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It's a 1 in 64 chance of getting a strange black and white blob instead of some blond chick when you turn off the lights in a shell house in the middle of a pink sea.

How the fuck did you find something like this?!

I'd love to know how it was first found, and how most of the fans first reacted to it.


I knew he existed before I played Yume Nikki, but, even so, I still shook a little when I saw him.


That's a very good question. I've often wondered how ANYone found ANYTHING in Yume Nikki before there were guides for the game.


Uboa was the first thing I was told about in yume nikki, when someone introduced me to it.
He was making the whole thing sound a billion times scarier than it actually is!!
So when I finally got there it was a bit unnerving but nothing exceptional. I always thought it was pretty cool though :3


one of my friends kept cracking jokes about uboa, it wasn't until later i looked more into it.


File: 1327078162577.jpg (116.49 KB, 500x500, ubollux_by_armaina-d39b378.jpg)

Some image of Sollux with Uboa's face that popped into my DA watch. I felt like I'd seen the face before so I went to investigate and found Yume Nikki

but yeah the question of what the first person who found Uboa felt when they found him keeps me up some nights. Then that whole 1/64 chance thing, I mean they must have tried it to get that kind of chance. That's probably after they tried different ways of getting Uboa to trigger.


You do NOT have a 1/64th chance to see Uboa. The Uboa event is triggered by a variable that randomizes at every dream's beginning that determines how many times you have to flip the switch and leave before Uboa appears. There is NEVER a chance that you will not be able to trigger the Uboa event, you will ALWAYS see Uboa at some point after less than 65 or so attempts, making it all the more unnerving since you don't know when Uboa will appear, but you know with absolute certainty that it will appear at some point.


i found out about uboa since he is the most famous thing in yume nikki though the internet.

But you know you could just open up the game and look though the files and stuff to figure it out.
yume nikki isn't a complicated game.


My guess(es):
1-. Just the same way some cheat codes are found (not like pokemon's A805FF, but more like AOK's cheese steak jimmy's!), written somewhere in the author's website.
2-. Inside the files of the game, the same way we found out about Madotsuki or Monoko's name, but inside the Actions tab of RPGMaker (can't elaborate more 'cause I've forgotten how it works).

I really doubt it was like the guide writer tried 63 times unsuccessfully before it appeared. Or maybe that anon up there is right and this is all a lie.


it's not impossible for uboa to be found on the first try, right? what if the first guy to find it just went in and flipped the switch, and there was uboa?
seems a lot simpler than digging relentlessly through the game's codes and scripts.

but i first found uboa on a bunch of gameplay videos and some parodies, some such.


No, it isn't impossible, it's happened before to me and numerous others.


Do you mean the first time you go to find him in the dream session, or the first time you flick the switch? I don't think either are impossible.


Yeah no, I call bullshit on this. I've flipped the switch hundreds of times without Uboa appearing.


My first playthrough I insisted on not watching walkthoughs, and well… I actually STUMBLED onto Uboa. I flipped the switch after attempting (and failing) to talk to Poniko, and then… it happened.

So, it's one in sixty-four. Boy, I am lucky…



Yeah, I figure whoever first found Uboa would've found it that way as well. I mean, the chance is only 1 in 64, and the lightswitch is the sort of thing people would flip at least once when they see it. The way the music changes when you flip it is likely to make certain people want to flip it back and fourth at least a couple times as well.

The way I learned of Uboa was through a Youtube video, though.


through yume nikki……….


I'm pretty sure OP was reffering to how people actually found the event in the first place.

I mean, there's a 1 in 64 chance that the event will occur, and even then, its not like someone just compulsively decided to turn off the lights and they triggered the event in one try. People open up the game and look at the events. Its a pretty common thing.


Did you count them? Did you exit the room before flipping the switch again?


File: 1331000545506.png (726.07 KB, 370x1110, Waking Up By Forte-Girl7 A….png)

I found Uboa the same way I found Yume Nikki. dA and Forte-Girl7 (Henceforth referred to as "Forte"). She and a friend (EsaNany) collaborated on this picture. I thought it was so amaz-wonder-tastic that I had to look up the game it was from. After a while I came to it's Know Your Meme page…and then I clicked on the Uboa page and decided I HAD TO PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT. EFFING. THEN. And the rest is history. Most of the time I hate DeviantART with the burning passion of a thousand suns, but little angels like Forte keep me goin'.


I didn't know about there was an event like this, because I finished Yume Nikki w/o a walkthrough (only guide that I did myself was by knowing that there's 2 effects found per door)

I got into Poniko's house, only to find nothing to do but switch the lights and kill her. But I decided to return and re-examine the house, so I'll switch the lights again and kill Poniko next but…

Yeah, I got to see Uboa on second try. What's up with that 1/64 thing?

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