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Only the madman is absolutely sure.
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Paranormal, religious texts, and philosophies are records/influences of humans with technology to live eternal life interacting with humans who were other than possessing technology to live eternal life.

People who didn't have technology to live eternal life have explained their experiences with humans who have technology to live eternal life as psi, parapsychology, paranormal, religion, and philosophy.

What I'm saying is texts of religions, histories, and philosophies are records or influenced of interactions with humans who had technology to live eternal life.
What I'm saying is humans have had technology to live eternal life since thousands of years earlier than now.

Videos below are proofs of technology to live eternal life:


Wowowow. Just how thick is your tin-foil hat? I bet Tesla made a generator that can produce infinite energy for free too? "These books say people can become immortal. These books say people can become immortal. Here's some videos of either freak accidents or special effects". Yep, that proves it. How about I pull one of those immortals over and shoot them with a 50 caliber bullet just to prove it. You'd think these people would be well known or super rich. Oh wait, I forgot the government is censoring this stuff and spreading chemtrails to make the population complacent. It's not like they'd use this technology for the military or anything. Please stop trying to poison people's minds and while you're at it check yourself into a mental hospital. You write like a lunatic. A living stereotype.


Lol. Can you prove the people believers of religions and mythologies throughout history were generally logical and not atrociously fearing death? My hypothesis is respectful of intelligence of humans. Just because you're not a member, family or friend or otherwise, of humans who have technology to live eternal life and you don't have access to the technologies isn't going to change reality. You will be humbled. You are on the wrong side of history. People were smart. They aren't pathetic.


File: 1489871079586.jpg (413.72 KB, 1024x768, godisded.jpg)

Yeah okay. People were smart. That's why they set technology back hundreds of years because science disagreed with their ideology. That's why they wrote over innovative mathematical concepts for religious purposes. People did fear death atrociously. That's why they invented concepts like an afterlife. People in the past didn't first find evidence and make conclusions based on it. You don't either. You're argument is that, "the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence", which is the logic that justified looking for weapons of mass destruction in the middle east. Are you a, "member, family or friend or otherwise, of humans who have technology to live eternal life"? What proof do you have that these technologies exist? Why don't this people tell everyone else about these super secret ancient god technologies? Are they part of the Illuminati? Are they fighting against the reptilian overlords who keep replacing political figures?
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OP, I know what you mean. I have lived for thousands of years, really, not joking. I know over 15 languages which are still in use and over 30 that are now dead. I was there when George Washington crossed the Delaware. I was there when Amerigo discovered America. I was a doctor during the Black Death. I've fathered thousands of children in various parts of the world and my knowledge and connections made them successful. I've fathered several of the Rothschild and Rockefellers, I was Steve Jobs AND Bill Gate's father too. I just paid some stupid men to pretend to be their family.

I know secrets about various religious and political figures that people don't want you to know. Like, did you know that Jesus was a druggie? Like yea, that guy did so many shrooms that he started talking about how he was the son of God and everything. But that guy was a genius, holy shit. Everyone just remembers him being crazy as fuck but that guy was a bro.

And oh, I'm sure you know about Mohammad, the great irony is that I hung out with him when Allah was just a moon god and shit. What the imams won't tell you is that, he sucked a mean dick. That guy was gay as fuck, he knew how to fondle balls and make a man cum over 6 feet over his head. I should know, he blew me. No wonder why Islam hates gay people, they'll never a dick sucking as good as Mohammad did.

Buddha was just a fat fuck, but he was all calm. He was cool too. I think the dude reincarnated into Chris Farley or some shit, but I was away during his lifetime.

Anyways, OP, yes, we do have the power to be immortal but it'll never be in your hands.


You're just a regular experiencer. I think you're to die. You aren't obviously being included in on the technologies…nor are you obviously of access to the technologies. Waaay too many people are dying anyway…so I'm not surprised.


I'm trying to make so I live eternal life! :D
TRYING to do it by my hands.


Actually I take some of this back. I know some groups of people have been trying to make the technologies more available…and many millions of people, just a few years ago, got new bodies and instant regrowth of missing body parts (thus more lifetime). You >>1265 may have been a beneficiary. I hope every human gets since if all humans live then I live.

Happy trying!


You seem highly enlightened. It's admirable for someone to go against the grain and not give into to the pressure to conform to typical, lackluster thought patterns and processes. Not only that, but you're vocal about the truth as well. Since you seem so knowledgeable and well-researched, i'm wondering if you would so kind as to share more of you wisdom with me and answer some of my questions. The first I have is if big, black dick happens to have anything to do with the achievement of eternal life. The more this information gets out there the better.


File: 1489903589658.jpg (87.93 KB, 807x734, 052ac8f3862a4a6bfbc52086e1….jpg)



I google translated this for others convenience.
>Okay, is the immortal group saying technology. Also, do you say that there are metabolic enhancements unless you can get an eternal life with a technical tool? Then why such a person does not appear? If it is immortality everywhere it will have come to history in some places, right? Have you been kidnapped by an alien? Or are they raped by Niger? riddle


People living eternal life…while among those who don't have technology to live eternal life…probably are the giant elephants in the room who are black for the sake of the sanity of everyone. What is on them is not to be seen. Those living eternal life probably have so much blood on their hands…and have had many scars. Many of these events are traumatic to experience and are evidence of absolute terror field.


As to the Japanese language comment…I think most of a reply happened or can be assumed.


File: 1489960306189.jpg (261.59 KB, 941x841, キモい.jpg)

それじゃ、ニガーに強姦されたんだと言う意味ですね。それが >>1269 にも答えます。


I have a new version of the OP, "Paranormal, religious texts, and mythologies are records/influences of humans, with technology to live eternal life, interacting with humans who were not possessing technology to live eternal life.

People who didn't have technology to live eternal life have explained their experiences, with humans who have technology to live eternal life, as psi, parapsychology, paranormal, religion, and mythology.

What I'm saying is texts of religions, histories, and mythologies are records or influenced of interactions with humans who had technology to live eternal life.
What I'm saying is humans have had technology to live eternal life since thousands of years earlier than now.

Basically, there is no way people believed in god, gods, religions, mythologies, parapsychology, and psi…AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO CAUSE THESE BELIEFS.

SOMETHINGS happened. Humans seem to do technology. Believers of god, gods, religion, mythology, parapsychology, and psi are living in a universe where humans have technologies to cause what an other human would experience as god, gods, religion, mythology, parapsychology, and psi.

Videos below are proofs of technology to live eternal life:


File: 1490064777758-0.gif (992.26 KB, 379x257, 11.gif)

File: 1490064777758-1.gif (814.51 KB, 245x188, 22.gif)

None of those videos actually prove anything. Again, they could be the result of special effects or some kind of freak accident. For all we know the guy in the first video could have been wearing protective clothing or did some kind of jump cut. Movies from decades ago have had practical effects that were far more impressive than what's in those videos. Some of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park where physically in front of the camera during shooting. Does that mean dinosaurs still exist? No. People have evolved to want an explanation for things. Since science didn't exist at the time, people had to resort to the next best thing, making stuff up. The only thing that gives old religons even a shred of credibility over new age cults is age and being invented at a time when people were far less skeptical about what they're told is true. https://books.google.com/books?id=NWkbAgAAQBAJ&pg=PP2094&lpg=PP2094&dq=aristotle+testicles+deepen+voice&source=bl&ots=NvLFg637ZS&sig=x98VXNVz6xNAUnb4w87iIlusNRE&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiKpaDaxubSAhUIwlQKHd8oCCEQ6AEIKzAC
Aristotle wondered why boy's voices dropped. He noticed that they did around the same time testicles also dropped and came to the conclusion that the two were caused by the same thing. The widening of air passageways. People just took his word for it like how they took the word of someone who accused a women of being a witch. I could flip your argument on your head. I could say that those beliefs could ONLY exist if all of those gods were actually real. You would have no way of disproving me. People are still making cults and in some remote places they could still be inventing new gods. Some people still think the loch ness monster could be real despite the myth coming from a photo that has been proven to be staged. The same goes for Bigfoot. Some people even believe that the fictional monsters in Lovecraft's books, which were meant to satirize religion, are real. The more ignorant someone is the more they think they know.


And again, why would none of that technology be shared with others or have any historical records that directly prove them?


> I could say that those beliefs could ONLY exist if all of those gods were actually real. You would have no way of disproving me.

Whether or not I possess the technology to disprove your hypothetical hypothesis…I believe a hypothesis of why humans were religious, and parapsychologists. Humans made them so. When not obviously a human though a creature or thing…religious believers and parapsychologists experienced the events which were caused since humans were/are living technology of eternal life.

I have three hypothesis of why the existence technology is not more obvious: one, you nor anyone else are very pleasant to be around…and just like super rich humans in many, "public" countries today don't go around helping everyone…so too of the humans possessing technology to live eternal life; two, humans are sometimes stimulated by electricity created via machines far of miles of body so flexes muscles…and this is a protocol to ensure timings of events to ensure eternal life (so as you can imagine, those living eternal life only since the positioning of humans/creatures/things is induced by computers, are humans of a system of which either the recognition of spaces of which a human is existing is too complex than could save so many dying humans, or the humans don't behave like they care about some other matter of the universe [other humans] as long as the computer program inducing positioning really forces eternal life for the human possessing/accessing technology to live eternal life); three, the use of the technologies to live eternal life among humans not possessing technology to live eternal life really are recorded as texts of religion, histories, mythologies, and parapsychology…and only some have been scholars of any of these academic opportunities while the rest are not experiencing the texts which these debaters share.


File: 1490070461225.jpg (37.22 KB, 432x640, you.jpg)

You don't have any proof that religious texts and mythology and all that crap comes from the technology to be immortal to exist. It's not even a hypothesis, it's a schizophrenic fantasy. You didn't even address any of the other points I made either like why the videos don't prove anything and why mythology can exist without having any basis in reality. Is Cthulhu real? Some people think so. Is Scientology and Xenu real too? You can barely write comprehensibly and I think that you genuinely need to seek mental help. You repeat yourself, you're redundant, you're delusional and ignore things you have no explanation for instead of thinking about and changing your perspective based on them. Seek help.


You require proof while the very state of affairs is a proof. I didn't answer some of your, "points" because you make, "points" which are from a perspective which a civilizational bias. You're just a reggie normal living mortal life excepting if someone mercies you by forcing you to live eternal life whether or not you want to live eternal life.

You were helped.


This guy made a thread on 4chan too. http://boards.4chan.org/x/thread/18791186/paranormal-is-normal
I think this might be a secondary youtube account. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfaMybrSp2W1TwBejNr18-g
It also talks about crazy shit. Pretty sure this is his facebook account. Both use this weird shit _{\_
Think he might be part of this forum of other crazies called psion nation http://community.psionnation.com/members/kyle-lewis-sison.3283/
Notice how the meme generator link also says something about psion whatever-the-fuck. Live leak account https://www.liveleak.com/c/Kyle_Lewis_Sison
Also, says some crazy shit in account details. Yeah, this guy is totally nuts. It seems like this would be way to much effort to put in a practical joke. It's a little sad how the internet gives crazies the opportunity to confirm each others delusions and push them further and further into loopy town.


Continue doing this kind of investigative journalism…and you'll find yourself at wikileak leaks which are only since I am an immortal. NO JOKE! lol.

By the way…just to prove my sanity. Three hundred and forty million Americans paying taxes to congress?..and only a few hundred congressmen? NO WAY WE'RE GOING TO BE OKAY unless there are a million or more congressmen for THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY MILLION AMERICANS.

Just for some relaxation text. I sing on my way to work. Everyday I ride my bike through 30 minutes of wilderness/farms. I've been singing, A-ha…take on me; that never gonna give you up song…rickroll?; Lithium Flower…Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Comples. I am trying to find a new song though because my range of tones is not as ranged as some of the songs. I like the tones of, "my eyes have seen the coming of the glory of the lord"…though I don't like some of the lyrics: like since he died to make us holy let us die to make men free; the text should be since he died to make us holy we shall live to make men free.


Oh fuck, this guy hit up a board other than U-18chan?

As someone dealing with this whackjob over there, you have my sympathies for the damage he has inflicted upon you.


File: 1490093360060.png (6.28 KB, 265x190, you don't say.png)

Ok, since we are dealing with whackos here, i'm going to sorta (?) derail this thread to talk about another whacko.

systemspace.link (his own website)
I can't find any archive of the reddit post, but IIRC the OP (which is "Tsuki" / whatever) literally said he has a world under his head which is making him want to kill himself on July 1st, his mom hates him or abuses him or something and told him to kill himself as well, and he had such a bad anger management that he broke like 5 phones.

TL;DR: The guy is pratically fucking bonkers and has a whole world under his head, parental issues, and literally told people to kill themselves on the pretense of being a role play.

I'm joining in on the ruse cruise for July 1st, whatever may happen.
Man, at least the guy could make a better RP world, that shit sounds generic Sci-Fi.


File: 1490106447271.png (676.61 KB, 2657x1427, bg.png)

As shitty as it is he's got an amazing taste. Look at the aesthetics in that fucking site!


You belong on lang-8 my man


Bro, I think you just need a REALLY GOOD DICK SUCKING EXPERIENCE (TM). I know some girls that will drain your dragon balls.


Faith in human8ty restored. Thanks anon.


File: 1490120165473.jpg (325.64 KB, 1281x1011, 24389 - .jpg)

Nah, just joking with OP since some vids have titles in korean so I felt like dicking around. I still have problems with writing though. For example, I just noticed a grammatical error in >>1270
I should have used じゃなくて instead of じゃないと, and 命 instead of 人生 there (since 人生 implies both life AND the experiences carried with), and する instead of ある, thus:

I should consider posting in lang-8 again but I just can't keep up with that.


File: 1490126575556.png (511.11 KB, 713x575, wut2.png)

Man he does have great aesthetics. Much better then this Lewis guy with his dragon ball rip off. Step up your game man. Tsuki has his own board and everything. I'd give all my money to see the two debate. His weird cult, "technically", doesn't encourage suicide because if you sign up you can still go to lfe after a natural death, but then again some people might just kill them self because they want an escape and think they'll get to live a better life afterwards. Sort of like Christianity without the hell. I remember finding this site on google where you can watch live security cam footage. The most popular place to look at is the apartment of a Korean girl named chip-chan. She can barely write and she never leaves her apartment. There's lots of theories and research in the comment section about who she is and events that possibly occurred in her life.


Man, I am just glad my only m8ssing body part is a broken radius. My neck was severed so many moments the earlier few years of now. No games…I am practically living happy every moment.

Cause wowowowowow…I am still awed and humble by the technologies I experienced. I am just going to stop typing now, and I am going to enjoy lunch.


holy shit yesterday i was talking to one of my friends about paranormal and weird shit an i mentioned having seen a korean NEET who literally just stayed home with her laptop & noodles but i couldn't recall her name

thanks anon


File: 1490198156294.png (16.68 KB, 128x128, image.png)

U goys ever get so high u place yourself into other people's memetic consciousnesses through their social media presence?


You're thinking what I'm thinking? Eternal Ever Souldierr? AWEEE YEA!!!!!!!!







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