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File: 1329454027835.jpeg (74.76 KB, 1200x867, bokurano-277651.jpeg)


Bokurano anybody?

It's like the Madoka Magicka counterpart to mech anime. And it's also a fantastic character study with great writing. It's incredibly depressing but it's worth the ride. So many plot twists, jesus christ.

People often complain about the art style but eh. I love how eccentric the robot designs are. ( The main mech used is pretty standard but further in the series they get bizarre).

Also, it has my favorite anime opening song of all time.



Bokurano's AMAZING. Characters may seem a bit boring at first glance due to the more realistic art style and personalities, but once the plot and such starts getting moving, you start to realize how diverse and interesting they all are. I know I grew rather attached to a bunch of them.

Anyone who hasn't checked it out should definitely go with reading the manga over watching the anime though, since the Anime's director didn't like the manga, and made various changes due to that. The opening song's good though.


File: 1329462840450.jpeg (87.05 KB, 640x360, bokurano04.jpeg)


I read / watched both. They did leave out some important character development and changed the ending but I preferred the anime ending, since the manga was a bit more soul crushing.

And yeah, I grew attached to Daiichi / the older brother the most… followed by that tomboy girl Maki. And even the douchebag characters I hated the most eventually grew on me.

Except Dungbeetle, fuck that guy. Kyubey has nothing on him.



I guess can see how you'd prefer the anime ending, though one thing I liked about the Bokurano manga was that it doesn't seem to pull any punches, so I kinda feel the manga ending suits it more.

Diachi and Nakama were the two I was most attached to, though I got fairly attached to almost all of them. Only ones I didn't have much attachment to would probably be Kodama and Kako, though though I still found them to be pretty interesting characters.


File: 1329477471962.jpg (322 KB, 1024x768, 1024-by-768-456441-2007100….jpg)

dat OP song

this show drove two of my friends to tears. Madoka is a good comparison indeed, it's another tragedy of fated heroes. I really enjoyed it but it seems to be unpopular. Also: I never expected the final round fighter to be who it was


>> Watch all 24 episodes in one night.
>> one night.


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