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File: 1392400596604.png (58.79 KB, 203x203, 1368131334018.png)


ITT: We talk about why we don't like this holiday


File: 1392407997541.jpg (88.87 KB, 1280x720, yozakura_quartet_hana_no_u….jpg)

I don't really care about Valentine's (I care about the cookies and sweets that will be 75% off or more in a few hours, though.), but I have hella free time, so:

>it's commercial

>too much pink
>it pressures people not in a relationship to be in a relationship
>it pressures people in a relationship to bestow social tokens of affection on each other, whether or not they do so personally already (e.g. other couples suspect your relationship if you're lover doesn't get you anything on this specific day, even if you already get stuff every other day)
>romanticizes the really unhealthy sort of love, the desperate clingy selfish kind
>reinforces the notion that you need material goods to show your love
>there is no accompanying holiday for the single, divorced, etc. Totally missing out on another chance at making money off the selfish me-me-me dollar. Good job, Corporate.
>too much red
>too much heart symbol
>it's cold as shit right now, Valentine's should be in the spring
>not enough discount on cookies and candy when the holiday ends. Valentine's is over everything should be free.


File: 1392409224869.jpg (5.07 KB, 200x185, images (3).jpg)

I call it singles awareness day.

we should treat our lovers with love every day

I even told my boyfriend last night "Lets not do anything special tomorrow"


File: 1392410571581.gif (56.04 KB, 388x200, 200_s.gif)

indeed it should be free
it would make me feel a hell of a lot better when im crying about being lonely.


I don't like monetized holidays in general. I guess I'm lucky I don't live in America, so the only ones that really get in your face are christmas and easter. I don't have any friends, and my family celebrates those in a traditional, close-knit and loving way. I hand-make presents for people, so I rarely buy anything, or feel obligated to. Maybe apart from chocolate.

As for valentine's day itself, I don't particularly care for it. As >>2561 , I also look forward to discount candy the next couple of days.


File: 1392420738010.png (30.35 KB, 187x416, martyy.png)

This day baffles the shit out of me. Like, on one hand, love isn't my thing. On the other hand, people I am not in love with tend to say they're giving gifts to all their friends. Like, why? You don't wanna fuck all of them, right? I just don't understand at all.


In some respects it's just an excuse to give nice things to nice people because they would probably enjoy it.

I actually had a gifted Steam game sitting around for a while that I gave to someone.


File: 1392423316170.gif (560.08 KB, 400x328, no bothers.gif)

You know I actually do enjoy the holiday and I've never had a date for it before. I guess because there's more to love than just romantic or sexual love. I normally celebrate love among family and friends. My mom always made a celebration out of it despite being single too. I still hold true to it.

So you don't need a fuck buddy to love it I guess.


I actually don't even care about this day, but let me say it is really annoying to see how people spam it everywhere.

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