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File: 1355854973780.jpg (113.93 KB, 800x600, saya's reproduction.jpg)


Sup, dear ubuu-chan~, I'm here to explain what will happen, in the easiest way, so everybody understand what da' hell is this shit.

The mayas had time measurements really different than ours. I mean, we have a year, then 10 years become a decade, then 10 decades (or 100 years) become a century, and then, 10 centuries become a millenium (or 1.000 years).
The Mayas, however, did this with a measurement which equals to 20 years (or 7.200 days, to be more precise), named katun.
Every time that 13 kautns passed, you have a baktum, which equals to 144.000 days, or 5128,76 years.(here you have some links:
http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kat%C3%BAn_(unidad_maya) <- Sorry, this is in spanish, but here you have the table with the measurements. 'Días'=days,'Nombre Maya'=Name in maya, 'Equivalencia'= Equals to
And google works, too).

>Then, wa da fak u talkin bout?

The 21st of december of 2012 is the next day to the last one of the 13 baktum, and mayas registered this as
So what?

Here is where the funny part enterst to the scene.

The mayas weren't talking about an end of the world, universe, sex'n porn. Nope. They were talking about the end of other Baktum, which equals to our new year, or the transition through 1.999 to 2.000 we lived 12 years ago. Ironically, people thought too 'twas going to be the end of the wold, too, and started something similar to what happens nowdays.

Which means: Be careful out there. People will start to suicidate themselves, and start to act like crazy bitches. Many will kill themselves, and will kill other (An example of this is the massacre of Connecticut, you know, the mother of that boy was gathering weapons and food to this suposed 'apocalypse'). Even now, in my country, they had to close a touristic mount because people was going to go there and do a massive suicide 'because the apocalypse' .

>Then, who t'hell did this shit n strted da rumor of tihs sheet?

-Hollywood, ma'am *I answer, as I drink a bit of my tea*, and a lot of assholes which misunderstood a lot of things to put people into a panic, and, as well, to fill their pockets. And those who believed this spreaded the news with the wind as the flames of lies consumes and corrupts everything.

Now that this is cleared, Will it come someday? Probably not in YOUR days, so be happy. But, as I say, probably. Just hope not that Saya will spread her sons around the world right now, or in a close time.

pic quite related, now cry.


Thank you mum for assuming a pedantic, party crashing explanation was needed.


File: 1355857095460.jpg (33.85 KB, 591x600, 1343477320573.jpg)


Is nothing, my dear son.
I'm always there to make things clear.





File: 1355873498865.jpg (50.02 KB, 698x465, masquebu8.jpg)

Don't you think that, I don't know, a Lovecraftian apocalypse would be more nice than just a 'We don't know what the fuck is going to happen but IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!1!!11!1!!' ?

When I suggested 'Apocalypse', I wanted to discuss how do you see it, how, if, hypothetically, happens, would you like it to be, and stuff. Not 'Lol mayas said apocalypse OMG Wi wil dai!!!'
Also, I did this because to warn you all. People usually get crazy when this 'Apocalypse oh noes!' times comes.




Merry Christmas!

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