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File: 1343686575014.jpg (13 KB, 400x400, compaq-presario-c700-noteb….jpg)


What type of computer are you using right now? Is it your own?

I always user my own Compaq laptop. ^^


I've had a bunch of computers in the past few years. Right now I've got a 128G 11" MacBook Air. I also have an Acer Desktop with a Terrabyte hard drive and 4G of ram. I also have my first laptop from 2006. It has a SQUARE SCREEN. Its quaint.


Is this a joke??


I'm using an HP Slimline computer. It's not good when it comes to playing pc games. it can run a few games on medium settings.


two macs


File: 1343712224359.jpg (68.75 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)

>Slimline laptop


better suggestions ?


Asus k43s here. Never had any problems with it. Runs cool, too. :>


>What type of computer are you using right now?

a good 1 :DDD

Is everyone ITT 13?


Actually it's a slimline desktop.


File: 1343771844719.jpg (14.17 KB, 300x300, 1288-2532-large.jpg)

I'm using an Acer Aspire 5742G.



I'm using an Aspire 5551, which looks exactly like that, and every single day I turn it on, I regret paying the price of a mint-condition 5-10 years old subcompact car for this piece of shit made of the lowest quality recycled plastic they could find in Taiwan.

Fan needs constant cleaning, and to clean it, I have to take the whole motherfuckin' machine apart. Every time I take this shit apart, something breaks from the inside, no matter how careful I am, since this shitty plastic became brittle from thermal fatigue, even if it's just one fuckin' year old.

Fuck this shit, when I had an Asus F5, I though there's no notebook shittier than that one. But there is.

Next time I'll either buy a VAIO or a MacBook Pro. (The latter seems to be the better choice because of the aluminum case, but I feel sorry for the Foxconn workers, so I think I'll get a VAIO.)


>>1392 Here; I know that feeling man. I had a Lenovo before getting my Macbook and it failed spectacularly. The cheap plastic cracked leaving me with an exposed fan, which became clogged with metal brackets that came off the inside causing it to overheat constantly. Then the disk drive fell out. I managed to open it up and resecure the disc drive and unclog the fan, but a week later the touchpad and mouse buttons stopped working. True, I had it for a few years before shit hit the fan, but my HP from 2006 still works.

So yeah >>1396, that's why I have a MacBook. I systematically eliminated everything that failed in my last computer. Mac just happened to be the cheapest of the choices.


I didn't have the time or money to build my own last time I upgraded so I have this 2.5ghz quadcore intel core 2 thing with 4gb of ddr2 and luxurious onboard video. Nothing to write home about

I also have a nice lenovo laptop running windows 7 but I don't use it too much right now

and then there's that frankenstein's monster in the living room that I use for a jukebox. it's a piece of shit. 128mb ddr

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