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Ok, people, here is the thread that outstrip all the other threads. Here, we discuss how we'd like the apocalypse to be if it has to happen (this doesn't necesarily means you want one to happen, just how you would like it to be).

Mine, the destruction under the hands of misshapen aliens with sharpen teeth, tentacles and a body so deformed you go mad only with witnessing its despicable, horrible, disgusting and sickening form. A portal has opened from their world to our, and everything there is just so twisted up that our eyes may explote the first time they see it.
At first, just some people will witness this, and slowly, they will go mad, killing people, shattering them, creating such chaos and terror that, in every city, in every country, a serie of murders will arouse the fear of the shadows and to go outside.


File: 1355939918622.jpg (53.56 KB, 650x530, shub-niggurath-byPatrickMc….jpg)

As time pass by, services like water and electricity disappear. The food will be really hard to find, and markets are collapsed and devasted as looters had robbed everything they could.
Now, when everything we used to know is down. the aliens start to chase us. The most of poblation will die here, and just those far away from cities or urban centres, with self-sustainable homes will survive. For a time.
All the earth shall rotten as years has passed, and there will be no way to get food. This is the last point. No one survives, and earth itself dies under this new world, to turn into a desolated and twisted up place, sad and biter.




Ah, fuck, I miss that edit button.


File: 1355968883191.jpg (223.26 KB, 900x656, shadow_walkers_by_xeeming-….jpg)

An Apocalypses in which everyone takes on a form more fitting to there soul. People will be able to "read a book by its cover", everyone will know there allies, but also know there enemies.
The world will be divided into factions of creatures within a new ecosystem.
The seclusive will have shells and thorns.
The vicious will become predators.
The commutative will roam in herds and have wide set eyes.
The wicked will be called demons.
And the puritanical will hunt them down.

When judgment is as simple as seeing with your eyes, genocide is the law of every clan.



That's interesting! I would like if there were a book about this all. I would be a seclusive one, because it's hard to me to be opened to others and I'm very closed with my emotions, feelings, and such, and I tend to be apart of everything.
What kind would you be?


>Not Chesir, it's Kikiyama


The new age religious hippie thing could be great, too. Humanity would reach a higher form of understanding and join a hivemind (not necessarily in orange liquid form, though). As such, humans would cease existing as humans (as individuality is no longer) and evolve into an insect-like supercreature with unimaginable mental capabilities. And then that superhuman organism would in some two months travel to outer space in search for other worlds to conquer and other minds to consume.


You underestimate the power of stupid people in great numbers.
How do you know the hive mind wont be some sort of Jersey Shore Superorganism.


File: 1356068609008.png (43.05 KB, 160x160, 1356068004655.png)

If shit is indeed going down today/tomorrow, I hope it ends up like this. I'd like some shells and thorns myself. Would the rest of the world stay the same, with just the mutations of humans, or would there still be total destruction and all that good shit?


File: 1356117635872.jpg (273.76 KB, 900x794, child_of_chaos_by_xeeming-….jpg)

I'd imagine puritanical societies would remain generally human if not more angelic, but most others would become humanoids to Eldridge abominations and everything in between.



That would be awesome. Seriously… do you write? you should make a book, or at least a story, or whatever you like to call it. But this really took my attention. I always love post-apocalyptic novels, and with joy I would buy your things.

I have another question… Are ther hybrids? can someone be from two factions?
I mean, there can be someone who is seclusive, but at the same time commutative, or with other thing.


File: 1356127988056.jpg (52.18 KB, 550x366, 541541_10151049861821940_5….jpg)

Personality is the key factor in determining the physical form, so no to people are identical but many are similar enough to be categorized into groups.

As far as writing I might add something on /lit/ when I'm over this cold, because voice-to-text-software wont work very well for me right now.


Over-easy, with toast

But in all honesty I would like a dark and silent void to eat away at the universe and for Earth to simply fade out of existence like a boat sailing out into fog. we put our children to bed and pass out of existence with them. those who stay up are faced with an encroaching wall of foggy nothingness that devours all matter. there is no pain; one simply ceases to be.


Late, but here's how I wanted it to go down.

It's night, a bit cloudy but clear enough to see the sky well. The earth starts rumbling, all the power goes out.. The stars come out looking spectacular. No artificial lights to interfere with theirs. Fires start, and the clouds start turning red. The earth starts cracking, with the water from the ocean rushing in to fill in the broken earth. By that time we would have be dead, with all our spirits simply hovering over the earth, watching it burn and drown.


But for an unnatural non-12/21/12 apocolypse. I think an alien invasion would be awesome.
>Aliens are currently scouting out our planet to see if it'll be a suitable home for their species once their planet dies
>Their planet is reaching it's end
>They get their kind off the planet
>Gas/bomb/kill all humans without invading earth
>Start settling in on the planet
>Keep any survivors as prisoners/slaves



That's a nice one!


Me, being a person who loves the sky and the night and the starts, that would be an amazing end of the world.


But the gas should kill them too, or not?


It'd be just us dying. It'd be something like how houses are bug bombed. They stay off of the planet long enough for the gases to clear up, then settle down free of us pesky humans.

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