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File: 1333107163147.png (4.25 KB, 500x308, uboa_1_32220_7988_image_12….png)


If Uboa was a university, what would we learn?
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File: 1342904061834.jpg (1.1 MB, 2409x3489, UBBUUUUUU.jpg)

Would he look like this?


Which particular method of death?
Death by cheek pinching?


Uboa is literally the university.
Not any of the teachers.
The teachers are all Owen Wilson.


>The teachers are all Owen Wilson

And that's the scariest part of going to Uboa University


You better study your ass off at Uboa university
I hear the teacher eats losers for breakfast.

File: 1326835721746.png (38.92 KB, 255x128, Endermaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….png)


It's a 1 in 64 chance of getting a strange black and white blob instead of some blond chick when you turn off the lights in a shell house in the middle of a pink sea.

How the fuck did you find something like this?!

I'd love to know how it was first found, and how most of the fans first reacted to it.
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through yume nikki……….


I'm pretty sure OP was reffering to how people actually found the event in the first place.

I mean, there's a 1 in 64 chance that the event will occur, and even then, its not like someone just compulsively decided to turn off the lights and they triggered the event in one try. People open up the game and look at the events. Its a pretty common thing.


Did you count them? Did you exit the room before flipping the switch again?


File: 1331000545506.png (726.07 KB, 370x1110, Waking Up By Forte-Girl7 A….png)

I found Uboa the same way I found Yume Nikki. dA and Forte-Girl7 (Henceforth referred to as "Forte"). She and a friend (EsaNany) collaborated on this picture. I thought it was so amaz-wonder-tastic that I had to look up the game it was from. After a while I came to it's Know Your Meme page…and then I clicked on the Uboa page and decided I HAD TO PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT. EFFING. THEN. And the rest is history. Most of the time I hate DeviantART with the burning passion of a thousand suns, but little angels like Forte keep me goin'.


I didn't know about there was an event like this, because I finished Yume Nikki w/o a walkthrough (only guide that I did myself was by knowing that there's 2 effects found per door)

I got into Poniko's house, only to find nothing to do but switch the lights and kill her. But I decided to return and re-examine the house, so I'll switch the lights again and kill Poniko next but…

Yeah, I got to see Uboa on second try. What's up with that 1/64 thing?

File: 1344548952687.jpg (85.77 KB, 667x554, UBOAAAAAAAAA mosaic.jpg)


so my sister and i were at a museum with our grand parents,and we were waiting for them at the end and we got bored. then we saw some tile activity thing. and then THIS happened. lol. i don't think the children and parents there appreciated this though. one little boy ran away from it.


File: 1345604787986.jpg (27.2 KB, 449x530, ym8Nv.jpg)

File: 1334453366387.png (54.5 KB, 480x272, Screenshot_0003.png)


Cladun + Uboa = Joy


What game's this? ^.=.^


"ClaDun X2", for the PSP.

Nice Uboa, by the way.


Is that thing at the end an emoticon


I think it's a rhinoceros.

File: 1340877707832.bmp (864.78 KB, 627x470, Uboa.bmp)


I've been hitting this switch for hours and nothing is happening.


Are you exiting and re-entering the house between light switch flickers? That's what re-determines the chances; The light switch flickering is just what sets it off.

File: 1332840807654.png (1.3 MB, 960x768, 1330960236507.png)


Does anyone else soemtimes mispronounce uboa as Ubob, as in like you bob?
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i always just said uu-boh-ah.
i'm really lost about the pronunciation anyway cause everyone says different things -^-


I'm pretty sure this one is right.
Technically, you would need to pair it with a Japanese accent since Japan has slightly different sounds that can only really be said with an accent, but if you really don't care about accuracy like that, uu-boh-ah is fine.


Actually, it's pronounced "ウボア".



i am now going to call him ubob and nothing else


I've been always pronouncing it as oo-boh-ah, though english is not my native language.


File: 1319476290865.png (445.88 KB, 566x848, 1263224369086.png)


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File: 1322780484193.png (70.4 KB, 850x550, 939c3471df2cf7efab0c438ddf….png)


She'd scream anyway.
I just need to move to texas, where no door has a lock.


How did this GiygasXUboa thing appear? It doesn't make sense and it's creepy as hell. The MissingNo Ghost from Pokèmon seems more fitting. Don't wanna seem like a kill joy it's just that looking at Giygas… well he seems more like someone who'd be obsessed with stair banisters… Oh god what have I done?!


Is this from the archives? I havn't gone by Malfactor since then.


File: 1335716593516.png (28.04 KB, 256x256, 82344530.png)


File: 1332597535361.jpg (72.49 KB, 494x385, NEVER GONNA UBOA.jpg)


Pictures of Uboa posted on other people


File: 1335637930034.png (126.13 KB, 407x405, Uboatard_potato.png)


File: 1335641142649.png (112.76 KB, 503x667, uboa_lisa.png)


File: 1335097369045.jpg (65.14 KB, 550x866, cc uboa 1.jpg)


Hmm… Uboa looks a bit similar to this Yao Ming guyyyyyyYYYYYYYYいいいいいいいいいい




Get out.


Why Reddit, why?


What the fuck is this shit?

File: 1332216041645.jpg (66.99 KB, 643x732, 1284401684394.jpg)


Can someone explain the "Uboa is a timelord" theory to me?


That would kind of make sense if you think about it. You can enter uboa to an almost alternate dimension or some shit… Maybe he's like a portal or timelord taking you to an alternat reality, maybe future or past.


I'd think he was a TARDIS instead. Just sayin'.


X is a timelord is just a dumb joke from TVtropes. They have a section on their site for 'wild mass guessing' which is just theories and speculation, as the name implies. They're usually fun but most of them are just stupid bullshit and injokes. It could be filled with ACTUAL speculation but a lot of it is just ____ is a timelord.


You, sir, are blowing it WAYYYY out of proportion. Yes, there are "X iz ai tiemloard durp" theories, but that's usually none, or once a WMG page. There are other WMGs, dude.

Calm your tits.


uboa is timelord. touching him ends time.

the creature in the background of post-uboa land?

madotsuki's imagination

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