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Happy Holidays!
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Gather around, it's story time!


>stoned off my ass
>run to get food for friends as it's 4/20 and they're all lazy assholes
>on my way back, 10:30 pm, pitch black
>hear a scream from close behind me, yell at the top of my lungs and run
>go to where this happened in the morning; half empty, crushed can of four loko

The fact that I was inebriated is irrelevant here. I think using drugs is more of a sensory experience; without using a substance, no one could understand what it's like.


>lights look cool
>everything is music
>draw strange things, outside my usual style
>interpersonal problems clear up, fully understand what's going on (some skeevy bullshitter causing drama)
>my identity and my body are more clearly divided
>that's cool
>good memories
>good feelings
>imagine fun things
>think there are black cats in the house
>close eyes
>soft cats purring
>skeevy bullshitter pukes, falls down, panics, trashes his room
>whatever lol

>weed, sativa
>paranoid delusions about family
>believed my childhood friends and I were the results of genetic experimentation
>were the experiments successful??
>are they over??????
>is it all a lie???
>panic attack
>laid down
>wouldn't it be terrible to be buried alive?!?
>imagine it too well
>oh my god
>creep around house

I hate that strain now, it always made me feel crazy

>observe time as a continuous stream of events
>house looks super long

I know, time IS a continuous stream of moments, but it seemed almost physical that time. I could imagine a man walking and see a separate him for each step… like a giant caterpillar or overlaid animation frames


File: 1348545636351.gif (40.83 KB, 292x254, tumblr_m9m0kvE4qc1qfbtsto1….gif)

and another one

>high as balls

>walk downtown to park
>sit on hill overlooking estuary
>breezy day
>become one with the sky and the sea
>send friends weird texts, write
>everything is so beautiful
>feel happy, content

I've been severely depressed for years and years so I relish joy when it comes my way. I wish I could get mmj for depression, it helps so much


theories have been floating for at least a hundred years that time is related to physical space…


File: 1348632428053.jpg (37.97 KB, 199x140, 1296895583867.jpg)

Was like a few weeks ago. I'm here in LA, and I just get my mary card so I can get some cannabis for a friend's birthday. I head down to the dispensery and pick out something nice, and decide to get a browny. I've had them before and it was good times, and I needed to get to bed and I was a bit wired, so I figured it'd chill me out.

Being kinda ignorant and whatnot, I figure the pastry was a one-per-customer kind of deal, and I proceed to eat this huge-ass thing.

Later I'm on the computer, not feeling much, and decide to get up and go to sleep, and suddenly it hits me.

I'm lying in bed, feeling weird, and great. I begin to follow strange thought patterns and think I've come across some like pretty incredible shit (dumb stoner revelations). During this time, however, my sinuses begun to clog up, and I get a dry mouth. I start to not be able to breathe AT ALL through my nose, so drinking water feels like drowning.

Said stoner revelations turn dark, and etc. etc. etc. I soon find myself neck deep in an incredible panic attack. I think I'm going to die, while also feeling like I'm dying over and over again. I'm shaking, I've NEVER felt so much FEAR in my LIFE. I manage to call a close friend of mine so he can anchor me through the rest of it. He tells me I just need to sleep, things will be fine when I get up.

Next morning, I get up to go to work, feeling better. However, on the drive over I begin to realize I am still having a panic attack. I get to work, and I'm trying as hard as I can to be fucking coherent. I call my manager and get someone to replace me, and tell them I got food poisoning. I ride the rest of it off in some empty room, for about an hour, just laying down being a quivering mess.

Good times.

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