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File: 1347380546201.gif (445.43 KB, 250x188, kirby is unsure of his sur….gif)


Don't you hate it when you have to poop, so you poop, then two minutes later you have to poop again?

Seriously intestines, get it together.

Or worse, doesn't it suck when you have to poop AND fart, and usually they manage to stay separate enough, but this time they've mixed together so that your poop is in separate pieces? So it comes out sounding like morse code, PLOP PLOP PLOPLOPLOP PLOP PLOP PLOPLOP PLOP PLOP and you just know the guy in the stall next to you is trying his damnedest not to laugh his ass off.


who even poops in public restrooms u must b like braveheart or something


I know…
Or oyu just don't care.


try to manage your diet better. I used to have that problem, but now I eat plenty of fiber.


File: 1347405970534.png (63.6 KB, 328x489, 1332690451831.png)

I don't know any of those feels, OP.
And I don't ever want to.


File: 1347491748283.jpg (123.8 KB, 445x325, ROMpublichealth[1].jpg)

the second coming is no cause for alarm if you just chill on the pot for a minute

personally if someone laughed at the sound of my shit falling out of my ass, I would probably laugh too

if you're worried about that, feel glad that you weren't a roman or you'd be shitting with all your similarly shitting neighbors in one communal room, such as pic related, for your entire life


File: 1347496745090.gif (81.5 KB, 400x267, snowmiser.gif)

what this one said

what's a bitch is when your mind like does that weird linking think between a certain location and a certain feeling or action




just don't take any library books into the john, I worked at a library for a minute and I fucking hated when people did that



no worries mate. my card's got a huge fee anyway; i just go to read what i can while i'm there. plus that's gross people shouldn't defile public property like that. jesus.


Shit I thought I was the only one. I also get the feeling of needing to take a dump when I'm in any other eerie, quiet public places. Its fucking weird.


File: 1347939306889.jpg (9.71 KB, 300x235, 6a00d8341ed61453ef00e54f1a….jpg)


yeah p much
it happens at like thrift stores and shit too

i feel like it's more of a public places thing than anything
like maybe there are just too many human particles in the air at once and it just makes me HAVE TO SHIT LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER

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