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File: 1360693628965.gif (20.48 KB, 256x224, Pokemon_Blue_Version_GBC_S….gif)


Anyone wanna trade?
Ill grab my link cable.


The first two generations are the only good generations. Everything after GSC is basically softcore gay porn, in the sense of being really, really gay.

Also, have you heard of that online Pokemon MMORPG?


I havent,and besides.
GSC came out in the year 2000 in the US.
Only Gen 1 is US 90's


2000 is close enough

Hell everything up to 2003 might as well be considered the 90s


As someone who burned out on Pokemon after Gen 2 and didn't play 3, 4, and 5 until recently, I gotta say, all Pokemon is pretty great.
Gen 1 was awesome because I was 13 and the game's possibilities seemed endless. The Pokegod thing is a good example of that. Pokemon will never have that much mystery/legend/bullshit surrounding it again.


I remember glitching this game on some island to dupe items and boost just about every pokemon in my team. Of course the game was no more fun after that since I could beat everyone using just mewtwo.

Someone borrowed my copy of pokemon blue and never returned it though :(



This little program is a Randomizer for your Red and Blue ROMs. Randomize your starter choices, the Pokémon you can catch, the Pokémon other trainers have, which moves go to which TMs (but not HMs, so you won't get stuck without Surf or Fly) and more! You'll scratch your head in wonder, you'll learn new strategies for old siutations, you'll experience Kanto like never before! It's an interesting way to breathe some new life into these old classics.


Woah, this is amazing!

Starter: Sandshrew with Comet Punch, gotta go First of the North Star.
Rival being a ponyfag and taking Ponyta.

First enemies in the grass being Kangaskhans with only Fire Blast,what the fuck


File: 1361335236517.png (46.17 KB, 320x288, First Trainer Battle 2x.png)


This thing's pretty awesome. I ended up choosing an Exeggcute with Gust and Take Down as my starter Pokemon, then my rival ended up picking a Jigglypuff with Rock Throw and Rock Throw (yup, it had the move twice).

Route 1 Had Dodrios with Wing Attack, Minimize and Growth, and Beedrills with Scratch and some other move. Caught a Dodrio, but Catching the Beedril kept failing; maybe the pokeballs were too weak.

After arriving at the next town, I made a quick detour into Route 22 to hunt Pokemon, and got a Ryhorn with Thundershock and Barrier. It's mostly useless until I can get it some levels and better moves though, since its Thundershock is horrible even on water types, and it's even been dying against the enemy's Flamethrowers and Fire Punches.

I then headed into Veridian forest, which had Pidgeottos with Hydro Pump and Slash, and Tauros with Mega Kick and Horn attack. Couldn't catch a Pidgeotto, but I got the Tauros, which has been making short work of everything I've put it up against.

Also, first encounter with trainers here; The picture on the left is from my very first trainer battle.


File: 1361335359445.png (28.02 KB, 320x288, Babycakes 2x.png)


I then arrived at Pewter city, and beat Brock's (now Spike) Hitmonchan and Lapras for my badge, and a TM that teaches Vine Whip; as for the move's use, Spike enthusiastically explained that "Your Pokemon will take damage in battle then disintegrate!" While Spike turned out to be a liar, the move did come in handy against Babycakes' Graveler on route 3; You can see Babycakes there in the attached picture, by the way.


File: 1361335491208.png (42.58 KB, 320x288, Level 5 Magicarp 2x.png)


I then fought through the Babycakes, Derps and Buggy Boys to reach the Pokemon Center outside Mt. Moon. Once there, I noticed that the usual Magicarp seller was selling something a little different; you can see what that was in the attached screenshot.

That's all I've played so far, though the experience sure seems different enough that it makes replaying the game pretty interesting.

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