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File: 1339078410061.png (3.85 KB, 395x125, Capture.PNG)


I want to make a thread complaining about error messages when posting but can't because I get error messages when posting thread.


Dammit, I thought STI fixed this.


I can't make any new threads

Come back Kaguya we need your proper management


are you joking


Lol "proper management"


The forum wouldn't do this to you if you had anything worthwhile to say.

who am I kidding no one here has anything worthwhile to say


Implying this management is better:
-Fucked up code
-Change software for no reason
-Can't change styles
-Can't post new threads
-Elect moderators based on IRC activity
-A mod goes on deleting spree because he didn't read the rules properly


nerds itc


inb4 "the new Uboachan is cancer"


STI has confirmed this bug. I've made a change that should hopefully work as a temporary fix. Please reply in this thread if the problem persists.

Also style switching should work fully now.


1000 get


on-topic: fuk mods !


prae i am going to delete you


Good, thanks


This board…


Don't forget about >constantly asking for donations


I am locking this thread because it's been thoroughly derailed. If you continue to have trouble making new threads, please send me an email or report on IRC.


Update: STI claims he'll fix this for reals next week. Complain at him if it isn't so.


File: 1340734526181.jpg (77.76 KB, 550x550, 1339891489256.jpg)

Unlocked the thread, because 2 others popped up. Complain here if you must, but it would be more productive if you came to irc and sent a /query to savetheinternet or savetheintertop.



Good, I will complain.

This shit is annoying, it's blocked many of my quality posts. You think my post looks automated bitch nigger faggot? Well fuck you too.

*Throws uboachan on da floor*


File: 1341122006147.gif (234.39 KB, 400x352, 1341018313968.gif)

Happening here too.


heh heh heh


Should be fixed now with a new patch.


File: 1342873998349.png (7.04 KB, 476x109, referer.png)

Contribootin' to the ubuu error thread with this jewel. This only happens with tinyboard. :V


Turn referers on, like the error says.


And why should that be obligatory? I have referrers disabled for security reasons, and on every single other board I don't have this issue.


deal with it nerd


Then just enable it here. Referers are used for things like redirection. Complain to STI if you don't want the site to use them. A lot of pages would need an extra POST or GET request to figure out where you came from, which would basically be the same as what a referer does, but dirtier. That's what they are originally for.



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