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File: 1392394251438.jpg (160.32 KB, 728x934, test.jpg)


ITT: We laugh at people who depends on a commercial date to declare/express their love instead of doing it all the fucking year; those who really give importance to this shit, and those couples who break up because they didn't receive any present or any of that kind of stupids reasons involving Valentine's day.


Didn't get anything, did ya?


10/10 they are pathetic


I think it's a great thing. The sooner such people break up/the more it happens, the sooner it's bound to get to their heads that they're doing something wrong……r-right?

I couldn't care less about those people, they find happiness in simpler things, good for them I guess? I'm happy I'm able to see love in a different light.


Felt touched, didn't ya?



>implying I gave any candy to no stinky bitches



>Implying in this thread we're laughing at stupid people and we don't give a fuck if somebody gave something to anybody.

Read OP's post before commenting, please.



I did. I was implying that they were just in a sour mood because they didn't get anything for Valentine's Day.

How do you not get this?



Basically because we don't give a fuck about Valentin's day, maybe?



Basically because the joke flew over your head.


File: 1392446787098.jpg (158.08 KB, 1269x575, 1380558821509.jpg)

>somebody posts obvious troll thread
>anon comes and posts a "joke"
>somebody "backfires" his joke
>anon gets butthurt
>other anon gets butthurt

When are you going to take off your youtubes and attack?


>Basically because the joke flew over your head.
>the joke flew over your head.

Just so you know, I was obviously trying to provoke you with >>2542



Really? Aren't you clever, I could never have dissected such an elaborate plan you little enigma.


File: 1392447997557.jpg (57.2 KB, 640x853, 3445856_640px.jpg)

>Says "lol im jokin u don undesrtand it? lol pleb"
>Actually, he didn't understand the joke in first instance
>trying to fix it by being ironic.



I'm sorry, I had a hard time reading the thread through this huge pile of Valentines cards and sweets that bitches gave me.


File: 1392448668994.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, congratz bro!.gif)

Wow, don't tell me you actually believe somebody here gives a fuck about that?

Hey guys, look, anon has a bitch! He must be the most successful man in this world!


File: 1392448928730.gif (49.16 KB, 300x250, 1381078199889.gif)



no i was just trying to come up with a comeback to hide my embarrassment and you were right that i read OP's post wrong but I dug myself way too deep and I thought I could cover up my mistake somehow along the way there are no valentines i made them up

will you be my valentine


jokes on you, I'm not even the person you were discussing with



you'll be my valentine though right

say yes


File: 1392470028297.png (405.96 KB, 800x581, 1354276681812.png)

People in obauchon is so sensible today so cute


File: 1392476962559.jpg (129.05 KB, 740x740, pukeglitch.jpg)

Ubuu gets so flustered sometimes, it's actually kind of moe.

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