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File: 1355793987608.gif (984.66 KB, 170x170, 1283365987795.gif)


wherein we report on the end of days

all's well so far


still good


Kinda chilly.


People are shooting each other all around me. I've taken a few hits myself but I'm holding on

There are a few armored vehicles going around, but I don't know who they belong to. I've been trying to find something I can use as a weapon but nothing works well

It's getting colder and I don't know why. I'm surrounded by less friends and more enemies with each second that goes by

Playing Planetside 2 with immense amounts of lag


Average thrusday night / Saturday morning here.




File: 1356079761019.gif (87.08 KB, 209x172, 1356068063315.gif)

It's now about 12:49 Friday morning where I am right now, and all that's happened so far is me baking some brownies with crushed up candycanes in 'em. Shit's delicious, anyone want some?


File: 1356082869882.jpg (62.52 KB, 800x450, 800px-Notthisshitagain.jpg)

Finally cracked open my copy of Halo 4, too bad I have one of those shit ass launch day HDD's. Can't play multiplayer because the update requires too much room, and screw getting rid of my arcade games, I'm about to get a slim for xmas with the 250g HDD.

So until then I guess I'll just be chipping away at campaign in Legendary… (why do I do this to myself? does anyone even look at my profile and say "wow, he solo'd halo on legendary"?)

So disappointing to say the least.
>>1951 I can use one of those.


Afternoon of doomsday, reporting in.

Just killing some daleks and playing in the snow, all is well


So now everyone's saying the Mayans trolled us… how does that work exactly? I don't remember them saying anything was going to happen, but somehow they fooled us all anyway?
Now if the world actually DID end, they would've been trolling.

Why are people so fucking stupid sometimes.


21/12/12, 02:26 PM. S.C. De Bariloche.

Yesterday, the day before the doomday, the looting started. They destroyed everything for food and goods for christmas. They turned out in something really, really terrible: They had became vegans. And they do not want to hurt anything that has life. That's why they looted all those LED TVs. They will eat plastic for christmas.
Oh, god, what has happened to us? I'm scared I, in more or less time, will become in something like them.

**Lol, not even kidding; they fucking looted in my city 'For goods and food for christmas', and they have taken the LED TVs and such things…





I've been sick for over a week and it's not going away. I'm on antibiotics now but I probably caught it from any one of my other siblings who were all on antibiotics, so now I have the more antibiotic resistant version. On the bright side I can sit around and be a useless piece of shit all day.


File: 1356117405274.jpg (46.4 KB, 750x500, 556275_472856816082763_182….jpg)

Yeah it was epic, look at this one.



Fucking niggers, dude. They looted everything but food and goods for christmas. And the police can't hit them because it is punishable by law to repress. Many small shops lost everything thanks to those scumbag bitches, and they settled down in the city the fear of being looted.

The saddest thing is that they enjoy that shit. 'Chango más: Pagás menos, llevás más' 'Chango más: You pay less and take more' ('Chango' is the shopping cart, and 'más' is translated as 'more'). These cocksuckers wrote down there that they took too seriously the markets' slogan.

And, shit, that picture look much like the films of the 'Old West'. Barilcohe's not that ugly! That's the negros villeros nest!


No me digas que sos argentino…



¿Cartón lleno, quizás? Ha! Algunas cosas siguen sorprendiéndome de Uboachan. ¿De qué parte sos? La mía, creo, queda clara.


File: 1356131115736.jpg (26.53 KB, 300x410, mate.jpg)

Capital, barrio norte, me convencio lo de negros villeros, no deben entender un pito de que hablamos, uboa sorprende que mundo chico.


Tene cuidado ahi que se pudrio todo


File: 1356135718042.png (3.92 KB, 254x211, 1271053002416.png)

Guys, please. This is an english board.


File: 1356136084676.jpg (752.29 KB, 1383x979, 1354589787891.jpg)

Alright, we were talking about the zombie invasion in Bariloche


File: 1356150539951.jpg (60.56 KB, 500x374, tumblr_m4opwquAey1qaj6zko1….jpg)


>Alright, we were talking about the zombie invasion in Bariloche

Anyway, don't get mad: Google makes a pretty nice work here translating this all.

> convinced me of the black shantytown,

>not a whistle must understand that we speak,
>uboa world wonder boy.
>Tene care that everything came apart there

Ok, it doesn't.

Do not worry, my dear friend. I'm so asocial that nothing can touch me. The only trouble it all made me was that I coudln't see The Hobbit, because the cinema had closed. Anyway, there's people who had it all worse.

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