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Anyone here watch J-Drama? Anything from Battle Royale, to Seven Samurai, to Godzilla, to Kamen Rider? Also does anyone think this would be better as just a thread in /2/, instead of a wildcard topic?


The only stuff I watch is Kurosawa movies, and it's also really the only thing I care about as far as Japanese movies go, outside cartoon shit. Ran is actually more dramatic and affecting than Seven Samurai, tbh.


File: 1444473912435.png (805.2 KB, 674x602, 1444334970027.png)

I was going to watch Rashomon next. I have seen episodes of anime based on it or that reference it so I am expecting it to be good.

By the way what anime do you like anon? If you like shonen at all I would love to suggest a Kamen Rider series to you.


File: 1444495680639.png (767.1 KB, 900x506, 148211-vlcsnap_146217.png)

I always thought j-drama meant something like live action sorta soap operas.

I watch a lot of stuff though, mainly movies though. Takashi Miike is a good director, I've seen a few kaijuu movies I really like, only one season of Sentai sadly and have been meaning to watch Kamen Rider at some point too. I wanted to watch the live action Bakuman and Deathnote series that are coming out.

I love j-horror if that counts in this category. Ringu, Audition, one missed call, Kairo, Noroi the curse, Dark water, etc all very good movies.


I like shonen a bit, yeah.
Rashomon is good. I still recommend Ran more though.


File: 1444518605720.png (1.18 MB, 1752x988, 856758767.png)

Never looked for J-dramas but I've watched Battle Royale, love Seven samurai, and watched Godzilla as a child.


File: 1444569857042.png (222.92 KB, 1280x720, neo-ultra-q-04-wowow-1280x….png)

I would really like to reccomend Neo Ultra-Q to you guys. Each episode is it's own contained science fiction mystery, but they all feature the same three recurring cast members. It's a remake of the series that started the Ultra Series, which later evolved into Ultraman. But Ultra-Q and Ultraman turned out very different. It has a unique way of blending an aged look with a modern drama look, more mysterious or dark scenes looking like an old television program. Neo Ultra-Q features different stories than the original Ultra-Q, the latter I am actually still looking for a reliable way to watch.

I would reccomend Drive for something modern and well rounded (having a lot of drama but still being very shonen), W for something a bit more light hearted but still emotional, and Ryuki for something very dark and dramatic.

Also if you want to just watch some old pulp fiction style stuff with low budget practical effects see the original.

Overall, Kamen Riders "sister series" Super Sentai sticks to the old format more closely, only building up to a few major plot points per series.


File: 1444572311389.jpg (126.34 KB, 1020x575, s1.jpg)

Loved the Liar Game jdrama. Was marvellous, the first season. The second season was pretty shit and the whole evil laugh thing was seriously forced. There were occasions where the evil laughs were funny like when [spoiler]Fukanaga betrays Yokoya[/spoiler].


File: 1444595752563.jpg (271.53 KB, 1251x1179, 1444319223550.jpg)

What is the appeal of J-Drama to you guys anyways? I really like that the actors do their own make up and usually model, and I really like the tone, as well as the insight to Japanese culture. You can tell things about what the Japanese find a convincing representation of their culture moreso than anime because it's real.


I agree its a nice insite to Japanese culture.

A side note. People usually say Japanese actors are really bad and campy but honestly a lot of it is just how different they act from westerners. There definitely are some campy ones, like Sentai and other Tokusatsu but the dramas usually have good acting and so do regular movies.


File: 1444615556692.jpg (98.09 KB, 1024x576, さよなら絶望先生 - 05 (BD 1024x576….jpg)

Is this a SZS reference?



woah it definitely is


File: 1444706467089.png (123.63 KB, 240x247, 1419791357275.png)

I like it when it's campy anyways because I like to see people express themselves vividly. Even realistic Japanese acting is highly expressive because of how much they value emotional context in speaking their language, so I still lots of expression in a different way out of other kinds of J-Dramas.


File: 1444726988401.webm (1.67 MB, 320x240, 75346.webm)

Dead on.



I think it's that they tend to not try and keep the MC from dying in toku.

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