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Fuck, I hate Halloween.

It's simply an excuse for shit-heads to go around vandalising whatever they can.
Not to mention feeling obliged to hand out sweets to children and if you don't want to partake in that then suddenly you're an asshole and risk getting your house egged or whatever.


make it fun, put on some horrifying costume for when you hand out candy (or you can be that lame house that gives out raisins or something)


Depends on where you live, no vandals here.


Yeah depends on where you live. I'm way out in the boonies (actually nah not really but we're far enough away that nobody ever trick or treats here, you gotta go more into town for that).

I dunno have a party with friends (we do Arkham horror parties but we might be doing some Pathfinder Halloween themed stuff who knows). Or if you have nobody to hang with, just sit on the couch with a bag of candy and watch scary/classic/dumb Halloween movies all night.

I use to go Trick or Treating until I was 20 (I had younger siblings so nobody cared) but recently I've just gotten lazy and go to parties my fiance has been hosting. It's a great excuse to get everybody together and have fun. Heck maybe we'll get to watching those Hellsing OVAs I got like forever ago


I could see how it'd suck if you've got vandalization to worry about, but that's never been an issue where I live, so it's an alright holiday for me.

Probably was more enjoyable when I was young and went trick-or-treating, but it's not too bad now, since there aren't too many trick-or-treaters where I live (most of the kids probably grew up just as I did), so I usually just buy a couple bags of favorite candy, then wind up having 2/3rds of it left over to snack on the next half a year or so.

Then there's the horror relation it has, which is is kinda a double-edged sword. Sometimes you have an interesting special feature or a cool new release, while other times it causes people to overdo silly jumpscares or gags that might be somewhat amusing at first, but wind up seeming lame after awhile, and're never really scary to begin with.


Turn the house lights off if you don't want kids ringing your doorbell all into the night expecting handouts. That won't stop them, however. There are always a few people who ring every doorbell.


File: 1349335711132.png (75.92 KB, 197x168, i have no mouth and i must….png)

op must live in some kinda messed up neighborhood. we don't even get any pumpkin smashers. or maybe a couple if your neighbors are just dicks, who knows. so far all the neighborhoods we've lived in dont really get trick or treaters, at most all we do is see decorations or so around every other house.

i can see why it's lost some of its appeal though. i used to like halloween because hot diggedy damn candy and costumes. i dont really dress up or trick or treat anymore cause i got too old for it but i did celebrate it a few years ago by going for a hayride and navigating a corn maze, as well as a haunted house in general. high possibility i'll just be carving pumpkins and staying home sweets-less this year. could be worse.


fuk da ploleec. Where im at in the wonderful state of California, my street is full of old people so no kids go down my cul-de-sac, even if we gave out full on fuckin candy bars.

This year, instead of trick or treating as the town terrorist (which i still am), im just going down to Hollywood with my girlfriend and clubbing and shit till my band plays

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