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File: 1436859159947.jpg (486.8 KB, 1524x1200, 1435694285056.jpg)


A boring game:
Pick an image and don't do anything but look at / think about / meditate on that image, for as long as possible.
Think about whatever you want, scratch an itch, but otherwise, don't move or do anything else.
When you're done, post the image and tell us for how long you did nothing, and what you ended up thinking about towards the end. Was it painful or relaxing? Bonus points for falling asleep and describing a dream.


File: 1436906502279.png (110.45 KB, 473x263, 1386261071872.png)

The Unwillingness by Unknown.

What is this picture I ask myself, I know what I'm looking at but don't really know what "it" is. Is it a reference I'm just not getting, maybe of kind of message? Out of all the picture I have I choose this one. I wonder why, fate? Who really knows and frankly I don't have much willingness to even find out.

It's been 10 minutes since I've looked that this picture and I have yet to convey any strong feelings toward it.

For it's creator I ask, why did you make it? Just what kind of unwillingness did you feel.
You had the willingness to make this picture.

In the end I only feel indifferent to this picture.
But I feel I just might of gained some insight into myself, through unwillingness.
Maybe that was the goal of the picture.
This was relaxing.


File: 1436907044284.png (21.98 KB, 392x340, Cariglino.png)

Can we also give pictures for you guys to analyze?
What is this image telling you?


File: 1436914544498.jpg (182.65 KB, 960x709, yeah.jpg)


you didn't even start though you lameass


File: 1436926798578.jpg (16.66 KB, 300x227, 1415334988380.jpg)


Neither did you.

So what's the deal with that picture with what appears to be spaghetti in a baggy?

I must know.


File: 1436929410235.gif (478.63 KB, 500x200, shillinger.gif)


well fuck you too i'm not starting


File: 1436988370608.jpg (84 KB, 544x600, 1436861440112.jpg)


Fine, be like that geez.


File: 1437949066470.jpg (48.14 KB, 500x375, 1437854958894.jpg)

Framed picture of Shinji-kun.

I was Looking at this picture for around 15 minutes not questioning the logical reasoning for it but only the emotional, what drove this man to take this photo? Was it out of passion or just for a quick laugh from the Internet? World may never know. While looking at that picture I took a few breaks, just to look away from it, only to look back at it again. "I like the choice of framing done" I say to myself feeling like I want to say more but can't.

This made me feel perplexed but fine with the feeling.

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