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Old /wild/ topics sleep here forever.
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>Go to /wild/
>Find out this week is /wild/'s.
Because there are no ideas

So, ITT we discuss about which topics we would like to see here afterwards.

Pic unrelated as fuck

Let me start:

-Apocalypse (Would it come someday, or bullshit?)
-Aliens (Are we alone on this universe?)
-Odd (Discuss the weirdest shit you know)
-Weapons (Shoot 'em all!)

(Also, sorry if there's already a topic I have mentioned here. Too lazy to search in the archive).




/teas/ or /drinks/ - [Your spew is our brew!]
/self sufficient/
/Le/ or /4reddit/ - a board where we make fun of internet culture. (OMG CHEK THS NEW ME ME TROLLLLLL)


File: 1353378910228.jpg (158.96 KB, 960x642, ralandoman.jpg)

/classical music



People love to talk about things that offend them. Huge discussions, many topics.



Some game glitches can be funny, creepy, or weird. I know many of them. There, my two cents.


File: 1353451785980.jpg (219.43 KB, 1006x755, Snow_Miser1.jpg)

> /self sufficient/



File: 1353640779114.png (27.68 KB, 370x280, 22427979_p15.png)

i feel bad about suggesting shit for /wild/ because most of this stuff can just have its own topic in another board

like /PKMN/ could easily go into /og/ but the thread usually doesnt get much discussion

fuck it i suggest /PKMN/ anyway, and i also suggest having a list of what we've had already so you dont have to fuck around in the archive to find out what /wild/ was and when

unless we already have than then ignore that last bit

if /PKMN/ goes well we should make a board for it




How about /visual novels/ ?

This topic requires its own board!


/my little pony/ for the fans and haters

/anime/ the cute or the creepy

/obscure foods/


File: 1353815190060.jpg (35.1 KB, 300x420, Cthulhu's Day Out.jpg)







I thought maybe /technology/ but I guess that would fall under /comp/'s demesne

have we yet had /blog/ wherein we all complain about our shitty lives and troll each other


File: 1353884406173.jpg (65.43 KB, 500x376, interest.jpg)

not particularly actual roleplaying, more or less advertising your site/group or looking for a personal partner. i saw a sister site of uboachan having a roleplay board and it was surprisingly active. assuming the 12 year olds arent fucking around here anymore it could probably turn out a little less than decent.


music/pictures/foods/etc to wind down to. wind down stuff yknow? everyone has their own way of winding down and maybe what somebody else does could prove very nice for someone else.

making up ideas is hard man, let alone good ones


/Compuet!!1/ (HW and SW)
/Culture Excursions/

how about wild boards to advertise other boards inadvertently. like a music board. to make people remember we have a media board. that might work.




File: 1354072015685.jpg (157.89 KB, 1412x1057, heat_miser.jpg)





+1 for hipster



/Kanchelsis/ - Non-Victorian Age Vampires

The Beast is a much better side of the vampire lore. The Rake a shit


File: 1354240938742.jpg (9.71 KB, 300x235, 6a00d8341ed61453ef00e54f1a….jpg)




File: 1354242782408.jpg (169.15 KB, 575x445, 7755959.jpg 577.jpg)

so that everyone can complain about everything they hate
it will be fun
I promise


File: 1354260821270.png (31.75 KB, 145x144, ugh.png)

i could see it happening, but at the same time something about the idea feels bad man

on one hand we could find those who share our pain and trade stories of similar happenings, on the other hand its a pityparty bawlfest or a shitstorm of anger

maybe if we were just strict about what we said and how it would be said…


where is the board about sabi's legs


>hate board

Everything makes sense now


File: 1354335343985.jpg (68.29 KB, 500x500, THERES NOT A STAR IN HEAVE….jpg)



File: 1354345524269.jpg (45.14 KB, 480x480, 1255735709030.jpg)

no restrictions
just shitstorm of anger
but only for a week, so its ok


KED? is that you?



File: 1354582963004.png (332.49 KB, 600x791, Together Forever [NaPaTa].png)

Ohh, this is the third week this thread is on air… that's so… flattering for me.
But, mod/s, here are a lot of good ideas, why don't start a new week already?


File: 1354584002424.jpg (66.97 KB, 739x643, booghostship-chan.jpg)

It is a picture of ked, brought to you by your good pal Booger-chan




Do it faggot!

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