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So as long as we have a thread about mental illness, how about one for physical ones? Or just physical problems in general.


File: 1341408781153.gif (28.48 KB, 500x374, Condesce what.gif)

> how about one for physical ones

And I just realized how fantastically terrible that sentence was.


File: 1341537381473.png (130.27 KB, 491x250, why this.png)

Does anyone else here have scoliosis? I sure as hell do and it hurts like hell. It's also pretty nice when all of the sudden your spine crackles like a fucking firework and everyone stares at you all because you leaned over to retrieve your godforsaken pencil.
Real nice.


I don't have scoliosis but I do know that feel about your back cracking. Often when I yawn my back will crack loudly. And I yawn a lot when I am in silent rooms with a lot of people.



I don't have any back problems yet. Although, sitting down for the majority of the day in the same slouched position might lead to some later on. Hopefully not though.

Did they ever ask if you wanted to wear that ridiculous back-brace thing?


I have eczema. Ouchy skin. :<


It's nothing terrible but I have a damaged muscle in my neck from wrestling with another guy at recess at school. I got whiplash from having my head pushed down against my body too far. I had to be in a neck brace for a few weeks and I still can't bend my neck to the right very much.


No, thank god they didn't make me. Not only would I have gotten shit for looking stupid but the social justice faketivists at my school would start some sort of charity bullshit or pass around flyers to "raise awareness" for scoliosis even though they normally don't give a rat's ass about me and I'd die of embarrassment.
I knew this girl that had a spine problem (Spina Bifida, I think) that had this smaller, lightweight brace that wrapped around her lower back sort of like a bandage. I might invest in one of those since that's where most of the damage is.


I have shitty stiff-ass joints. And I think my circulation in my legs isn't the best… aaaaand I have to take thyroid pills lul


No but I have lordosis/forward head posture. My lower back sticks forward, my upper back sticks backwards and my head sticks forward, and I can't make the humps go away even if I tried my best to sit up straight. This is all due to, you guessed it, sitting in a slouching position in front of a computer for most of my free time in my teenage life. Its ugly as fuck and I wish someone told me it was a problem and that i should pay attention to it sooner, now its unfixable. So yeah, take me as a cautionary tale and sit up straight peoples. I wouldn't want anyone else to be like this.


I have anemia and get crazy huge bruises all over my legs as a symptom. Really keeps me from wanting to wear shorts or dresses like, ever :/


Wear some high socks. Zettai Ryouiki is attractive.


My muscles have been hurting the last couple weeks. Probably a lack of sunlight but sunlight is terrible.

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