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File: 1414455263969.jpg (437.66 KB, 768x1290, 1413575065483.jpg)


What are you doing on halloween? Any special plans?


I'll be marathoning the ju-on series!


Hosting two nights of parties for our friends. We know for sure we'll be playing the Boo level of Mario Party and playing some Arkham Horror. Our friend might be doing a playthrough of Silent Hill one of the nights as well


File: 1414486138039.jpg (622.28 KB, 1300x867, 1262038056284.jpg)

Probably nothing, plans didn't work out with other people, I will probably just be at home doing nothing, although, on November 1st I will be attending a book launch party for a vampire novel and I will be playing with my cousins online on TF2 (it's my job to bring the 2spooky4u mic spam).

I suppose I could do some morning glory seeds on Halloween, I have those just lying around…


File: 1414513393602.png (86.3 KB, 600x480, tumblr_mvji8czfw51rx9esto1….png)

Throwin' a party. There will be fire. And bad horror movies. And good horror movies. And horror-themed games. And way too much anime. And booze. Loads of booze.


going to go to my friends and play outlast and other spoopy shit


File: 1414633464581.png (12.12 KB, 64x67, (209).PNG)

I don't really have any plans. Maybe I'll play some spooky games from my small collection. Eat some candy if we're even getting any (trick or treaters deliberately avoided our house last year…)

I'm not even feeling the hype this year. I think the skeleton war meme killed it.


i dont really have anything i can do really. probably just sit in my room playing silent hill or watching a horror movie by myself. my dad might be forcing me to give out candy but i really hope not.


I didn't think about that. Maybe I'll pull an all nighter and watch some anime and finish BMD.


Nothing planned this year. I've barely done anything to get in the proper spirit of things, which is kind of a bummer.

I'll be giving out candy and kicking back with a new Lovecraft collection I bought, and probably perusing paranormal boards and maybe pick up Silent Hill 2 again (started playing it for the first time some months ago).

What's OP pic from?



the site setup for Halloween actually kept me here longer than a minute this time.
I'm probably doing work and then drinking the night away to this song. at least the skeletons will hang out with me then.


File: 1414759902713.gif (75.12 KB, 348x349, redarmy.gif)

Gonna watch 'invasion of the body snatchers' in my local hipster cinema with my little sister.


I went to a small party on thursday even though I knew I was getting sick, spent all of the day of Halloween inside, very sick, eating candy that probably isn't helping.

But I had fun.


File: 1414949119464.png (162.48 KB, 492x277, Snapshot 1 (02-11-2014 17-….png)

Best Ric Raven episode:
Even if it was made 20 years ago, it's just Halloween-related.
Other than that: http://http://www.raregamer.co.uk/?p=5451
(Mad Monster Mansion - Choose Your Own Adventure (Ver.5))
Enjoy them both.

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