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File: 1387921498090.png (171.29 KB, 248x479, LadyofDarkling.png)


What are you getting for Christmas this year?

What are you giving for Christmas this year?..


Getting a lot of shit from my family.

Giving zero shits about most everything.


Money for a ~$1500 dollar NAS RAID10 setup because my desktop computer has been down for far too long due to hard drive problems (I had my internal and external backup storage drives fail within the same week, "Never again", I swore). No idea if I'll even come close to the money though, my entire savings included.
Also getting a dualshock4 controller for emulation because of dat D-pad

I suck at giving gifts and my friends never give me anything anyway which I'm perfectly fine with because less stress all around


I got a tea kettle and tea ball and I gave my family a phone call, my brother a game, and my best friend some books. Merry Christmas everyone!


I'm not sure what I'm going to get, but I bought a PS2 Slim for my girlfriend.


File: 1387947021364.png (584.75 KB, 664x418, xmas.png)

Gave Boyfriend: Revoltech Woody Action Figure (aka Creepy Woody"
Got from Boyfriend: "The at of Pixar: 100 collecible Postcards part 2"

It was completely unplanned that we both got eachother Pixar stuff. I thought he'd like the Woody toy, turns out he had actually tried to buy it for himself, but he didn't know how to order stuff from Japan so he gave up. I specifically asked my Mom for the same post card set for my Birthday, but she hadn't ordered it yet. Legit perfect gift exchange, could not have gone any better.

Tomorrow I'll be getting a boatoad of pretty Disney sweaters and dresses and skirts and stuff from Mom. And some Miyazaki art books~ Got mom some kitchy knicknacks, mom loves those.

Got my niece some MLP stuff. Her parents are giving her a 3DS, Pokemon X, and Animal Crossing, so I spent the last few days saving up a couple hundred bells to help her pay off her loans and raising her some strong and cute Pokemon, to help her when she starts those games.



>you will never exchange presents with Booger



Getting forced to spend time with extended family.

Giving no fucks. I hope there's alcohol at Grandma's house.


Nothing, debts



We can exchange imaginary virtual gifts in our minds.
*a couple hundred THOUSAND bells
Don't wanna sound like a cheapskate


I got some clothes and an arduino starter kit.

I gave my brother some DS and GBA flashcarts with my favorite games loaded on them (mostly SRW), and my old magic deck, card sleeves and deck box. I gave my mother a scarf. I'm also reinstalling XP on the old shit-tier family laptop that got fucked by malware way back when. I got mint running on it a while back, but no-one else in my family uses linux. I thought I'd install XP and throw some games and useful programs on it for my brother since he doesn't have a working computer of his own. The idea is that he can use it temporarily until he gets a decent PC. Hopefully he'll enjoy Yume Nikki.


File: 1387995103890.jpg (26.28 KB, 407x600, Yume_Nikki_Cover.jpg)

Got jeans and this (not here yet)

I helped pick out a book for my sister and an office chair for my mom


File: 1387996022151.png (338.73 KB, 468x329, bender.PNG)




File: 1387999770196.jpg (5.52 KB, 249x202, smile.jpg)

I got the Hunger Games trilogy, which I requested for no real good reason - mostly because I haven't read a real book in a while and I want to enjoy the feel of bookworming it up again, and the series is popular so why not?

Right now my family just got some promises. When I can cash my paycheck, my mom's getting a little clothes shopping spree and my brother is getting partial ownership of a new used XBOX to replace his broken one.

Here, everyone always asks someone what they want, and then everyone actually gets what they want. Since we're not all fucking five, we're not going to be pleased with every little thing we get, so… it works.

Anyways, today's a good day. Got to sleep in, getting some more fucking books fuck yeah, and everyone is healthy and happy.


File: 1387999777979.jpg (194.25 KB, 512x1430, asuka-totoro.jpg)

>I make an Eva <DIV> christmas picture with Seisatsu
>tfw, I recive a NGE present.

This is the first thing I got after a few couple of years. It's superfluous to say it was totally unexpected and that it took me off my guard, since I just thought I would pass this as the did the other years. But then my brother and his girlfriend came to my house at midnight with this Eva manga and a little Totoro figure.

Whelp, it seems that the dem-legs Sei + Eva combo is some kind of lucky charm. I will make those pics more often from now.

And no, I didn't give anything because:
1)I'm poorfag.
2)I believe this celebration is just shit.
3)I wouldn't even know what present I could give to other people.
4)I also don't know too much people who I can give gifts, and my family does not care too much either, so I take it easy and I try to stay as away as I can from all this "Give/recive" thing.


File: 1388026495409.jpg (276.15 KB, 850x496, sample_7e859f6955f8c77270c….jpg)

I spend Christmas with my best friends family, I would rather spend it with them than my own, so one year I started going there and it's become a tradition. When I refer to anyone was a member of my family, I really mean her family, but they're like mine too now. They're better than mine.

Today my cousin got Pokemon X and a new 3DS. I got him the event Torchic and fully EV trained it. I warned him about the Luminose City save glitch, but I can't fix it for him because the e-shop is down on both platforms due to traffic.

Everyone got Pokemon cards and a lot of people in this family are big fans. For once I have six different people to choose from to battle.


File: 1388032647059.gif (451.44 KB, 500x700, lyci6yeSwY1rnfkjho1.gif)

I got Psychonauts and "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit" from my husband. I got him the Pacific Rim art book and the DVD. I finally now have the time to pop the game in and I'm legitly excited even though it's almost midnight.

My gift highlights being: The Persona 4 art book, a book about silly looking chickens, The Dark Crystal Creations Mythos 2, $75 in Barnes and Noble cards, roughly a pound of new socks, SWEET SHAYMIN FIGURES, a working copy of FF9 (my copy has long been unusable), and adorable scottie dog PJs.

The coolest thing I bought for someone else (outside my husband's gift) was a collection of metal Kanto badges to my little brother, those were way awesome. He immediately stuck them to his Ash Ketchum hat. He's a really cool kid and it's hard to think that he's already 14 and also now taller than me.


Received: A total of $90 for my steam wallet, Soul Eater art book, new sound canceling headphones (the cheap kind), an external hard drive that can also back its self up to a the cloud, and some other shit I don't care about.

Gave: A jar of Bubi's Sauce, two stainless steel wine glasses, a wallet that plays mariachi band music whenever you open it, "Cards Against Humanity", and two Steam games.

The highlight of my night:
Grandpa: *Looking at my Soul Eater art book and turns it sideways to see a picture
Uncle: What kind of a book are you reading that it has a tri-fold in it?
Grandpa: Oh no, it's nothing like that, this is one of those hentai cartoons or whatever.
*All the young people in the room laugh


File: 1388382557677.jpg (527.21 KB, 1536x2048, 30122013453.jpg)

That's funny, I got the NGE manga too. It looks like yours is a little bit thinner.


It's the first half of the fourth japanese tankoubon, because the editorial who publishes it is conformed by a bunch of retarded cunts who want money (You can notice the number 7 at the left, just above of Sadamoto's name).

Also, as a funny fact, this is a 13 years old copy (the date says it was printed the 12/18/00). I actually love old things so this is a plus for me, but what really bugs me is the fucking price. Man, just look at it, $3,50 back thirteen years ago. It costs around $30 nowadays, and because I live far from the capital it scales up to $50 or $60 here.


By the way, is that a finnish copy? I'd love to check Eva in soumea but the page I was learning from died and I had to suspend my 'classes'. I will probably start my self-learning pain again next year.


Yes, I have the Finnish edition. It's interesting because the translator decided to use many dialects of Finnish. Many have called the result a horrible mistake, but for learning Finnish NGE would be the ideal manga just because that.

The first time I read this series (or what was published of it at the time) I was 14 years old. After that I've watched the original tv series + movie set twice, but only now I realize what a perverted story this is. Hinting at pedophilia all around. It might be that I've become a pervert, too.


File: 1388469574577.png (330.61 KB, 500x458, pomf_the-light-of-Madoka-m….png)

>It's interesting because the translator decided to use many dialects of Finnish. Many have called the result a horrible mistake

lol they should check out how shitty translated this one is.

>but for learning Finnish NGE would be the ideal manga just because that.

My Finnish was really basic back a year ago, and since I had to cut it off so suddenly I pretty much forgot %90 what I used to know. If I manage to pass the minä olen, sinä olet, etc. thing again, I will give it a try.
Now, while I was still studying, I listened to finnish music to get used to slangs and such, so it should be a great and not-too-different help as well to start reading mango.

>but only now I realize what a perverted story this is. Hinting at pedophilia all around. It might be that I've become a pervert, too.

Ok, that kinda explains why I have a 70+gb folder full of animu little girls and all this lolicon manga under my bed.

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