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Planning on going to college? Need info about paying for it? Ask questions here!

I work in the student loan department of a major bank and I would be happy to answer any questions about gaining federal or private loans, as well as the FAFSA process. Plus if you already have loans, I can give you some useful protips for after you graduate.

U.S. only by the way. I unfortunately don't know how other countries do their financial thang.


Can you give me a ton of scholarships and grants?


No but scholarships are very easy to get if you do a bit of research. Federal grants will depend on your and your family's income.

There's a scholarship for just about everything. Just start researching them as soon as humanly possible.


Those bars on the window… Is he living in a prison?

If so, then why does he have a desk and a computer, not to mention what appear to be a mint green carpet and light yellowish wallpaper, in his prison cell?


Is there a way to get a loan without a job and no plans for college? If I don't need to pay it off anytime soon that would be a combo bonus.


If I would've known then what I know now I would've never signed on to your student loan schemes. It's all fines and debt collectors once you're out of college, and there's no getting even a reprieve until you can afford to pay. Bankruptcy doesn't even touch it. And, at least in my area of Ohio, the concept of living-wage paying jobs is laughable, yet alone jobs that would pay enough to actually make payments on student loans.


Yes. Get a cosigner (someone with a good job and credit history). You'll at least have to have a reason for getting it though, and it will have to be an every day private loan. Most, if not all private student loans go directly to the school now.

Payment terms are up to the lender so you should ask when you can start paying back.

You should only get alone if you have a well structured plan to pay it off. You're given ample warning of the risks involved, and despite what highschool tells you, there is no guarantee of employment by simply getting any degree.

If you come up with a financial plan for yourself and manage to get a good job, you may be able to at least qualify for a forbearance to at least get caught up.

Loans aren't for everyone. The company I work for in fact advises that people exhaust very other option before considering a loan.


lol, enjoy your USA. In most Europe countries University education is free

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