been copyrighted. The author grants permission to print these for personal study as long as they are not altered.

Bullshit. Interesting, but absolute bullshit.


I was into that site a while back and I had considered "dedicating my soul" to their version of "Satan" but I ultimately decided against it. I think that joyofsatan.org is a good collection of occult information from other sources, but they constantly intersperse it with their own religious dogma. They're anti-Christian to a degree that they think is excessive, and ironically they say some of the same things that Christians do. For example, instead of "if you do not have the protection of Jesus you will be attacked by evil demons from hell" it's "unless you have the protection of Satan you will be attacked by evil angels from outer space" - basically using fear to gain converts. They attack any religion other than their version of Satanism as being either spiritual deceptions created by angels or at least containing such. They even state that following the ways of angels can result in eternal conscious torment if one isn't deemed suitable food for the Galactic Obliteration Device, thus implicitly dangling that very same knife over the heads of any non-believer in their own tradition.

Plus, in their dedication ritual the practitioner promises to recognize Satan "without reservation". I'm not into that type of power exchange thankyouverymuch, I'd prefer a god who is content with regular offerings.


"Galactic Obliteration Device"? This is a parody site… right?


I've never seen any evidence for such.


The people who use this website have been spamming it everywhere for years. And tbh the op is a thinly veiled advertisement.


>thinly veiled
It couldn't be more obvious unless they outright said "Hello anon, we are Joy of Satan"


File: 1501397668768.png (320.59 KB, 630x460, prettycool.png)

Him calling it cool gives it away.
>what do you think


Dude I don't know why but that post made me laugh

Also what faggots would be scared of "Angels from outer space." I keep imaging winged men with space helmets on flying down to earth and beating people up.

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