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and that makes you sad

We recently swore off anything containing non-specified gelatin because you never know if it's pork or beef gelatin and we can't do pork because of health and religious reasons. We've had to drop a lot of things from our candy section like starburts, marshmallows, and gummi snacks. We recently found out Skittles are fine so at least there's that. It's a buzzkill though to find something you'd like to get (Gingerbread poptarts for example) and fine gelatin in the ingredients and have to put it back.

pic semi-unrelated?


Anything with gluten for me. Because I've been recently diagnosed with celiac disease. ;_;



For me its Sunny-D, I use to chug that shit. Now, I can't stand it.


I have heard rumors that are so disgusting about pork that I don't find it appetizing anymore, which sucks, because I used to be totally fine with it.


I used to really like jell-o but now it's so blehhh. Same with cool whip, so combine them and you get a big bowl of who gives a fuck.

Also: jelly beans ;_; They all taste like shit to me now.


I just recently discovered I Have celiac disease and am lactose intolerant. And I appear to be allergic to tomatoes.

Just… just shoot me now.



>>59 here. Empathy brofist? o/


Maruchan instant ramen, and the original Nissin chicken ramen. For some reason, they are no longer available here (probably because when they were on sale, nobody bought the locally produced, craptastic Smack instant noodles).

Now we have to import them from Japan, but it's kinda expensive…


Cornciche Fluffy Jelly Marshmallows.
They don't sell them anymore in the supermarket I found them and I live in a third world country so they probably don't exist anywhere else. They were amazing, I tell you. :(



steak.. its not that i can't, its that im poor and the liklihood of me ever eating good steak again that isnt flattened out shit is very slim.


File: 1329073968530.jpg (13.31 KB, 300x300, i miss u.jpg)

there has been quite a few

for one there were these things my middle school was selling, they were like these poffin-looking things and i loved them. they were round and smooth and came in a completely white bag thing so i didnt know what they were called or if the school even gave them out in general. they were apple pies if i recall correctly. cute as hell though they werent sprinkled or anything

another would be Toffifay, they stopped selling them but me my father and my brother all loved them to pieces.

now im on a diet so theres a lot of things that i cant have anymore until i lose enough weight ;_;

picture related: the candy of the gods and a good portion of my childhood


Mars bars and shrimp.

They don;t sell mars bars here anymore, and way back when, shrimp was my absolute favourite food. My uncle showed me if you split the back, it's filled with feces. That's when my OCD took over and my gag reflex completely flips out. I probably sound like a frail, young spoiled child. I promise I'm not.


Never tried shrimp, and now I know I NEVER WILL.


Yeah, you're supposed to cut that shit out of the shrimp when you prepare it.


our grocers always clean the shrimp and pull out the sand vein(this also makes peeling easier)

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