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I forgot to turn off the snow because I have only been checking the site from my phone and it doesn't show on mobile. Haha silly me.
And now, more snow!

File: 1335804782500.jpg (53.25 KB, 320x480, f935dd20d8c085d82477f96f66….jpg)


Because it is important and I'm afraid that sei won't check the mod board.
When banning, this shows up.


I think I'm going to just delete the mod board since it's never once been used by anyone (except a single test post by me and a reply.)

Contact me on IRC or send an email. I'm on all the damn time.

I'll go run this by STI.


> I'm on all the damn time.

o u


File: 1336329854332.jpg (269.91 KB, 2646x1654, Untitled.jpg)

It's back, no bans allowed >_>


Yeah, that's just me using the print screen function and then forgetting about my external monitor…


Banning works fine, Sei is hassling stee about fixing that message.


File: 1336532605204.jpg (15.05 KB, 405x143, Capture.JPG)



>mfw forgot to make a new thread but not giving a fuck.

We post IRL pictures, and others post whom we should cosplay as. Specifically in the YN&FG universe, though others outside are also a good idea
picture unrelated"


File: 1336567430031.jpg (493.46 KB, 1247x799, 1331263674140.jpg)

i keep getting 'post looks automated its discarded' message. also i cant post this as a thread because of the problem

oh god why cant we go back to old uboachan fuck you i am not a bot ;_;



Yes, sei is aware of the problem. It's been happening to me too. And a couple of others that I know of.
He'll fix it.
right? ;u;


File: 1336591813288.jpg (114.34 KB, 627x885, 9837ef27089e15a85884ca1a6a….jpg)

>MFW: I can't make threads anywhere.

My threads are always pretty shitty, but seriously.


New idea for STI to implement to tinyboard.


Just upgraded to newest version. Other than styles which are still broken, bans and posting should (hopefully) work better now.


I still get Error
An error has occured.
Your request looks automated; Post discarded.

Go back.


File: 1338229989228.jpg (53.63 KB, 365x450, 38202_9kdgdhucff_l.jpg)

Odd. I was under the impression that we had this nsfw spoiler thing settled and the mods weren't going to do this bullshit anymore. Did Nam miss the memo or something?


Oh, wow…
We'll just talk things over with nam. :D


File: 1338242496771.gif (1009.87 KB, 500x276, butbutbut.gif)

Wait really @_@
In this case, I'm sorry. I guess I wasn't around when this was discussed. Please forgive me. ;u;

I still think it's a bad idea to post nsfw though, uboachan is full of kids. So keep it to a minimum plz. <3


I totally agree, I don't like the no spoiler on NSFW, but we have to do what we're told xD
*pat pat* there there nam, we still love you.


Its ridiculous that a mod doesn't know his own rules. I suggest we take Nambread down because of this, and also because he used to spam posts which only contained 'n' all the time.


>[s]he used to spam posts which only contained 'n' all the time.
You see I can actually look and see that this is bullshit.
You also don't take down mods after a single mistake nor do is it your actual decision. It requires a consensus of the whole moderator and admin team and let me tell you a little spoiler, it won't happen any time soon. ThatGuy made a good point which was made clear.
So move along.


> Shouldn't expect anything from mods
> Assumption of IRC members
The IRC members aren't a bunch of mentally challenged people like you seem to think. On top of this, the mods listen to you guys and try to make Ubuu~ the best place they can. You could at least see that they work with the community and give us/them a break for once.


Boy, was there drama here. I'll stress again that the mod team gladly accepts criticism as long as it's done in at least a mildly respectful fashion. Please take this into account when posting.


File: 1338435998543.png (527.36 KB, 500x1137, 13723486329563.png)

To whichever mod who offered to aid me:

You said I could talk to you, but I didn't know how to reach you, nor which mod you were. So I'm making this post here

I wanted to thank you for your offer. However, I have no intentions of returning here; I would have simply started posting anonymously if I did. It may have been 5 months, but in my situation it might as well be a permaban. There's no point in staying in a place where this kind of stuff can happen

As a side note, you might want to talk to Sei about adding the whole ban evasion thing to the Rules page. I knew the mod rules talked about it, but the average user might not even be aware that the mod rules are available for reading

It's pretty ironic that I tried so often to tackle Uboachan's problems, when the biggest problem was hiding right at the heart of it. I'm hoping Sei does something about it before it's too late

Pic unrelated but awesome


In response, I believe that a few harsh words were used by one of the staff members, sorry about that :/


Is that real? I mean, did someone from staff really say that?
They might as well just say "you're banned because I can't sit straight anymore", look at all the ass damage.
Gonna run before I'm banned too.


I may have missed the convening of the council members on the decision, but I doubt that this will be a reoccurring event.


Are you actually suggesting that we need to tell our users that ban evasion is bad?

Thanks to your multiple evasions, I've set up Tinyboard's DNSBL function. It should no longer be possible to abuse proxies for intentionally violating the moderation team's judgement.

You could have talked with any of the moderation team. IRC is always open. Mods are there. You could have even emailed me directly; my email is in the FAQ. A ban is a ban. Evasion tells us that you don't care about our rules or the decisions of our staff, and that makes you something to be removed.

That said, I have only heard my staff's side of the story. If you have something to add, please do email me. You've earned yourself a very long ban, but it's possible for a permaban to be rescinded. I'd especially like you to explain what you mean by "5 months". If you received a 5 month ban before you evaded, under the correct circumstances that would be a violation of the moderator guidelines. (That would have been very close to when I acquired the site though.)

I assume you will see this post; your ban should be on posting only.


File: 1338565434764.png (10.29 KB, 512x572, 1327184875334.png)

Hate to beat a dead horse, but I feel like I need to hop in on this. This whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

ThatGuy, here's a task list of things from me to you. Considering you seem intent on telling our staff how to be better staff with no real backing to do so, I think I'm going to tell you a couple ways to be a better board member.

1) Don't be incredibly incendiary and insulting of others. This is very well within the same vein of trolling/flaming. Which, mind, is against da rulez. Know what else is a good thing? To not do it after being warned. I told the mods who handled this myself to warn and then temp-ban if you continued attacking others when it's absolutely unneeded.
2) There's no need to be so self-entitled. You are not Uboachan's Messiah, you yourself being incredibly insulting and disregarding staff will not fix any problems. This will only do the contrary to helping uboachan by setting a piss-poor example of being a good member. Also, we are not as wounded or poorly-cobbled together as you seem to believe.
3) Assuming things are bad, try not to. Almost all of our members are regulars of IRC and we look for that, yes. But we also want members who are regulars of the boards. That requirement is almost so clear that we never have to state that explicitly. Look at the mod list. Who here hasn't been an acknowledged member for years? Some of them are old enough you don't remember them. For granted, some are newer and some may be lurkers. But that doesn't mean you tell them they have no idea how the boards work or that we're all incompetent. Just because we do things differently does not mean it's wrong. It's been this way for years. It works for us and that's all that matters. It's only been recently that there's an incredibly vocal minority complaining.
4) Ban evasion after being warned after breaking a handful of rules on a number of occasions, just to get the last word makes you look bad. And gets you gone for good. Every imageboard is like that. Every one. For granted, I agree that 22 weeks is too long. That is and will be addressed. But there are easily other ways to reach the staff and have the problem resolved in a peaceable manner, like Seisatsu said. Although, considering you've been nothing but insulting, implying, assumptive, condescending and overall mean-spirited to people who are just trying to help or solve a problem, the fact you went about it the wrong way doesn't surprise me. And puts a fairly dent in this getting brushed aside and getting you back in the community, all things considered.

I personally would like to see you back in the community and posting and enjoying yourself here, if possible. I just think a little changing of your mindset would help. I also heavily encourage you do email Seisatsu or come into the IRC to chat with us, so that we can hear all sides of the story and make a proper judgment based on all of this.

Now that my wall of text is over, I'm going to sneak back into watching and supervising quietly.

Lets hope this is a learning lesson for everyone involved.


My investigation shows that the moderators in this situation made a few mistakes, due in part to misunderstandings of the moderator guidelines, bad advice from other staff members, misunderstanding advice of other staff members, and general overkill on the original ban length.

I will be rewording the moderator guidelines to be less ambiguous.

In the meantime, ThatGuy's permaban has been lifted and replaced with a 2 week ban, for going about this all in quite the wrong way. The original ban also had some merit, discounting the fact that its length was absurd and unacceptable.

I hope that ThatGuy will return as a productive member of this board.

And please, no more ban evasions.

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