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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1349129460059.jpg (11.91 KB, 240x160, kitkat-orange-creme-240x16….jpg)


>halloween foods thread

>candies, limited edition or not

>dishes and deserts themed around the SPOOOOOKY holiday
>general creepy edible things
>experiences and such, good or bad

pic related, so much delicious but not enough bite sized candy bars to satisfy my sweet tooth

i also heard about a candy corn oreo but it sounds kind of gross after like five of the sandwich cookies (since it tastes a lot like the real thing)


Chocolate fudge filled eyeballs are probably the best, but I don't care what it is, so long as its full of sugar and there are pounds of it to spare.
Soooooo much sugar…


spend all month preparing for halloween binge


I like candy corn.


File: 1349271472252.png (884.87 KB, 1440x669, MMs-CandyCorn.png)

I'm addicted to candy corn but these suckers just came out this year. We got them and they're fucking delicious ;v;



Damn, they don't make those anymore, do they? As someone who loves chocolate and orange-flavored candies, that seems pretty appealing.


You think that's good?

Candy Corn Oreo Cookies.


Oh man I tried these. I want to take some next time I go to the movies.

But this year, I had an idea to make chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. I have no idea how that would work or if it would be disgusting, but I want to make them.


As a fan of pumpkin stuff I wish to hear about the success of your endeavors. My fiance's grandma made us some Pumpkin pancakes once. Oh man good stuff but we can never figure out how to make them like she did because she ad-libs all her recipes and probably used a lot of butter and stuff that I can't remember :I



Sounds like a good combination to me. Reminds me a bit of banana bread with chocolate chips, which I really like. I guess it's cause they're both sweet, fruity bread-things.


I love making pumpkin everything around this time of year, sweet or savory.
bread, soups, savory and sweet hand pies, etc.
I also love caramel Apples..


what if

Candy corn flavored cotton candy.



I would eat the shit outta that cotton candy




cotton candy flavored candy corn?


I'd try it at least
It's not like I'm not a fan of cotton candy
and I love trying all kinds of candy corn
Carmel apple is my personal favorite <3



Well personally i eat candy corn without thought of its taste. Personally id rather have licorice or peanut butter cups

But, i have ate a couple bags of candy corn. My mouth never felt weirder


I could honestly eat an entire bag of candy corn and still ask for more. Then again I've also been known to eat stale popcorn and wonder if we had anymore. Tasted good to me. I'm not too much a fan of that chocolate candy corn but caramel is pretty good.

Besides candy corn I do love peanut butter cups and those little caramel filled eyeballs



I LOVE caramel popcorn.


And to add, anything caramel


You can make your own caramel by slowly heating sugar in a pan + some other stuff.


File: 1350716781248.jpg (27.1 KB, 350x263, candy8.jpg)

Gummy spiders and organs.



I just see spiders, but oh well, anything gummy and some-sort-of gel filled candy makes my day/night


at my grocery store there's a bin of candy shaped like eyeballs and another of ears, fingers, noses and so on

it's the season for squash and gourds and all the pumpkin desserts and I have the most perfect pumpkin hnnnnnngh


Its the great pumpkin Charlie Anonymous!

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