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Given the opportunity, would you ever willingly become a cyborg in the future?


YES. And become a body which could be potentially hijacked by any 2kewl4u cracker.
Anything to be part of precious Section 9.
Where do I sign?


File: 1429046222734.jpg (52.89 KB, 1008x720, 1373126818951.jpg)

If that allowed me to become one with the internet, I would seriously consider it!


I would but viruses would ruin the choice


File: 1429063217098.jpg (42.15 KB, 500x419, nanomachines_son.jpg)


File: 1429232683812.jpg (407.65 KB, 1280x913, ltoa9fF81m1r5ralqo1_1280.jpg)

But in all seriousness viruses may only be a problem in certain situations or… The way I see it it wouldn't be a problem in certain situations. Computers aren't very good at telling the difference between a virus and a program that's not a virus, but people are much better at telling things like that, think of the number of advertisements you see on other websites that are just scams, computers are just much more gullible.

So if…

A) the machine you are integrated with was so advanced that it was actually capable of telling difference between something sketching and something not sketchy it would probably be okay, but chances are that something like that could never be perfect the same way there are people who do fall for scams, and of course viruses would be written a lot more intelligently in an age where computers are more intelligent as well.

B) you are integrated with your computer enough that you fully understand the workings of computers and such and are capable of seeing what programs are malicious the same way you can tell what of those little advertisements are scams.

C) your computer is no more integrated with you then an iPhone lodged into your brain, the only bearing it has over your own brain is visual and audio (possibly other senses) output, the worst the virus could do is be really annoying or spam you with advertisements, at which point you just have to shut it off, do a scan, whatever you would normally do with a computer that has a virus.

I mean… It's not like viruses of the mind don't already exist, that is how cults and religions work. People seem to be terrified of the idea of information entering their brain without their consent first but you know what, anytime someone says something or you read something information enters your brain without your consent.

If you find videos about this kind of stuff on YouTube and look at the comment section below it's usually a war zone about this kind of thing.

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